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  1. Just swingin' on by to say -- You guys suck almost as much as we do. ?
  2. Always busy these days. Up to the same ol' stuff mostly. Moving this next month and setting up a new studio + spending money on building it more - should be dope How's life in the great North? I imagine the winter car is out and the summer car is in storage now? ?️
  3. His last little speech to his rally at Florida was just a checklist of BS to rile up the common folk of America’s Wang. I used to think I was dumb. But lately, I feel scared that there really are people much, much more dumb than myself. That is fucking horrifying and they all seem to have found a voice through this idiot.
  4. Well, I can’t teleport them... they aren't easy to detect detect or find we’re talking at most 50mg of some substance. Not gonna get into it, but it won’t be a problem and never has been.
  5. I don't know which drugs to take in Iceland while on vacation in August. LSD would be fun, but I don't really like driving and staying in the same spot for 8 hours until I want to drive doesn't sound like fun. 4-HO-MET is fun and short, but my GF always pukes with tryptamines. I have some fresh 2c-b hanging about that would be fun. Some TMA-2 from back in the day would lead to the same issues as L. Honestly been wracking my brain. Truly the "500 channels and I can't figure out what to watch" of my life currently.
  6. lil' ol' Wisp is an honorable mention for a fantastic 'drum programmer' IMO. I feel like he might actually smack teh skinz in real life too, but I've never asked.
  7. Boop boom bap ticky-ticky boom bap ticky
  8. I'm trying to do the opposite. Been offered a gig doing cannabis research/chem work for a biosciences company out of Vancouver... Fuck the states.
  9. WHY GOD, WHY IS HE AT COACHELLA AGAIN?! DIDN'T YOU PUNISH ME ENOUGH 10 YEARS AGO?! WHAAAAAYYYYY?!!! *regrettably starts booking time off and building feather headdress for inevitable immersion into all things Coachella, again*
  10. LSD shall set ye free :D
  11. I’m up in Greenwood area. Going to try and get out of obligations to meet. Shoot me a DM, yo
  12. Thanks for all the responses! I’ve sold off the studiolive (some dude came and got it for 875$ last night, nice guy, smoked some weed with him and talked synths) and will come to my decision on a mixer, patchbay and interface this weekend when I’m feelin’ spendy. After meddling with the 707 and live, I finally got it all to sync correctly (good god I’m bad at figuring these things out... YouTube videos and forums are a pain to navigate through and watch/read) I can make tracks all day every day in my current setup and love programming each sequencer, getting it all set up, hot swapping drum patterns on drum machines and twiddlin’. But fuck meh, engineering is a craft I really need to practice more. Been on the wait list for a cirklon for-goddamn-ever, but I can’t wait that long to start making some packaged tunes for my own sanity. I used to make tracks mostly on just a laptop with scattered gear samples, but after the untimely loss of my music making friend, I have had a block there where I freeze up when I need to make ideas entirely ITB from nothing or VST’s. Or I try and they just don’t feel as good as all the machines poppin’ off. BTW - any love in here for punch-in sequencers (don’t know what else to call em) like the one in the JX-3p and sh-101? Perfect hybrid sequencer would be something to that effect where you can punch it in as the sequence is playing in real time and then go back over and edit finer details. The EMX-1 actually has a really cool sequencer when coupled with the motion sequence feature. My pro-2 and minilouge have something to the effect, but not nearly the step-amounts I wish they had. Some baselines that get complicated I have to just sequence from midi in Live. Pretty sure there are a few that do that, but not with the flexibility of the cirklon AFAIK. Rambling now.. Not too much music makin’ talk on here as of late it feels like.
  13. Aright gents, so I have a bit of a particular set of questions and thoughts to get your ideas on. I've been toodling around with the same bits of gear for a long time in full sync. I've gotten my JX-3p (modded), Pro-2, RYTM, Minilogue, EMX-1, and TX81z all routed up to sync to the clock of a TR-707, which is fucking cool because they all have internal sequencers (aside from the TX81z AFAIK, that I plonk around on) I can run together like one spread-out cirklon in a way... I run them through outboard gear (some DBX compressors, a few of these ART pro-channel 2 strips a friend gave me from his work and into a digital mixer/interface --- I quite like recording through a desk, but my current one leaves some things to be desired with DAW stuffs. I have PreSonus 16.0.2 interface/mixer that I thought would be a dead-answer to my woes with recording multi-track into Live. Lo and behold, this sum-bitch doesn't pump out its individual channels with the EQ/Comp/Limiter and such onboard unless you're trying to record the master in one take in stereo. Which is cool if I'm recording in sound effects, simple drum patterns to sample or what have you. But when I jam live I like to record each track in. Sucks I have to just run them through the outboard gear and then into the Pre-amp -> Live. 1) Would this be easier with an analog desk that has outputs after the processing signal-path -> 16/16 i/o interface to Ableton and chopped from there? 2) Are there digital/analog firewire mixers that dump their actual output to each channel in a DAW (Live prefered, I have gotten used to it.) It's shit that this thing is fully digital and doesn't output anything besides being an over-glorified pre-amp/interface. The fuck is the point unless you're just mixing a live band to two-track? I mean I get it, most music is recorded live like that, but it just seems like a flaw 3) Is there a way to trigger Live to start recording when I hit start on the 707 and sync with so I can not have to sync things by ear? Sorry to be a total neanderthal with the recording tech, I'm just tired of everyone I know telling me to record and put out more after hearing all the live-meddlings. I've even had offers to go play paid gigs abroad but I can't get the tunes from my gear to a convenient DAW file for live-fuckery. I'd have to drag around everything currently. I can do what I need to do to make tracks with the current set-up. Don't get me wrong -- but, there has to be an easier way to streamline this work-flow. I love making tunes outside the box, but I can see what 'Phex was saying about how 'making music with tons of gear just complicates things' because half the time I give up on an idea due to me not being technically saavy or having constraints based on equipment. I just go back to the comfort of making tracks that I mess with in my living room, which is cool.. but TBH I need a hobby to get me head out of shit and this is the one that feels best. I have pretty much unlimited funds aside from dropping 5 figures or more on equipment. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading all of that. TL:DR - I'm not good at recording engineering
  14. Word. Well it’s gonna be cool
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