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  1. https://bleep.com/release/230245-andrew-weatherall-vol-v
  2. having fun with this RPG, it's a combination of Golf Story, Zelda and the Pokemon overworld engine
  3. One of the most 80s movies I've ever seen, forgot there was so much singing. Geena Davis is so gorgeous it's distracting, lol
  4. There a North America/Canada/Mexico Mario Kart tournament this weekend if anyone wants to join. They don’t do these very often anymore
  5. Started RSO treatment today, it’s going to be pricey 💵
  6. Rudy is one of the dumbest and most delusional about his own intelligence. He really needs to be permanently disbarred.
  7. He’s moving up to fries 🍟 so brilliant on Baskets, RIP
  8. https://www.deliaphonic.co.uk/about-deliaphonic https://www.coventrycathedral.org.uk/wpsite/?doing_wp_cron=1642766333.4229838848114013671875
  9. Axiom wants to attach a movie studio to the ISS for our favorite Scientologist https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/20/tom-cruise-movie-producers-sign-axiom-deal-for-space-production-studio.html
  10. He’s obviously been cooking something up since the pandemic started, but what, why, and when are still to be answered.
  11. What the fuck is this nonsense? Twitter has become the day shift stripper in the club who won’t leave you the fuck alone.
  12. This was on the bandcamp front page, and it's actually good Audion 66 (multimedia) by Audion
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