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  1. A top compliation with tracks by Milieu, Norken and more. https://intellitronicbubble.bandcamp.com/album/006010
  2. Samples here. Sounds solid. https://www.junodownload.com/products/the-fear-ratio-they-cant-be-saved/4423826-02/
  3. Looking forward to this one. https://lobstertheremin.com/album/hypnotherapy-lp
  4. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned. An absolute classic from FSOL. First released 30 years ago, 1990 – Written and produced by FSOL before they became The Future Sound of London. This EP brings together the original recordings of the 3 main tracks released by Mental Cube, while the fourth was released under a different name, it was intended to be a Mental Cube track. Q – Quickly became a dance floor favourite funky 909 drums and speak n spell top line and big warm strings. Chile of the Bass Generation – Clanking Breakbeat wig-out. So This Is Love – a masterclass in classic UK House music that sounds so good even 30yrs on. In The Mind Of A Child – Originally released as Indo Tribe but in fact was intended as a Mental Cube Release – Bouncy heavy bass 909 drums beautifully constructed top melodies. TRACKLISTING: A1 – Q A2 – Chile of the Bass Generation B1 – So This Is Love B2 – In the Mind of a Child https://www.fsoldigital.com/product/mental-cube-ep/ Samples https://www.juno.co.uk/products/mental-cube/763846-01/
  5. Looks like a good compilation. http://acolourfulstorm.com/album/still-in-my-arms-compiled-by-bayu-and-moopie
  6. I thought no most of them tracks are available here https://doomchakratapes.bandcamp.com/album/phyzikal-flex-keeping-it-real-since-92
  7. Get the digital here https://thomaspheckmann.bandcamp.com/album/age-the-orion-years
  8. His real name is Thomas P Heckmann. Been around for a long time. You may have heard of his Drax alias. Especially the tune called Amphetamine. Well worth checking out his other stuff
  9. Listen here https://www.junodownload.com/products/nexus-21-the-rhythm-of-life/4351886-02/
  10. A classic bleep, techno album from 30 years ago. Remastered. https://aboveboarddistribution.bandcamp.com/album/the-rhythm-of-life
  11. 36 tracks on triple cd or download. A very good release. https://neoouija1.bandcamp.com/album/clockwork-manor-cottage-industries-9
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