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Data Language Systems - I Just Wanna Give You Headphones


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out now



should i post the entire cd on my soundcloud?

i mean i don't want to deal with bandcamp having to run to the post office everytime i sell 1 copy

bandcampers are cool but it doesn't seem serious

i said bandcampers uhoh heh

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cdbaby accurately listed my audio clips by the times i requested finally. so if you heard the audio clips listed on my page for the last 4 or 5 days now you'll hear what i wanted heard. joyrex did the art for my cd by the way yeah my cd. it comes in a matte finished digipak with graphics i chose and i second that it looks pretty nice. i don't read the rules but i am in the right mind enough to where i know i'm not breaking any with this post but ban me anyway or warn i don't fucking care.

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hey, i've got 3 cds left i need to pull a wisdom tooth and my water heart is missing an element

and i need to take a shower sometime this week... hey

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