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Biosphere upcoming tour

Herr Jan

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Got this from biophon@biosphere.no. I'll def going to Amstelveen!



A Day At The Lighthouse, Utsira, Norway, Saturday, 10. September

More info: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?285369


Up To Date Festival, Białystok, Poland, 23. September

More info: http://bialystokuptodate.pl/en/


Jon Hassell + Biosphere at Le Festival d’Ile de France, Paris, 24. September

More info: http://www.festival-idf.fr/2011/fiche-concert.php?concert=6#


TodaysArt, Brussels, Belgium, 30. September

Visuals by Egbert Mittelstädt

More info: http://todaysart.org/be/artists/biosphere/#


Insomnia Festival, Verdensteatret, Tromsø, Norway, 20. October

More info: http://www.insomniafestival.no/?p=751


Nødutgangfestivalen, Bodø, Norway, 28. October

More info: http://www.emergency.no/


Moving Buildings Festival, Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 10. november

More info: http://movingbuildings.nl/


Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12. November 2011

More info: http://www.ofbridgesandborders.com/

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I encourage everyone to go. I finally saw him at the Substrata festival back in July and it was a super weird set with a couple tracks from N-Plants. Really good.

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