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  1. Some stuff I took a while back while on acid and climbing slimy limestone cliff things turned out neat
  2. Just got shot numero dos, Pfizer variety. I’m now 100% into dudes. Gotta go break it to the GF. No side effects tho
  3. Hey just gonna drop in here because it’s getting tense and I know we all know capitalist whizz-boy Bill Gates is getting a divorce. I wanted to let everyone know I am going to continue to get Melinda Gates to pay me as a boy-toy. I’m down for some real weird shit so long as I get loaded up. If successful, I will have not only acquired millions for the therapy I will eventually need - I will have cucked a capitalist demigod. I’ve shot my shot on Twitter. Prayers up for me. It’s getting real in the USA and I have kids to feed (cats) *edit, I have been blocked by M
  4. I love that intro, the little tape manipulation and reverbs that come back at the end.
  5. I recently finished buying all the EP's and filling my Analord binder. Took 15 years or so, but I'm glad. Analord was what inspired me to get my first synth after 10+ years of guitar playing and drumming. Some parts of the series will be in my head almost constantly. Absolutely perfect 10/10. I'm not the hugest fan of analord 9, but it opened me up to some harder acid stuffs
  6. Dude, with how tight your country's customs are and how much weed I'm around constantly, there is no way we wouldn't both end up in jail for that package. "man accepts package of 5kg of cannabis Gumbo, both parties arrested" 😉
  7. Without a massive change in material conditions for the hoards of poor and depressed people and education about drugs in a non-draconian way: I don't think there is much to be done. The Chinese will keep supplying cartels with precursor material for fentanyl and meth and there's not much we can do about it on the supply side. People will keep gobbling up these drugs due to dependance and kicking the can of whatever relative trauma they hold. As cliche as this may be for me of all people to offer as a solution - legalizing cannabis and psychedelics and destigmatizing their legitimate ther
  8. COVID be damned, my mans need his gumbo and I have a debt to pay.
  9. It happened again. Hi friends (idk how many of you are still here)
  10. Oh I feel that. I'm in Seattle and it's pretty bleak out here. I recently moved out of Seattle to a more suburban part of that area partially due to how bad it has gotten. I rented a house in a pretty sketchy spot and we had it all; people sleeping in the yard, pimps beating working girls out in front of the house, dudes shooting up on my porch, my gf's old car got stolen 3 times in 2 years. Brutal shit. Portland is a little more chaos than Seattle. Too many bridges and too much apathy to be as badass as Portland with that stuff. I was down there for a bachelor party in September of '19
  11. Damn that is so fuckin sad... His poor family. RIP to a genuinely good dude on here.
  12. It's so nice living here. Daily shootings, wide-scale poverty, huge opioid addiction issues. Just a few off the top of the ol' noggin. Feelin' Fine...
  13. Just swingin' on by to say -- You guys suck almost as much as we do. ?
  14. Always busy these days. Up to the same ol' stuff mostly. Moving this next month and setting up a new studio + spending money on building it more - should be dope How's life in the great North? I imagine the winter car is out and the summer car is in storage now? ?️
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