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  1. Amazing ambient album. If you like Global Communication, Namlook or just 90's ambient then you may like this. https://danarmstrong.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. You can pre order here https://www.808stateofficial.com/
  3. https://avarecords.bandcamp.com/album/electro-music-union-sinoesin-xonox-works-1993-1994
  4. I recently contacted him via his bandcamp page asking if he was planning on releasing any more music and yesterday I got a reply. Hi Mick, thanks for the email and your continued interest in my output. I have been writing a lot of new material and I am considering my release options for said tracks. Sadly, labels and scene interest appear to be somewhat lacking these days. Any suggestions? Regards, LMW Anyone got any ideas. We need to get his music out there.
  5. He told me just over 2 years ago that one of his grandparents had died and that he was finding it hard to deal with
  6. I hope this is true. Also need to get the early Speedy J albums reissued.
  7. I was there too. It was the Singles tour. December 2005. Great night. Damn. I was at one of the Brixton gigs -either end of 2005 or early 2006 and I remember being drenched in sweat once The Prodigy started. If I'm not mistaken, that was the tour period they started playing stuff from The Experience again ... one of my most memorable gigs...everyone moshing. RIP. Yep, thats some great crowd footage. I remember seeing them at Brixton Academy in 2005 ish and they opened the set with Break & Enter, Their Law and Breathe. Devastation. Completely lost all my crew in the mosh pit and never saw them again until until after the end. Never sweat so much at a gig before. I guess this signals the end of the Prodigy, not sure how they would carry on without him?
  8. Looking forward to this one. A mixture of ambient, techno and some drum n bass which sounds like the stuff Bukem use to play during the mid 90's. https://magicwire.bandcamp.com/album/first-blue-sky
  9. Some good stuff here. Quality braindance. https://gesceap.bandcamp.com/album/minima
  10. Heres some. The second half of this album is more idm. https://warmuprecordings.bandcamp.com/album/grey-fades-to-green-wu026 And this one on detroit underground. Its a great release. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/biosfera
  11. This is a great release. One of my faves so far this year.
  12. Very good release of glitchy, idm, ambient. Fans of Autechre, Raster Noton, Touched should enjoy this. https://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/applied-sociolinguistics
  13. In no order Epic45 - Through Broken Summer My Autumn Empire - Oh, Leaking Universe Field Harmonics - Corpsing Autumn of Communion - Moonstreams Autumn of Communion - Reservoir of Video Souls Mick Chillage - Harmonic Connections Experiments of Science - Escape to the Skyline Ishqamatics - Elements Ambidextrous - Echoes of Science 2xitram - Quantized Memories Jacob Newman - Biospherica Cremation Lily - In England Now, Underwater FSOL - From Archives Vol 9 Roel Funcken - Dear of the Yog Blocks + Escher - Something Blue Yimino - AEng r beny - eistla Morphology - Traveller Steven Rutter - Brainfog Posthuman - Mutant Acid City Hotel Neon - Means of Knowing Warmth - Parallel Luis Miehlich - Silences ASC - Astral Projection Helios - Veriditas Halftribe - For the Summer, or Forever EPS Aphex Twin - Collapse Ex Terrestrial - All of his Eps this year Rising Sun - Realism ASC - The Outer Limits
  14. I agree. All of the releases so far on the fantasy enhancing are top notch
  15. Check it out. One of my faves of 2018. https://fantasyenhancing1.bandcamp.com/album/echoes-of-science
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