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Lorenzo Montanà - Eilatix


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Hello guys,


Thought some of you would like to know that the new album by Lorenzo Montanà will be called Eilatix.

Release date is set for late April / May 2013

Pre-orders soon from psychonavigation.com

Here's the full tracklisting below.

Nepenthes's Touch [07:39]
Byblis OT [05:07]
Quantic Rajah [06:03]
Oval Wood [05:35]
Genlixea [06:50]
Blue Stylidium [06:26]
Temporary Light [08:13]

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Special Pre-order for the new album from Italian electronic composer Lorenzo Montanà.

‘Eilatix’ is the artists follow up to his last album (a collaboration with the late Pete Namlook)which appeared on the legendary record label Fax +49-69/450464,also run by Namlook.

Release Date : May 2013

File Under : Idm/Glitch/Melodic Electronics

Pre-Order : http://psychonavigation.com/post/40721969237/special-pre-order-for-the-new-album-from-italian

Free Download Track : http://psychonavigation.bandcamp.com/track/lorenzo-montan-oval-wood-taken-from-the-forthcoming-album-eilatix-out-in-may-on-psychonavigation

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We added the new Montana album to Bandcamp. Every pre-order of either the CD or download will immediately receive the track 'Blue Stylidium' as a download. Thanks to everyone who's ordered so far.Your support is greatly appreciated.http://psychonavigation.bandcamp.com/album/lorenzo-montan-eilatix

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Due to demand of the direct orders we got more Lorenzo Montanà discs sent over from the UK. 30 from our http://psychonavigation.com/post/40721969237/psy066-lorenzo-montana-eilatix-the-new-album site and 20 up on the Bandcamp page :http://psychonavigation.bandcamp.com/album/lorenzo-montan-eilatix

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