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Tara Busch, Jack Dangers, Si Begg, Tim Love Lee - Test Signals 7"

Rubin Farr

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On the week of Aug 28th 1962, exactly 50 years ago, the BBC started regular stereo FM radio broadcasts. To celebrate this sonic milestone Tim "love" Lee has teamed up with fellow aural adventurers Tara Busch, Jack Dangers and Si Begg to bring you "Test Signals" - four sonic sketches of imagined test procedures and one glorious radiophonic collaboration between London, NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. A true testament to the golden age of experimental broadcasting.


The 7" vinyl EP is strictly limited to 150 copies and comes with a full colour sleeve and a digital download of the "Against Remixes" album by Tim Love Lee featuring mixes by Jack Dangers, Sonic Boom, Depth Charge, Kirk Degiorgio and others.

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