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Community Answers

  1. i'd rather an album, it's been ages since we got a long form afx release. but i'll take anything at this point.
  2. radio 6 is overall very good. i can't think of another popular station that caters for most audiences as well as that. where else would you hear squarepusher, outkast, black flag, aretha franklin and basinski back to back?
  3. nice! although i recognise half of this stuff from the mnlth demo tape. is it all old material?
  4. absolute load of bollocks some of the tunes are actually deece though
  5. my initial plan was waiting for the dust to settle and possibly grabbing it at a later date, but thanks to the intro price it'll likely be an instabuy. it IS kinda gross and hilarious how much mileage rockstar/take two are getting out of this one fucking game, but at the same time i really do enjoy it and i'm definitely willing to splash a few quid on some extra polygons and a framerate bump.
  6. yep, i also recall him making SOSW2 and AB6 playlists. someone must have archived the tracklists, surely? or do afx fans only hoard jpegs of his face?
  7. depends who said it at the risk of sounding elitist... if it was someone on here i'd be pretty stoked, but for some reason i think i'd be annoyed if it was from someone with surface level knowledge of ae/afx. i'd be like "yeah? the fuck do you know?"
  8. whilst i prob wouldn't include any of the individual tunes from geogaddi in my boards top 5, it's by far my favourite album of theirs. the craftsmanship that went into this record was clearly on another level.
  9. just got done listening to the new animal collective record (out today) and it's quite tasty. good blend of exotica and neo-psych.
  10. don't sleep on the soft hair record. easily one of the best things he's done.
  11. agreedo. wish they bundled in a bandcamp code with the wax, but hey, it's not like they're the only label not doing it 🤷‍♂️ here's hoping it'll be up on dave's bc too!
  12. posted on weme instagram yesterday: https://www.instagram.com/p/CY6vsH-sC4L/ "forthcoming Photodementia WeMe 313.32" which when paired up with the cat number on this post shows that it's a 2LP: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYKLz4qsvDK/
  13. i wonder if the "one i won't go into" ended up being ccai pt. 2? perhaps he recorded an albums' worth of electro-acoustic stuff but decided to condense the stronger material into an EP? or maybe it was cheetah and the same thing happened? the cheetah liner notes specifically state it was recorded before syro. and instead, some of the "tracks which don't belong anywhere" actually ended up forming orphaned deejay selek? i reckon this was made after 2010, possibly post-syro or at the very least late-syro. (i have nothing to back up my claim, just pure speculation 🙂 )
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