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  1. haha what you libtards don't realise is he was simply pretending he was going to kill everyone's grandparents. pwnd yet again snowflakes.
  2. kakapo

    Rob pls

    Thanks to bobby from auto-cad, you we did it lol
  3. Someones done a stereo/individual output with panning mod for the kijimi, not sure if someone has done something similar for the DD.
  4. I think the no stereo thing is by design rather than a drawback. I'd rather have a mono output and add my own effects. On board effects make sense when they are linked with a built in sequencer, otherwise I'd rather they weren't added.
  5. Last visited: March 6th He's probably dead from cv from Chinese workers feverishly working through the night to make sure that 2600 was ready for him.
  6. Lol at people choosing tracks from campfag fuckface. Telephasic w is amazing but Pete Standing Alone nudges it. Actually Amo Bishop Roden might be it, but I think of it as an interpretation of a Chain Reaction track, it somehow sits outside of the rest of the discography.
  7. kakapo

    Rob pls

    Come on Bob, you can do it!👍
  8. Big shout out to the homeopaths, osteopaths and acupuncturists for keeping us all safe in these troubling times.
  9. Feeling significantly better today, persistent cough still here though. Friend has just been to local co-op, shelves were pretty bare, couldn't even get cat food. Which could mean: a) People are fattening their cats up as an emergency food source for the future. b) People don't care about other people's pets going hungry. c) London is just full of cunts anyway. Hopefully this will kill off the blitz spirit exceptionalism bollocks. Still people in the local pub. Edit: Just thought of another one. People are feeding their elderly senile relatives cat food because they'll be dead soon anyway and the inheritance might mean they can afford a house
  10. Bit late for that now, see later post. I've tried to provide context. I'm not sure what confusion I could cause. People are aware of the most common basic symptoms, and absolutely no-one is relying on me for medical advice.
  11. Still alive. Fever symptoms have gone down after decent nights sleep, otherwise no change.
  12. Male 40 years old. Non smoker. Health isn't great at moment after recent seizures, but strong enough to fight off the usual seasonal infections. Strength and stamina of an ox. I have an underlying health condition that complicates things slightly and have in the past had pneumonia and bronchitis as secondary infections. Really fucking unpleasant. I've also had a couple of 'true' fevers during flu, one where I had visual hallucinations and one where I literally had to crawl along the floor as I didn't have the strength in my legs to get to the toilet. I know the difference between a cold and a proper nasty flu basically. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a mild snuffle and 10 being the aforementioned flu I would say I'm at a 3, pushing 4 when I get fever-ish. But this is all relative as the symptoms don't match up exactly with the usual illnesses at this time of year. I've had a slight persistent cough since January post a cold, mainly at night, not unusual for me. Since Friday that cough has changed to a much dryer cough and is consistent day and night. The sore throat feels like it has since moved down the trachea. I can feel it in my lungs centrally now, it's that empty-full feeling you might recognise if you've ever had a pneumonia, but it's not bad. A little bit of shortness of breath if I exert myself but otherwise fine. Minor headache. Slightly fever-ish flushing around temples mainly and pain in neck. Some muscle pain. A bit of diarrhea this evening. So, you would definitely know if you had these symptoms, it does feel different to the usual respiratory illnesses, but I did a full day of work from home today, I'd say productivity was 50% due to a bit of brain frog and tiredness. I'd usually grab the opportunity to wrestle Joyrex naked and to the death at the drop of a hat, and back myself 100% to return victorious with his still warm heart between my teeth, but I'd have to postpone that right now.
  13. I am showing symptoms, and in a relative UK hotbed, living and working in central London. I don't want to whore myself out but would people appreciate me posting developing symptoms (and recovering symptoms as well)? Edit: To put people's minds at rest as anything else. I don't intend this to be my epitaph.
  14. Just spent 30 minutes on the phone to NHS 111 trying to explain this to them and now I've been banned from the service. Thanks alot.
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