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  1. did you go across to the mount? gardens are lush
  2. insider sources have told me it's gonna be a new soundcloud comment. hyped!
  3. jackie is an absolute belter, and there's a wee post-punk esque tune on there that i quite liked. but yeah that's it. pretty much sums up my thoughts on mr tumor. love half of his stuff but don't care for the rest.
  4. the spotify algorithm slung a tune from 'in summer' into my ears a few years ago and i instabought the EP off bandcamp. great release but not actually heard much else of his work. should probably get that sorted.
  5. just finished fargo s4. took a bit longer for me to get into this one compared to previous seasons, but by half way i was properly hooked. aside from that, i'm currently working my way through the final season of the trip. also great!
  6. i only grabbed loveless as i already own the other two, but yeah it does sound (and look) real good. still wish they pressed the EP set to vinyl, but i totally understand if the label were not prepared to wait for glacial pace kev to settle on a master (assuming that was the decision for not doing it)
  7. i enjoyed this more than flamagra, but i still doubt i'll be revisiting it often.
  8. iirc weirdcore shared freeka tet's video to his own feed, but he later deleted it
  9. i reckon that at least rules out the repress or anything from warp
  10. yeah both of those are eerily similar. good finds, also forgot how much prememory bangs, would love a new album filled with that vibe.
  11. my perception of time is fukt these days but i'd say that's been there for around two years. definitely pre-covid anyway. i believe rich said he'd mainly be using soundcloud for future uploads as it's easier.
  12. good time is the better film but uncut gems has the better score. (imo)
  13. proper banger analord 8 is definitely my favourite of the bunch
  14. huge track and this version is even better
  15. bit disappointing imo. can't say i'm thrilled about all those remixes. reminds me of the endtroducing 20 year set, most of those turned out to be wank. and the bits of the bonus disc that ARE actually interesting (demos, alt mixes) aren't even on the 4LP set. pretty fucked up if they don't at least include those on a download code. anyway, enough of me being a grumpy cunt. it's a gorgeous album and i'll likely grab this set regardless as i never owned it on vy-null
  16. literally started re-watching this yesterday. i've given up my attempts to get into a new series, so i thought i'd go for something that i already know is the fuckin tits. i think i probably ended up enjoying this more than breaking bad. sadly it sounds like the next (and final) season is still a long way off cos of the covids
  17. found this comment the deluxe is the analog cut, the standard is digital. while the album is recorded on tape, the transitions were made digitally, and the deluxe has these remade on tape
  18. fully analog cut deluxe gatefold tip-on and board-mounted sleeve apparently
  19. true, would've been a tripler at the very least. can't imagine they'd have trouble shifting units though! here's hoping one day they suss it out
  20. aw man, i was hoping they'd press that EP collection to vinyl. seems kinda weird that they didn't... perhaps domino couldn't be fucked with the rigmarole of kevin settling on a master? other than that, pretty cool announcement. i grabbed loveless deluxe as that's the only thing i seemed to be missing
  21. the constant hi scores represses are such a skam
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