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  1. fun fact: the only RDJ track that's been physically released twice under both Aphex Twin and AFX pseudonyms I think? edit: nvm, forgot about analogue bubblebath
  2. guitars are lovely, but those drums sound fucking crap lmao
  3. Crazy. I've listened to it a bunch of times over lockdown, still immense.
  4. oh yes, nice one! I'll be sure to hit you up once I finish up this batch. mixanalog sounds interesting. How does it work exactly? Do I upload stems and mix on their gear, then get the tracks mastered elsewhere?
  5. Hi guys Presumably like many other folk, lockdown has inspired me to dust off my gear and start making tunes again after a couple years of being lazy. I've got a few finished bits that I'd like to have mastered. How do you guys handle the mastering side of things? It seems there are tons of options available. Are you sending your stuff to proper engineers? or the dudes that operate on sites like Fiverr? Are automated mastering services such as LANDR any good? Do you do the mastering yourselves? I'd be interested to know what route would be best for my shit. Thanks!
  6. been working from home since mid-march, and other than transferring files to/from the company server slightly slowing the process down, we've been managing very well. in all honesty I prefer it, especially with the time and fuel costs saved from 3 months of not commuting. despite this, it sounds like we're going back in next week or the week after. boss seems keen on having us all back at the office. shiter.
  7. yeah the tighter table was already there when I first posted. I took a screenshot of the page this morning (in case it got wiped) and can confirm it hasn't changed. it's been a fun day though. I expect this thread will gain momentum again once the 'play' icon changes next year, so I'll see you all then
  8. Hmm yeah I've been close. The addition of the Houston EP and Field Day bonus tunes last year was like a microdose of optimism.
  9. Anyone notice the 'tracks' page has been slightly updated to show the RDJ pseudonym beside its respective track? Also I'm fairly certain the artwork sizes/height of each block seems smaller, allowing more tracks to be displayed at once. https://aphextwin.warp.net/tracks Pretty sure this is a change that's happened in the last week or so, as I check the page semi-regularly for new shit and don't remember seeing it last time. No idea if this is Warp simply neatening up the interface, or if it's in preparation for something? Maybe best not to get our hopes up. The 'old cassettes mastered' heading has been there for how fucking long now?!?!
  10. yeah I caught that when it was aired, good stuff. Hasn't he released some of it since? fucked up isn't it. I remember being on holiday down Cornwall, literally on St Michael's Mount when the festivities were announced and my hype levels were in overdrive lol. Time flies man.
  11. I've been avoiding the Flamagra mix as I wasn't big on the album in all honesty, but it looks like there's a bunch of unreleased stuff in there so it could be worth my time. I'll definitely check out the LFO tribute and Plaid mixes though, cheers
  12. I guess this is the best place to ask... Can anyone recommend some good stuff that was aired over the NTS weekend that I may have missed? I still listen to BoC Societas X, Autechre's early tapes and the Squarepusher mix on a regular basis. Was there any other gold on this level?
  13. It's a lovely EP but I can only really enjoy this type of music in small doses, like two or three tracks at a time. I don't revisit Ribbons as a whole very often cos it's pretty much a full on folk onslaught, but I always finding myself putting on the individual songs and digging em. Other than Phantom Brickworks which is prob my favourite thing he's ever done, I definitely preferred it when Bibio would throw different sounds and styles into his albums.
  14. Too right, I can't believe the store has been live for almost 3 years yet it still doesn't have Analord. It seems the perfect place to house all of Richard's Rephlex/out of print material. I wish he'd hire an archival assistant to fill that sucka up
  15. Yeah lovely tune that ^ I also have an old 3 hour greatest hits playlist that I'm super attached to. The tracks are in chronological upload order, and the flow is miraculously perfect. Every time I chuck it on it feels like I'm listening to the greatest album never made. I recently updated it by swapping out all the tracks that have since been mastered on the Bleepstore and elsewhere (Cheetah EP, Peel Sesh, Nina Kraviz comps, etc.) so at least a chunk of it sounds tastier now.
  16. gorgeous! don't think I've been this impressed by a tech demo since cryengine2, and that was what, 12/13 years ago?
  17. I like the tune, I like the video and I like the artwork. Pre ordered.
  18. usually nothing, too cringy. although this one time, exai was playing, the lady and i were doing the deed around the cloudline/deco Loc part of the record. thought that was pretty funny.
  19. I tuned in at a couple points tonight and it was the best autechre I'd ever heard ❤️
  20. Yeah love godspeed. Saw them live a while ago and almost cried. Last album was a little underwhelming though
  21. Yeah, there was another track in the dump that sounds like exactly the same setup too, but I forget the title
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