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  1. mine also unexpectedly turned up yesterday! great timing, i always associated this album with autumn for some reason. sounds really nice too. so glad to finally have this in the collection!
  2. the guy is relentless! gonna bulk buy the lot on bandcamp friday next week
  3. anyone know of a decent desktop player/library manager that doesn't look complete shit? i'm sure foobar is great and does everything i require from a media player, but i don't want to use something that looks like i'm about to convert a divx to mpeg2 in 2004 that musicbee seems quite nice, but is it actually any good?
  4. Music Pack 2 https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/music-pack-2 we eatin'
  5. 10/10 post. drukqs is seriously wicked 'n all but lezbehonest, rushup is rdj at his absolute peak, and this write-up encapsulates it incredibly well ❤️
  6. black pressing up on weme too https://wemerecords.com/shop/dave-monolith-welcome-2lp-black-vinyl-pre-order/
  7. definitely not arial. looks like montserrat bold, or at least some kind of alternative
  8. anyone keen for some criminally underrated sc dump jams?????
  9. correct, it's 18 and his bday is today. thread title is likely a typo.
  10. looks like this baby is sold out! hope everyone got their copies agreed. i kinda like the block colours, but the OG art def benefited from having a longer trail.
  11. happy birthday old man! drukqs is now officially classic rock
  12. the foundation reshared the vid as an IG story and tagged arca, soooo yeah this ain't afx related. https://www.instagram.com/stories/fondazionemarceloburlon/2638577299333627012/ (link expires soon so be quick)
  13. brilliant news, thanks for sharing! always loved the shit out of this record
  14. did you go across to the mount? gardens are lush
  15. insider sources have told me it's gonna be a new soundcloud comment. hyped!
  16. jackie is an absolute belter, and there's a wee post-punk esque tune on there that i quite liked. but yeah that's it. pretty much sums up my thoughts on mr tumor. love half of his stuff but don't care for the rest.
  17. the spotify algorithm slung a tune from 'in summer' into my ears a few years ago and i instabought the EP off bandcamp. great release but not actually heard much else of his work. should probably get that sorted.
  18. just finished fargo s4. took a bit longer for me to get into this one compared to previous seasons, but by half way i was properly hooked. aside from that, i'm currently working my way through the final season of the trip. also great!
  19. i only grabbed loveless as i already own the other two, but yeah it does sound (and look) real good. still wish they pressed the EP set to vinyl, but i totally understand if the label were not prepared to wait for glacial pace kev to settle on a master (assuming that was the decision for not doing it)
  20. i enjoyed this more than flamagra, but i still doubt i'll be revisiting it often.
  21. iirc weirdcore shared freeka tet's video to his own feed, but he later deleted it
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