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  1. Always liked the basic tone of the p600. If you want to hear what it can sound like James Holden uses one.
  2. Sometimes I wake up and everyone's dead, and I think, "oh no, what have you done now?"
  3. I already have a 606 but I'm tempted to get one just to mod. The thing with buying behringer though is I now have to factor in a donation to a local jewish charity and then tape up the logo.
  4. Twat/Cunt radar is malfunctioning. The difference between a twat and a cunt is level of self awareness so you have a spectrum that goes from massive twat with no self awareness through bit of a twat, then bit of a cunt, through to self realized awful, awful cunt. Generally speaking twats are mostly harmless whereas cunts are cunts. However, it can sometimes be easier to reason with a cunt through an appeal to self-interest, whereas twats can be twats. I'm dealing with a few twats and cunts at the moment and having problems placing them on the spectrum, thereby knowing the best way of dealing with them. There's nothing worse than thinking you're dealing with a massive twat, only to realize too late that they are in fact a massive cunt and I'd like to avoid that problem.
  5. This isn't a coincidence that both have been announced today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-53993937
  6. Does anyone want to join me in suing Warp for releasing Campfire Headphase? It will be an easy win.
  7. No. For the most part teenagers from single parent families who have been caught in a cycle of revenge and violence.
  8. To add to the above, it looks like the Stockwell gang drove a car into the Brixton gang's territory with the intention of running people over, the car has then overturned and some of the occupants have been stabbed trying to get back to Stockwell. I was wondering how they were going to top the drive by but that just about does it.
  9. Live in Brixton, south London, at the centre of several gang boundaries. Violence is intermittent and generational in the sense that it flares up and one generation is either murdered, imprisoned or they have the sense to cut ties and move elsewhere in the UK, but is then replaced by another generation. It's all kicked off at moment. A couple of weeks ago there was a drive by shooting at the end of my street involving a fully automatic weapon, which is pretty rare in the UK ( I have a post on here from some years ago of a kid on a pushbike riding round the streets near me firing a sawn off shotgun at people). Anyway there was a fight last night between I think one of the Brixton gangs and the Stockwell gang. I was walking down the street and found myself in the middle of the aftermath of the first stabbing, some of them literally ran into me, they were chasing them back into Stockwell. Saw one lad get cornered and weapons were drawn. Stabbed 15 times, he died later that night. Didn't see the actual stabbing, as I was with someone and my primary concern was getting them out of there in case guns were drawn. Anyway, fwp, each gang also is linked to a particular sub-genre of rap/drill and my gang's allegiance seems to be 'road rap', which is not my favourite. Also flats on my street go for between £600k and £750k. Houses start at £1m.
  10. The chorus effect is a bit better than good and is in fact really nice. I have a Boss Waza Dimension C and was expecting that I would end up with it permanently attached to the outputs as it had been with my ms6, but the on board chorus is comparable so I can save the boss for other things. Also started to hear some of the problems that people have had with earlier firmwares (a few clicks and pops, stereo image a bit unblanaced on some patches), new firmware is coming hopefully by end of week. Presets are a mixed bag, there's a handful that have got me thinking that I'll be hearing this on a record at some point soon. The system of 128 patches in banks of 8 I thought I would have no issue with, but actually I do want more memory slots, and though I very much like that it has no screen, naming patches, even if its just 'bass1' etc, is one thing they're useful for. No deal breaker and I'll wait until the editing software is ready before passing judgement. Trying to get my head around modulation matrix with having limited visual feedback. Again, no bad thing. I'm lazy and rely as much on serendipity as anything else when making music, but this is something that makes me want to know it inside out.
  11. Take this with a pinch of salt as obv still in honeymoon period. I haven't had time other than to go through presets and I have only hooked it up to headphones and not fully integrated into studio set up just yet. It's good. Solidly built, feels premium. I went for a blue one and having recently scored a Midas Venice I'm tempted to repaint everything blue. There's a spectrum of good vibes from musical instruments that goes from, this is a complex instrument, there are lots of possibilities e.g. some of the Elektron boxes, to this feels like an instrument and I want to play it, it's intuitive e.g. the first time you play a really nice guitar. I'm hoping this meets the sweet spot between the two, at the moment it's edging towards the latter but like I said I haven't dug deep. It's a bit more flexible than some of the demos have painted it. The sound is all there. I was thinking the other night after playing it, what would it replace in current set up and theoretically if money was no factor, what would I swap it for. The only things I could think of were CS80, Rhodes Chroma with all the extras, Polykobol, Elka Synthex maybe. I certainly wouldn't swap it for one of the modern sequentials or a juno 60 or a novation summit, as good as all those are. Minor cons: I'm not sure how the binaural thing will fit in a mix, but to be honest the usp for me is more the rest of the architecture and the layout and feel. I do have stereo processing in modular rig and outboard, including mid/side and crossover filters, so I will be messing about with it, and may end up using it in quite a subtle way. The two effects sound good, but I've got options which may be a better fit. The mod amount is a push encoder and is a bit wobbly. As I've never known a push encoder to be anything other than a bit wobbly, it's fine. But because the rest of it is so solid, it sticks out. Firmware is a work in progress. Good and bad, they do seem responsive to user feedback. But midi over usb is not working yet and I want to use it as a controller as well. I have faith that they'll get things right, and knew as an early adopter there'd be stuff like this. I'm not a professional gigging musician, so it doesn't bother me.
  12. I've only looked at it in detail a couple of times, but it looks a relatively straightforward build, certainly easier than one of the black corporation ones. I would imagine it would be a case of doing the voice cards one by one and testing as you go. The most complex thing I've done is a syncussion clone and it didn't look too intimidating. Also, analog envelopes which seems fairly unique amongst this poly analogue renaissance.
  13. Arriving over the weekend, I'll post some first impressions then. It was between that, and diying a kijimi (ideally with 2240 filters) or a vs1 oberheim obx clone. I may still go back to them as my big diy project next year. I like gear that has 'good vibes', and udo george is at the other end of the spectrum from say black corporation and the feeling that in some way you're getting ripped off. Also, the uk is completely fucked and as much as I dont want it to be the case, buying British is almost becoming a moral obligation.
  14. I'm gas'd out after just buying a super 6, but on my keep an eye on list is https://www.hologramelectronics.com/microcosm Just released so not many demos, but seems interesting and a bit more useful than some of the other boutique loopers.
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