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Machinedrum - post 2010 sound board live sets?


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I'm looking for some fresh new machinedrum stuff to play in a dj set tomorrow and was having a very hard time finding any of his soundboard recordings. The stuff in that preview mix he did is excellent but most of the 'tracks' are like 30 seconds long.

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Dunno if this meets any of your requirements but the fader mix he put out last year was mint:




Machinedrum, “Demvibez”

Pixelord, “Freeze The Star”

Obey City, “Percalatin”

Hudson Mohawke, “Hooker in a Cardboard Box”

Machinedrum, “SXLND”

Salva, “Yellobone”

Lone, “Earth’s Lungs”

Shaft, “Monkey (Bruce Lee vs. Monkey Mix)”

Industrial High, “Militant Core”

Under D Influence, “Brand New 49T2″

Clicks & Whistles, “Can’t Believe”

Machinedrum, “Weak End”

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