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James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual

vamos scorcho

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Guest Lucy Faringold



But yeah, Ferraro is such a fearless dude, he really pulls off some magical stuff on this album.


Seems to be a lot of is he/isn't he taking the piss debate around this one but I've been following his stuff for years and I honestly think he's just wired differently to everyone else. Shit probably doesn't even cross his mind, he's too busy having fun.

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my bad on the thread clone.


I'm very inspired by this album. It takes a concept and goes running with it in order to create something bizarrely new. Sure, compositionally it isn't always great. At the same time, it often can be pretty interesting, musically.


What I like most about it is that it creates an alternate universe, its doing its own thing. And that is an interesting thing, you can almost read it as satire.

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