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Yeah weve used it, came up with a lot of crusty sounding nonsense.. I find it hard to use when I've got hardware next to my computer tho .. I'd love to hear some good presets to see what it's made of

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So many knobs, so little energy to build a patch with a mouse on a VST modular/semi-modular. Patching a modular takes enough time without dicking around with a mouse.


It looks cool, but it reminds me of when I made this beastly 6 voice 9 osc polysynth patch on the arturia moog modular V- It sounded great and quite like how I've heard a good hardware poly sound, but it took me a whole 2 hours and by the end I just saved it as a pre-set so I could maybe come back to it.


Lazy producer problems, amirite?

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