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  1. Just swingin' on by to say -- You guys suck almost as much as we do. ?
  2. Always busy these days. Up to the same ol' stuff mostly. Moving this next month and setting up a new studio + spending money on building it more - should be dope How's life in the great North? I imagine the winter car is out and the summer car is in storage now? ?️
  3. His last little speech to his rally at Florida was just a checklist of BS to rile up the common folk of America’s Wang. I used to think I was dumb. But lately, I feel scared that there really are people much, much more dumb than myself. That is fucking horrifying and they all seem to have found a voice through this idiot.
  4. Well, I can’t teleport them... they aren't easy to detect detect or find we’re talking at most 50mg of some substance. Not gonna get into it, but it won’t be a problem and never has been.
  5. I don't know which drugs to take in Iceland while on vacation in August. LSD would be fun, but I don't really like driving and staying in the same spot for 8 hours until I want to drive doesn't sound like fun. 4-HO-MET is fun and short, but my GF always pukes with tryptamines. I have some fresh 2c-b hanging about that would be fun. Some TMA-2 from back in the day would lead to the same issues as L. Honestly been wracking my brain. Truly the "500 channels and I can't figure out what to watch" of my life currently.
  6. lil' ol' Wisp is an honorable mention for a fantastic 'drum programmer' IMO. I feel like he might actually smack teh skinz in real life too, but I've never asked.
  7. I'm trying to do the opposite. Been offered a gig doing cannabis research/chem work for a biosciences company out of Vancouver... Fuck the states.
  8. WHY GOD, WHY IS HE AT COACHELLA AGAIN?! DIDN'T YOU PUNISH ME ENOUGH 10 YEARS AGO?! WHAAAAAYYYYY?!!! *regrettably starts booking time off and building feather headdress for inevitable immersion into all things Coachella, again*
  9. LSD shall set ye free :D
  10. I’m up in Greenwood area. Going to try and get out of obligations to meet. Shoot me a DM, yo
  11. Thanks for all the responses! I’ve sold off the studiolive (some dude came and got it for 875$ last night, nice guy, smoked some weed with him and talked synths) and will come to my decision on a mixer, patchbay and interface this weekend when I’m feelin’ spendy. After meddling with the 707 and live, I finally got it all to sync correctly (good god I’m bad at figuring these things out... YouTube videos and forums are a pain to navigate through and watch/read) I can make tracks all day every day in my current setup and love programming each sequencer, getting it all set up, hot swapping dru
  12. Aright gents, so I have a bit of a particular set of questions and thoughts to get your ideas on. I've been toodling around with the same bits of gear for a long time in full sync. I've gotten my JX-3p (modded), Pro-2, RYTM, Minilogue, EMX-1, and TX81z all routed up to sync to the clock of a TR-707, which is fucking cool because they all have internal sequencers (aside from the TX81z AFAIK, that I plonk around on) I can run together like one spread-out cirklon in a way... I run them through outboard gear (some DBX compressors, a few of these ART pro-channel 2 strips a friend gave me from
  13. Word. Well it’s gonna be cool
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