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  1. He seems to take one synth loop on each track, and construct an acid line and percussion around it
  2. Didn’t realize almost every actor on the show is trying to make it in music
  3. Nothing that happens in Texas is his fault, he just gets paid by taxpayers to sit and look fucking stoopid.
  4. Way the fuck out there, absolutely loved it. Can only really describe it as sexual horror, recommend don't watch the trailer first, just go in blind. 9/10
  5. thx, bought. there's an extra mix in the downloads that kicks
  6. https://duststoredigital.com/album/dubs-volume-4-suburbia samples: https://www.duststore.com/products/dubs-volume-4-limited-edition-vinyl
  7. Some good ones on there
  8. Payroll glitch gonna make me late on rent for first time in this life 😡
  9. Clone says July 4 now https://clone.nl/item67934.html?fbclid=IwAR3BSLxcjKfVa1Q4UzjQq_UymCXLtpVAB7bcLNd9niPfB4tuiQpsd1ORfi4
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