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    meeting new people, making new friends, thai cooking, electronic music, promiscuous unprotected sex with 30 something women in the London area.

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  1. Don't bring a fart to a shit fight.
  2. Don't play the idiot, you know exactly what it means.
  3. I like sayings that have animals in, but are actually about people.
  4. The English weren't around for the Romans, and the Normans and Danes were in such tiny numbers that they had zero impact on the gene pool. Compare that to today where 98% of Americans and nearly 2/3rds of Indians have some English blood in them. Even 10% of Chinese have anglo saxon heritage, and we didn't even colonise them. I don't have much skin in this game, I'm actually descended from Sarmatian noblemen who served the Roman's along Hadrian's Wall. They were the origin of the King Arthur myths. I don't recognise the current royal family of german paedos, as I have a stronger claim to the throne than any of them. I spoke to my MP about this, but she didn't seem that interested. Anyway, Im just trying to bring people together, no need for this racist grasping from you two. It reads a lot like someone's grandma got a lot of free spam after the liberation of Italy, if you know what I mean.
  5. I dont know what you're going to say, but you're wrong.
  6. What you've got to remember is that no country has pillaged their way across the earth like England has. The most common public holiday across the globe is independence from the english day. And what do conquering armies, occupiers, colonialists do when they get somewhere. They fuck the natives. Wherever you're from, your grandma, or great grandma, or great great grandma, got fucked by my ancestors. Probably for a mango. They probably fucked your grandad too. What I'm saying is there's a little bit of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in all of us, and this should unite us this Sunday in support of our team. There'll always be an England...
  7. Lol at Chiellini winding up Alba at the penalty coin toss.
  8. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Joseph Mengele, Albert Speer, Hermann Göring, Ableton Live, Rudolf Hess, your boys took one hell of a beating.
  9. Rents have been affected in London, but they may be back to normal later in the year who knows. A budget of £1,000 pcm will get you a studio flat (i.e. 1 living space/room with separate bath and kitchen) within zone 2-3*. It's conceivable that it might get you a 1 bed now as well. *TfL travel zones are used to give a rough idea of costs as they spread out in concentric circles from the centre of London (zone 1). Very generally speaking west London is wealth and east London is trendy. You're going to find Dalston more exciting than Fulham. London goes through fairly rapid gentrification whenever a part of it gets interesting, so the young and hip in Shoreditch/Hoxton rippled out to Hackney, Bethnal Green, Dalston over the last 15-20 years or so, but it's still a nightlife centre. But there are plenty of other areas, S London from Brixton through Peckham into New Cross and even Deptford tends to have a bit going on in part due to art schools and Goldsmiths being located nearby. If you're within zone 2 a bike is probably the best way to get around. Get a cheap one or it will get knicked. Agents aren't regulated heavily in the UK and the standard varies hugely and there are lots of them. Most seasoned London renters I know will try and avoid them which usually means either spareroom or one of the big facebook London renters groups. Be careful, there are plenty of scams out there.
  10. utility room producers > bedroom producers
  11. He's going to use it for reverb. Turn it on and he's also got a leslie speaker emulation. Put a pair of shoes in and it's a polyrhythmic techno rumble kick.
  12. If you're a compassionate and loving CEO then why do you let children go bald?
  13. I've popped a note through their door with some suggested listening and a link to one of my black music spotify playlists. Hopefully they'll take it in the way it's intended.
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