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clycl-Elwood Slow Jams '13


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Good day fellow WATMMers/EKTers,



My good friend from Toronto has decided to start his own net label and release a number of different eclectic musics from his hometown, friends he's met along the way, etc...and decided to give me the privilege to make the second release on his new Unknowne Landes label.



So without further ado, I present to you clycl's Elwood Slow Jams '13 EP, chock full of drexciyan techno, glitch-hop piano jams, watery Kraftwerk krunk, and a number of other made up styles!!




Please check it out and leave comments, like, favorite, etc...and if you really like it, please consider making a purchase from Bandcamp!



Very proud of this one.


Full EP: https://soundcloud.com/unknownelandes/sets/clycl-elwood-slow-jams-13



Link to purchase/download: http://unknownelandes.bandcamp.com/album/elwood-slow-jams-13


Hope you enjoy!

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I like the sounds on this. midway into Metro Seoul is pretty fantastic. lots of genesis sounds on that track.

I bought your album.

keep up the good work

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ganus, I sent you a PM, but absolute and utter thanks not only for giving me your time, but for enjoying it enough to warrant a purchase.



It's really going towards a good cause; my friend has worked pretty hard putting this beginnings of a netlabel together, and plans to put together some tour dates and future hard releases depending on funds raised, so a huge contribution even in a 5 dollar purchase towards this reality.



many thanks to those who purchase and even those who listen!!!!

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