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  1. I just made a big batch of gaeng hang lay over the weekend and can confirm that my plumbing is back to normal and unrelated to my consumption of thai food. Much to the relief of my cat.
  2. If you can get it i recommend the megachef brand of fish sauce. Its worth paying a little bit extra. If not the ubiquitous squid brand will do. Vietnamese fish sauce, although often more artisanal, is a different flavour profile, being generally sweeter and milder. Will work at a push but you will need to taste and reseason carefully.
  3. Prik nam pla is the quintessential thai seasoning/dip and at its simplest its just diced chile soaked in fish sauce. Adds an umami hit to just about anything, but dishes with fried eggs like pad krapow work well. But you can take it further. Tomatoes don't feature much in thai food but they do crop up in some mainly northern regional dishes. If you soak them in fish sauce you get a double umami hit. Slow roast or gently char first and then soak and you've got a triple hit. Rice, fried eggs and these tomatoes makes a pretty great breakfast.
  4. Stick some chiles and garlic under the grill until the skin is charred but not burnt to a crisp. Larger chiles work best, but you can try a mixture and throw in some birds eye chiles if you like it extra hot. Let them cool and take garlic out of skin. Chiles are fine leave the burnt skin on, but chop them up. Mash up with pestle and mortar to a coarse paste. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of white sugar. Add just enough vinegar, ideally coconut but any white Asian vinegar will work, to cover and mash all together. You've now got burnt chile vinegar that is infinitely nicer than srirac
  5. This involves a bit of prep but is pretty straightforward. Make a thai dressing. Start off with equal parts by volume: salty (fish sauce, soy at a push) sweet (palm sugar syrup, but white sugar will do, reduce amount) sour (lime juice, or maybe tamarind at a push) Pimp it with chile, ideally fresh but dried can work. You could also add in finely sliced garlic, shallots, ginger, lemongrass or any combination. Adjust seasoning to your own particular taste. You can at this point give the dressing 20 seconds in a medium hot clean wok/pan to help bring the flavo
  6. I liked records by Lucy Gooch and TR Jordan this year and just noticed they're on the same label, Past Inside the Present. After I had finished vomiting my own appendix out of an eye socket at the thought of an American ambient label naming themselves with a BoC reference I thought it might be an idea to check out some of their roster. So I had a look and quite frankly it's the whitest thing I've seen since attending the National Socialist Trainspotters of Tyneside conference in 1988. http://www.pastinsidethepresent.com/artists.html To calm myself at the awful heteronormative whit
  7. People should wear hats more. Its absurd going around with a naked head all the time. It's like wearing crotchless leather chaps. Fine for the privacy of your own home, less great for picking the kids up. More hats for everyone, in quantity and frequency. My cat refuses to wear a hat and she's an arsehole. Don't be a twat, wear a funking hat.
  8. Classic album. Boomkat have outcunted themselves with this self regarding wankery though: When you make a record that doesn’t conform, expect to divide opinion. ‘Like Weather’ was released in 1998, on Rephlex - run by Grant Wilson Claridge and Richard D James - an often great label that had a following that couldn't quite deal with electronic music made by a girl - let alone one that used vocals. Everything those lads couldn’t fathom about ‘Like Weather’ is essentially what makes it untouchable; one of the greatest, most effortlessly esoteric pop albums ever made, not in the lineage of I
  9. That's an over simplification that doesn't ring completely true for the UK. Yes, the new clause 4 marked a shift to the right for New Labour, but there'd been attempts within the party to re-draft it for the previous 40 years. The adoption of third way politics was largely a rebalancing between the social democratic and the democratic socialist tendencies of the party, that had always been there, and a mish mash of thatcherite/liberal/socially conservative policies sprinkled over the top that have always appealed to a big section of the British working class in any case. The whole iden
  10. I now know why the Romans used a sea sponge on a stick, you live and learn. I'm pretty sure when I was growing up the children's brush was a lot softer than the adult brush. I remember being excited about finally being allowed to use the adult brush and then really disappointed with the results, but a quick look on amazon for child's toilet brush isn't giving any results, have they just gone the way of the bidet and out of fashion?
  11. Not directly on my arsehole no, I'm not an idiot. Just a quick up and down the crack to clear out any toilet paper in the usual way.
  12. Why do they make toilet brushes out of such harsh material? I appreciate that they will last longer and are easier to clean, but after the week I've had the chafing is getting unbearable.
  13. It happened again. In a way I was lucky as I couldn't get to the toilet in time, which meant I was fully clothed and it was contained. I blame nominative determinism.
  14. I haven't shat myself this week. Not as regular in timing or consistency as I would like, but we're moving in the right direction.
  15. This looks like a 'modest fashion' bikini, and I'm not allowed to wear religious garb after the incident with the burqa and the 2 ft long salmon in Morrisons.
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