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  1. I have a xaoc sarajewo, which is arguably best delay in eurorack, but expensive and not stereo (mono in and multi tap outs), so less useful with the morphagene. I'm not sure there is a 'good' reverb in eurorack, the ones I have (fxaid and Zdsp) are both spin based and I tend to use them more for an effect with some cv control, rather than as an ambience or mixing verb. I'm more inclined to use racks (dp2 and midiverb 2) and pedals (mercury7) for that. Having said all that, you should get an fxaid or fxaid XL, it's stereo and takes up minimal space, the delays and reverbs are usable. There
  2. He's right. There are contexts where it can be less offensive, but it's not the same as when a bogan uses it. It's likely that your UK friends just think you're a cunt.
  3. I want immunity first and I want the mod powers promised to me by joyrex 10 years ago when I deleted those photos.
  4. I've read the last page of this thread. I could go back to the beginning to find out what this nonsense is about. Or I could press the tip of my foreskinless penis against a hot radiator in an attempt to feel something, anything, at all.
  5. Yeah, that always seemed to be a problem with the older clones, but the pabz ones seemed to have either revisions and substitutions or samodular has the rarer parts that he's happy to sell you when buying the pcbs. Still working out a plan to make sure it is actually feasible and within my skill set. Looks like samodular is going to be offering full kits at some point soon. Some of the 3rd party 208 expanders are interesting too, utilities but also a licensed synthi oscillator.
  6. http://www.portabellabz.be/208pcb.html https://www.samodular.com/buchla-cases-and-parts/buchla-diy-parts/parts-kits-buchla- I think I'm going to go 208p and then marf, but that's a pretty big rabbit hole, so may look at 218 options instead, so in effect an easel and a bit more self contained.
  7. I think I'm going diy Buchla. Start off with pabz 208p and take it from there. This may be a terrible idea, but my super 6 has stopped any desire for a kijimi/DD/oberheim clone and I'm close to end of my diy backlog and need another big project for a couple of years.
  8. I liked Brian before this thread. He was on list C, but had been as high as list B. Now he's on the watmm shit list with Plum and the other lizards. Please think before you post.
  9. kakapo

    Thai Food

    I'm thinking of starting a YouTube cooking channel. I'm going to call it Cooking with Kaka.
  10. kakapo

    Thai Food

    I should also add, if you're not keen on that amount of ginger, leave it out, but you might want to re-balance the curry as it is one of the things that helps to cut through the richness.
  11. kakapo

    Thai Food

    As long as its freshly diced and not preserved in any way I don't see why not, but I would drastically cut down the amount as a cup of diced ginger is going to be a lot more by weight than julienned. The ginger in a Gaeng Hang Lay isn't so much a part of the usual (Indian/Burmese) curry triumvirate as onion, garlic ginger, as there's galangal in the paste, it is its own thing, somewhere between a garnish and a vegetable. The strips in the picture below is all ginger. The round little onions are presumably thai shallots, which is probably a more authentic substitute for the chopped onion in
  12. kakapo

    Thai Food

    Ok, since people are talking about Chiang Mai, here's a classic dish from there, though it's popular across the whole of northern (& central) Thailand with numerous variations. In one of my books I even have a recipe that eschews the curry paste for sriracha straight from the squeezy bottle. This version is closer to a classic Chiang Mai style. Gaeng Hung Lay, a northern pork curry. Gaeng is Thai for curry, Hung is Burmese for curry. So it's basically a Thai curry with strong Burmese influences. It's a pretty forgiving curry to make, with relatively easy to find
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