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    meeting new people, making new friends, thai cooking, electronic music, promiscuous unprotected sex with 30 something women in the London area.

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  1. I will be watching, but also punching myself in the face at half time.
  2. That's awful news, this one does indeed hurt. I could've imagined, and would've wanted, Alan and Mimi to keep putting out records for another 25 years.
  3. Most of the security guards around town know me now, so it is difficult to get away with 'it' these days. However, ladies entrance at the local mosque, they haven't cottoned on yet. It's close to a bus stop so I just pretend I'm waiting for a bus.
  4. I have very poor bluetooth connectivity when standing outside my local mosque. Probably the CIA.
  5. My friend has not run into 'Andy' recently at the twitchers group, so perhaps they are a bit more focused on the studio now.
  6. As a gen X'er, can I please just have my death of history and slightly bewildering postmodernism back instead of what all this shite is.
  7. I warned you lot years ago to keep women out of electronic music. Did you idiots listen? No, you just wept like teased vaginas. This is exactly the scenario I was thinking of when I made that prophetic call.
  8. Bit harsh on the space echo. I think the TE thing started with the thought, 'we need an audio interface, how do we wank it off a bit to justify our already set price point,' rather than lets build the perfect compact portable mixer, which is why it is seemingly very niche. As always opportunity cost comes into this. I needed a 'compact' mixer and ended up with a midas venice 160 that used to be owned by Liza Minelli that she used for karaoke sessions, for less than half the price of this. Why would I want something that screams electronic music bro is going to date rape you, when I could have something that has literally channeled drunken renditions of Cabaret by Judy Garland's daughter as she casts her gaze over a celebrity sex orgy almost certainly involving Bianca Jagger and Matt Willis from Busted.
  9. The manchester and liverpool clubs will become a very, very small footnote in the history of nufc.
  10. None of this matters now that the toon are staying up and will come to dominate all football for the next 1,000 years.
  11. I think you'll find his name was Semen Semenchenko.
  12. Mods, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, please change everyone who has posted in this thread's screen name to Semen Semenchenko. I want this thread bursting with Semens. I want Semens up to my ears so that i'm breathing through a snorkel. Just a big happy circle of Semens. thanks, bukkakapo
  13. Mods, please change my name to Semen Semenchenko.
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