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  1. Being so very much misunderstood.
  2. I'm pretty sure the tr8 has 909 sounds as well. Another option is the Roland R8. Go for a mk2 if you can find one, but if you're looking at rack mounts you can usually find an R8m for cheap.
  3. A couple of female friends have confided that BLM has made them a bit scared of black people. Well, now you know how men feel about feminism sweetheart.
  4. Book is now taken. I have a little library going of books on electronic music. The best introduction to modular is probably the Patch & Tweak book that was funded through kickstarter, but its quite expensive. Equally useful for the beginner is a book by a guy called Peter Elsea on muffwiggler, who used to teach a class on modular synthesis. It's just one of those print on demand spiral bound jobs, but the quality is fine. http://peterelsea.com/Notes on Modular Synthesizers.html
  5. I have somehow ended up with a second copy of this: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/guide-modular-worlds Still sealed. Happy to pass it on at no cost to a watmmer if they think they would find it useful (assuming postage isnt ridiculous, it's fairly hefty).
  6. I set up a voltage controlled fleshlight, but stupidly fed it bipolar cv. If I'd offset and attenuated it to a more manageable unipolar signal, I might still have my penis attached to my body, rather than in formaldehyde on my mantelpiece as an outre conversation starter.
  7. It's good for simple pleasures. Sometimes it's just one oscillator beating against another, sometimes it's just a filter sweep. I'm the least spiritual person I know, but I dont know how else to describe my relationship with my euro serge. Sometimes I just let the simplest patches drone away, while the rest of my modular looks on in disgust.
  8. Hi kakapo, this is kakapo. I'm a simulated trans dimensional emissary from an ancient hyper-intelligent alien race that existed many aeons ago. Since then the universe has gone through many cycles of heat death and rebirth. The only way we can communicate from one aeon to the next is through gravity waves. We've used several billion supermassive black hole collisions to encode in the music of Autechre a unifying quantum theory of gravity that will allow humanity to advance to the next stage of it's development. Thawkins is from a rival ancient alien civilization hell bent on humanity's destruction. Soon he will start exhorting you to listen to hippy guitar wank in an attempt at mind control, and will ultimately force you to listen to Boards of Canada's 2005 album The Campfire Headphase. This must not happen as once enough people have listened to TCH, it will bring about a false vacuum collapse that will destroy the gravity waves and prevent this knowledge being passed on to future aeons. Your mission is to stop this happening. You must prevent people from listening to The Campfire Headphase at all cost.
  9. Hi thawkins, this is your priest here. You're actually a marine called BJ Hawkins, and this is Saigon in 1968. The last 52 years have been a hallucination induced by your impending death and the pcp that the US government has given you as an experimental combat aid. Aphex Twin is a figment of your imagination. When you next see an image of a 13 year old Vietnamese prostitute called Suk Yu Dry, I will be administering the last rites and I need you to confess.
  10. Hi markedone, this is your doctor here. This thread is 7 years old and Rambo is a figment of your imagination, but you're in a week long catatonic state and this is the only way to communicate with you. We need you to take your medication. When you next see a picture of Rambo we need you to open your mouth and swallow, everything will be ok.
  11. Can't wait for the protestors to find out Mohamed used to rape slave girls. There won't be a minaret left standing in Bristol.
  12. Either keeping it simple and basting with butter and thyme and garlic to finish it, or sliced with a nice spicy nam prik or nam tok style dressing. Or horseradish. Or ketchup even. Or any of the above. As long as it's a decent cut cooked well. Ribeye for me.
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