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  1. I know what you're all thinking. Yes, I have thought about joyrex dressed as Stalin and me dressed as Hitler. I'm not going to say exactly what that entailed, but I was shouting, "How do you like a bit of Barbarossa up your Motherland?" as I was doing it.
  2. Can you imagine Crowe and Gibson standing there in furs and skirts with their big hairy balls just creeping below the hemline? What a sight that would be.
  3. Ooh, Orson Welles as Cardinal Wolesey.
  4. Now that I'm really thinking about it, maybe Jesus? Can only think of Jim Cazooleys playing Jesus though.
  5. If I was forced to sodomize, like at gunpoint or something, a hollywood actor as a historical(ish) figure, it would be between Crowe as Maximus or Gibson as William Wallace. Go on, have a wank on me. Edit: not 'on me', just on me, like help yourself to a wank.
  6. To put into some context sound travels about 7m in 20ms, so for any instrument there is latency, even an acoustic guitar would have a latency of about 2ms. If you amp a guitar up from the other side of the room there's 20ms. I run at a latency of about 6ms and I don't notice, though my studio is 'modular' so depending on what my routing is this can increase to noticeable levels. There's probably more latency between my fingers coming into physical contact with the keyboard and the pressure sensitivity triggering a note. What (I think) I can notice more is sloppy timing.
  7. Ten years. If anyone wants to smother me in my sleep, give me your bank details and I'll send you a fee and the address.
  8. New Abul Mogard live set from the weekend, bit of Above All Dreams in there but otherwise new material. Hopefully means new album at some point. I've just had it on loop in the background this evening, sounds great.
  9. AFX>AE>Maximo Park>Squarepusher>BoC
  10. London clubbing for the past decade is too much coke and not enough mdma, but this is just the mechanics of a disparate crowd.
  11. Meris Mercury7 Ensoniq DP2 Midiverb 2 Spring reverb in Moog GM Tiptop Zdsp with Valhalla, Mariana Trench and Vertigo cards Make Noise Mimeophon (sort of delay/reverb combined. I've not tried this yet as need to re-arrange one of the modular cases)
  12. I've seen the analogy of bbds being analogue sampling, I think because each stage in the bbd is effectively a sample and hold circuit and they have filter stages like a DAC/ADC, but never thought of 'digital aliasing in the analog domain'. I'm going to read up on it and try to get my head round it. There was a useful guide to the trim pots on the FX90 , I'm not sure this is the same one I used, but it's useful and gives an example of the self oscillation. I think I've read that even with adjustment not all FX90s will self oscillate. It was actually set up to self oscillate when I first got it but I have it fairly tame at the moment. https://www.doktorsewage.com/hot-rod-dod-mod-fx90-analog-delay/ I know what you mean with the slowly degrading quality, I often use it with my modular and then drive it back through a resonant filter.
  13. I have a few hardware delays, rack, stompbox and modular, nothing particularly esoteric, but my favourite is still probably the DOD FX90 (uses an MN3005 bbd). Noisy and dirty and goes into self-oscillation when pushed.
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