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  1. Great release. Also enjoying this new one by him https://analog-records.bandcamp.com/album/analog-63-sour-excursions-acid-techno
  2. A very good album. https://senseaudio.bandcamp.com/album/to-acid-with-love
  3. I did do a search before posting but nothing came up.
  4. A great discovery. All made from 1990 - 94. Sounds a lot like Selected Ambient Works vol 1 in places. Here's what they say. We are very proud to present to you Kieran’s debut album, following the 2020 EP “Cithare”. Just like the EP, this album consists entirely of tape archive material that he produced during the first few years of the 1990s. We have carefully edited long studio takes into album friendly pieces, and meticulously restored the sound which still retains some of the hiss and the patina of time, giving it its warm hue. Please, enjoy. https://coldblowrecords.com/album/bridge Also check out his other release which is great. https://coldblowrecords.com/album/cithare
  5. A classic from 1994. Following text is from his bandcamp. It’s Official… Nu Era - Beyond Gravity (Pre-Order) Bandcamp Friday 5th November 12:00 GMT. Exclusively from nu-era.bandcamp.com. Limited Edition of 500 vinyl copies. Deluxe Gatefold bundle / 180g trans blue vinyl with obi strip* Standard Sleeve Edition / 180g black vinyl with obi strip Expanded Double CD inc previously unreleased material *deluxe bundle includes CD. All purchases include digital. Most of the stock has arrived and they looks fresh so we’re pleased to say shipping date will be weeks rather than months in this case. Shipping around 10/12/2021
  6. Excited about this one and as Extralife said, looking forward to what's coming next in the Virtual Dreams series
  7. Will check this out. Was a big fan of the 65d mavericks back in the late 90s, early 2000
  8. Came across this. https://multiplexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sound-of-stas
  9. A great release that I've been after for a while and was brought to my attention in the topic of the new Daniel Avery album as he has done a remix of one of the tracks. Thanks for the heads up. Turbo Recordings is humbled to present this lovingly rendered reissue of Neutron 9000’s lost ambient trance classic. Composed and recorded at London’s Orinoco Studios in 1994 by Dominic Woosey, Lady Burning Sky was originally released on the legendary UK label Rising High. Lady Burning Sky by Neutron 9000
  10. Digis are on bandcamp. https://dead-mind.bandcamp.com/album/glimpse-of-light
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