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  1. Strong sad-times in life are attached to a few pieces of music. Nanou2 still crushes me. Happy crying is usually reserved for laughter, or intense moments / times with lovers, friends and family. Not much music with that particular release of overwhelming positivity :)
  2. How would you know you were brainwashed if it was an effective brainwash?
  3. I have the 808 clone and find it a bit underwhelming without some post-processing. The snare is stupid quiet and some of the other sounds (claves, cowbell, clap) seem to be much louder at the same volume. Is this what actual 808s are like lol?
  4. I smell toast… who knows, my idiot coworkers post I screen capped here could be interpreted out of context as the ramblings of a deranged hobo -or- is it the bold vision of the future we’re just too old to see?
  5. I swear I can actually speak english. You're going to have to trust me on this one. The fuck happened to the edit function?
  6. Re: the nurse story -- My girlfriend is a cardiac ICU nurse at a super fancy hospital here and can confirm - shits fucked, yo. Older/more experienced nurses are making a mass exodus out of working at hospitals. They're looking for travel nurse work (way higher pay, longer time off/breaks) clinic work (some fancy private clinics pay a ton and are way less stress) or to just retire/move on from nursing. Short staffing, lack of trained PCT's, lack of adequate hazard pay. Hospitals have been getting whomped. This shit has stressed the human part of healthcare so badly and it has to be exhausting on a mental, physical and spiritual level in a way IDK if I can comprehend fully. Small Example: My girl will come home from work and told me about this one sweet older man she had in the hospital a while back that was recovering from open heart surgery that came back in the ICU dying within a month of COVID complications. The guy said to her multiple times about how he was scared to go home because he has nowhere else to go after the surgery but his crazy ass son's place where his entire family are actively not giving a fuck about covid or getting vaccinated or even believing it's real. Sure enough, the entire family caught it and spread it to him as he was fuckin bedridden and recovering. Being immunocompromised after surgery, he was even more at risk. He didn't even get to enjoy the new lease on life because his own goddamn family couldn't care enough to not bring that shit home to their ailing grandfather/father. That def fucked with her. I could not imagine dealing with life and death in my work + getting to know and care about people in a time where nobody gives a fuck about anyone. (sorry for the long post)
  7. NFT’s are what gives me hope thaT my brain stroked out during a whopper acid/mdma combo on New Year’s Eve 2014. every time I smell burnt toast I just know that someone has minted a slack-jawed monkey wearing the zippered clothing from MJ’s ‘Bad’ music video and it sold for 134k in online pedo dubloons is this heaven or did I fuck up somewhere?
  8. my favorite thing about the Jan 6th pathetic display of boomerism was the concessions stand at the 'riot' I can imagine nothing more supremely American than needing to get some chicken tenders and a funnel cake while trying to overthrow your government.
  9. people who use their kids as pawns for their own agenda are a special kind of sick. I’m going to counter this energy by coming in completely nude with a face mask on and saying “why would you want to cover this up” while gesturing at my penis wearing a top hat.
  10. I've been on this site over 10 years. 


    Good god. 

    1. dcom


      My condolences.

    2. logakght


      me too bro. I tried to escape for some years but ultimately came back.

