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  1. https://loopatronica.bandcamp.com/album/darkling-sessions-project?label=137300117
  2. Rubin Farr

    AI Art

    Super bloated ninja warriors
  3. maybe his most commercial album to date
  4. he’s still adding the new mixes to his Bandcamp mix bundle, go back and grab em if you have already purchased the digitals
  5. Rubin Farr

    AI Art

    Selfies from the last 5,000 years of war
  6. @End Quoteif you have any websites to promote music; Bandcamp, SoundCloud, mixcloud, etc. you can put a link in your signature for people to check out. YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, and mixcloud links will also auto embed in the body of a message.
  7. This is amazing, if you’re a retro games fan, can’t recommend this enough. Not only does it have way more games than the past 2 Atari collections, (from every console) it has unreleased games, hours and hours of historical and BTS videos, interviews, promos, etc. AND 6 reimagined classic 2600 games that bury those terrible “Recharged” versions they did last year. And it’s a Black Friday deal on Amazon.
  8. Rubin Farr

    AI Art

    Tony enjoying his feast in the afterlife (Instagram)
  9. It goes on and on, yeah fuck him. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/kanye-west-yeezy-porn-bullying-kim-kardashian-1234635221/
  10. Dreams of Death and Other Favourites by My Autumn Empire
  11. Oregon Governor pardons 45,000 cannabis convictions: https://www.yahoo.com/news/oregon-gov-kate-brown-pardons-073035144.html
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