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  1. jfc, Nathan Barley was a warning not a template.
  2. Doesn't Bro live in London? If anyone knows his address I'm happy to go round and have a man chat with him, see if we can get this sorted before it escalates any further.
  3. Elektron model:samples is £269 at Andertons uk for black friday.
  4. Polyphony suggests 4 fully articulated voices i.e. 4 osc, 4 filters, 4 vcas. This is 4 osc, 1 filter, 1 vca. This isn't polyphonic by any conventional understanding of what that terms means.
  5. I've had mine for 6 years and it's been fine. It's just one of the ic chips that blows, it's socketed so easy enough to replace. I suspect the behringer will be smt which will make it more difficult.
  6. Yes, when I first saw it I didn't realize they'd filled it with dsp, I thought the EaganMatrix must be a native version of it. At the initial price I agree, I'd have a harder time justifying it at the list price. I'm a bit sceptical that they'll ship next summer. I hope they keep the stripped back look.
  7. I've considered it in the past, but was concerned about the ergonomics of something like this sitting in the rack. Having said that I have an er101/102 and metropolis/planar combos sitting in 2 separate 4ms pods, so I can move them about, which would probably work quite well for this.
  8. It looks like people are trouble shooting and working through it, so I don't think it's a write off, but I'm holding off any decision until there are more working diy builds in non expert hands.
  9. There always seems to be a lot of chatter on the fb build group about problems, particularly over the last weekend.
  10. I had lasagne for my dinner and doused it in worcestershire sauce.
  11. I've put down a payment on the Expressive E Osmose which was just announced. I was considering the ASM Hydrasynth largely for the polyphonic aftertouch, the interface looks great also, but couldn't shake the fact that I'm not overly keen on the sound engine. I think this will suit me better. I may pair it with one of the Black Corporation synths if I decide that's my big synth diy project next year. I was dead set on the Kijimi but it looks like they have messed up the diy version, so probably either the DD or Xerxes.
  12. Bro has just sent me convincing evidence that this whole tiresome charade has been a set up by BCM all along and that he has been hoodwinked and then blackmailed by him. What kind of blackmail, I'm not sure, but I suspect sexual. Apparently BCM has held a grudge ever since Bro pointed out that he looked like the owner of the stunt cock from youngthroats.com. I say we impeach BCM and hold a trial in General Banter, this is too big for EKT.
  13. He can email me at [email protected] I already had the account set up.
  14. Unless he can provide unequivocal proof that he has a moog minitaur in his possession and that he paid only £50 for it, we should ban him until such time he can. Or just kill him.
  15. I've been asked to dj at an event by someone I vaguely know after they saw my record collection. I'm only going to play records that have been recommended by boomkat between 2003 and 2006 and whose value on discogs is less than the postage and packaging if I ever got round to selling them. So the entire fucking collection then. I'm going to be doing some polite intermittent IDM beat boxing over the top, and then at the end while I play a badly conceived 00's bootleg by various production I'm going full gg allin and defecating on the other turntable, ramping it up to max speed and using it as an indiscriminate shit cannon that sprays shit over me and everyone else. Anyway my fwp is I can't decide on a dj name. I've narrowed it down to: DJ shit cannon Bukachre DJ DJ Nina Kraviz
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