  11. lol he's gonna go full African Warlord on the whole deal. Full get-up of: beret, aviators, golden AK-47, while for some reason wearing dress pants and tuxedo shoes + an army of child soldiers. That's the only way I'm going to respect this call for a state funded militia
  12. The only show I've watched in the last two years besides re-watching the sopranos and the simpsons is the great british bakeoff. My GF started putting it on a few weeks ago and I got sucked in. NGL that shit is entertaining as hell. I used to be a baker/pastry chef in my early 20's/late teens so it tickles my brain. Plus Brits are funny. I love when there's someone with just an awful accent. There was a lady from Liverpool who every time she spoke I would just start laughing. The amount of accents you guys have there is wild!
  13. About to wrap up ‘Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West’ by John Ralston Saul I’m not the smartest fella out there, but it has been an enlightening read.
  14. I'm far too lazy/incompetent to do all those steps. Someone copy and paste the juice so my tiny brain doesn't stroke out
  15. Huh. Neat. Does it handle pitch bending with regards to whistling or singing? I tried some midi guitar thing and it was clunky but fun. Did not do gliding at all. That's one of the things that seems to be the thing I want to mess with the most sometimes with programming melodies and leads. the input being a voice lets you do so many cool pitch bends and portamento stuff on the fly vs programming it in. I'd imagine thats hard to suss out reliably lol
  16. 65923672071__3D0CC301-43D1-47B9-A6A4-47CF81A90497.heic Drilled through 8" of concrete and plumbed out a new fixture for the attached 'greenhouse'. No more having to bring a hose in through a door and having to deal with outdoor fixtures freezing in the winter. It's not pretty, but it's built well and functional.
  17. Good art should be cranked out in less than a week. All this talk of 'magnum opuses' and 'masterpieces' are bullshit. It should be a cut and dry 2:30 mostly centered around an 808 sample, autotuned vocals about eating ass and random corporate jingles playing every once in a while. All other music is the equivalent to shaking it more than 3 times at the urinal or double dipping a chip in some salsa at a party.
  18. I’d say Syro takes the cake only because of the sheer amount of equipment being controlled and automated + the modern/expensive ass mixing. go plastic is neck and neck. Every time I hear that record I’m shocked it was made with no DAW sequencing. Automating and programming eventide shit like Tom does deserves its own tier lol
  19. I set up a lot of contractor/outside work in my current gig -- even in the commercial world your problem is real. It's so fuckin hard to get people to respond when we call about things like getting an electrician out or scheduling a landscaping service. 1/4 or so will actually return the call, maybe give us a quote and follow through. These are for like 5-6 figure contracts!! It's frustrating as hell. My first world problem du jour: My guts are now rejecting everything that isn't some shit like rice, steamed vegetables and lean meats. Can't do really any ethnic food without paying the price, can't drink booze, no dairy, sugar makes it worse too. It's fucking infuriating. I just want to eat fat people shit and not feel like I'm going to die. It's gotten to waking up in a cold sweat and nearly passing out from lower intestinal cramping from a phad thai or a burger levels of fucked up. It sounds like a great way to diet, but really it's just a fucked up game of russian roulette with everything I eat
  20. The more I listen to the record the more I think:: If he really did sequence the bulk of it on a cirklon and record the stereo out of the mixer - This album is probably the most complex piece of sequenced hardware music ever. Regardless, it really has so much put into it that is so refined that the amount of time spent on the tracks must be mind-boggling.
  21. "Girls are just jealous because guys all had at least one summer where we MK-ULTRA'd ourselves with a shitload of acid and then never went to therapy" I kid. Can't remember where I read that but it stuck with me. WATMM has mental health threads now. I figured you all through you were robots 😉 Never been to therapy, my GF says I could probably use it, what with my younger life not having been too fantastic + moving out at 15 and the drama that came with living in what were essentially trap houses . But IDK. I don't see the point. I'm happy with myself and I don't feel like treading over shit in the past to a paid stranger is going to do much good. My hypothesis is the things that keep people from offing themselves = new experiences/hobbies and a sense of purpose. I discovered the perfect outlet for my self loathing was religious exercise, once yearly (or 2x) a year psychedelic use, and gardening. That combined with lots of outdoor stuff and occasional traveling makes it so I don't go insann. Who knows, I might just be kicking the can down the road until I freak out, shave my head and climb a clocktower... but it seems to work?
  22. Lol - I went to high school with Ron Watkins. He was 2 grades older than I, but indeed he was a choir dork and in barbershop quartet. His creepy ass Dad used to chaperone the combined symphony/choir trips and I remember his weird face. He was friends with a girl I wanted to hook up with so I ate more than a few lunches with him and her friends. He was SUPER into the Matrix in high school and was a relatively nice and social dude. IDK where the fork in the road came. Watching that doc was surreal, I had to remember where I had seen him before and it wasn't until my sister brought out the yearbook that I confirmed I had indeed interacted with him many times in the past. Small world.
  23. God, could you imagine how fucked up my kids would be if someone let me homeschool them? You can teach them ANYTHING. Grade 1-5:: Math is witchcraft, music actually has 13-23 tone scales, 6 hours daily of masonry for my new BBQ pit, gardening classes, learning ONLY the 'Bosnian' version of events from 1992-1996 in history, daily judo lessons. They'd be warriors. But IDK how fit they'd be for the real world. (to anyone concerned, I don't have kids ((most likely cant)) so no worries, I can only fuck up my cats)
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