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bibimbap - drumns n jazz?


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Reminds me of Cinematic Orchestra :) - who are great!


This made from samples of other records I guess?


Nice groove to it. Best bit for me is the last simple part at the end IMO from 2.27 - chilled - less cluttered - nice clean rim shot - would have liked more of that with some of the simpler drum flourishs/breaks  occasioanlly and some subtle tweeks/variety to the brass/trumpet part. Like the nice bell melody parts too.


The mix or something is a bit sort of echoy/vague/distant but that may be the soundcloud low bit rate?

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Thanks for the feedback. The track is a mix of samples and then additional synths layered in. Some of it is sampled, mapped to a keyboard and then replayed along with synth layers etc so not everything is at it seems :). I did have trouble mixing this track and I think a lot of the 'distance' comes from the drum sounds I was using. I'll fiddle with that some more but it's tricky (for me anyway). 


I like to think the last part sounds nice in contrast to everything that came before it. 

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Thanks! I've got another old track where I did some extensive live-ish drum programming/break chopping but at the time I added a bunch of 'experimental' bleeps and bloops over it. I might pull out the drum track and write something new over it since it was pretty nice. 

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