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  1. Sounds like you go to the post office quite a lot. That etsy shop you set up at the beginning of the pandemic selling motivational crochet must be doing well. Glad that worked out for you.
  2. Right on cue. So predictable. He told me once he'd been on holiday to China and when he came back he could speak Chinese fluently and that's why he got free prawn crackers every time he got a takeaway.
  3. Plum is the epitome of the bootlicking LTM. To this day he still sends me harassing private messages with grandiose boasts and ill conceived threats.
  4. I doubt that very much, I've had antibiotic resistant infections more charming than you. Old Masego Mbengo behind the counter isn't going to give you free stamps just because you gave a 5 star google review. Idiot.
  5. I stopped using the rogaine years ago and my hair fell out again at the crown. However I haven't cut my hair for 14 months and can use it to cover my bald patch in various exciting ways. I'm now going to try micro needling my scalp.
  6. You use that man's name in vain again and I will fucking cut you. Skytree was the best of us.
  7. Ahaha the nascent grumblings of discontent that led a month later to this. In the end I didn't take up carpentry and got some Nils Strinning shelving instead.
  8. Good call. Save a bit more and get an Analog 4. I'm seeing mk1s in the UK for £500, so I suspect you could find one for $500 usd. Possibly Elektron's best drum machine as well. Having said that I may sell my A4 this year as it is not seeing as much use, but the sheer amount of stuff (4 monos or 4 voice poly or combo, elektron sequencer, external sequencer over both midi and cv, excellent drum machine, overbridge) for the money is making me reluctant.
  9. Update: I killed the Jews. All of them. I raised their holy city, I pillaged their towns. I like to think I kept Isabella as a concubine. I forced the Zulus into vassal status. I didn't turn completely to the dark side as I also forced the Zulus to give up slavery and adopt the rigid social hierarchies of the caste system instead. Killing Jews and bringing civilization to the African, I've never felt so European.
  10. Had my first game of Civ4 in ages. Thought I'd play as the Byzantines, set myself up as the bulwark against the asiatic hordes. Problem was Isabella founded Judaism and managed to get to the Apostolic Palace before I did. Managed to drag the Zulus into a holy war against me. In short the Jews were literally using the Blacks as muscle, which is an anti-semitic trope. Was so angry, considered wiping all the Jewish factions off the map. Then I realised, this is how it starts isn't it. One minute you're thinking in hypotheticals, the next minute you're joining Reform UK. So like Luke at th
  11. Has there ever been an example of a celebrity having multiple, credible reports of abuse directed at them who was then completely exonerated?
  12. kakapo


    This is the worst thread since my share your racist poetry thread.
  13. kakapo


    Stop trying to make me angry and answer the question.
  14. kakapo


    Yes, shaved on top to make penis look bigger, underside of balls left hairy to catch my excreted musk.
  15. I've always considered a neckbeard to be this i.e. face clean shaven with hair on the neck. Popular with 19th century intellectuals and 21st century basement dwellers alike. However, I keep seeing it being used to refer to people with full beards which aren't neatly trimmed. The problem is overly coiffuerd facial hair does not work for 90% of people and is the purview of spivs, unsophisticated americans, social media haircut spam cunts, eurotrash in tight jeans and arabs who want to pass as eurotrash by having overly coiffured facial hair and wearing tight jeans so tha
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