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  1. Dick move, but the optimist in me can't help but think the alternative would be worse. Pre-Spotify/early days of streaming, almost every casual listener I know would torrent their music or literally even download YouTube rips, so surely a (very) small income is somewhat better than zero income? But don't get me wrong, it'd be rad to see a bunch of labels hold a mass walkout and pull their shit from these services (except beautiful lil Bandcamp) to negotiate some better terms.
  2. +1 on Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Connan Mockasin and King Gizzard. All very fucking excellent. Also... Alex G and Preoccupations (fka Viet Cong) are both pretty special.
  3. guessing warp won't reveal the winner in fear of mass unsubscriptions. we just have to hope the victor is on here/afx reddit/part of the online community in some capacity and comes forward, or it'll remain a mystery forever.
  4. I have such a soft spot for the the Volumes and EODS series, I think they'll always be my favourite releases of his. so yeah I'm absolutely going to buy this
  5. while driving, ipod on the car system at work, spotify. either on the office speakers, or headphones if I'm listening to anything remotely edgy at home, I'll chuck a vinyl on while gaming (game dependent), doing house work, or if we got folks round and that's pretty much how and where I consume music nowadays. one of my favourite things ever was to go for long walks with headphones but since moving away/getting a new job a couple years ago, I very rarely get to do that now. maybe I should try and make more time for it.
  6. quite a lot actually. some artists I'll pre-order without listening to a second of music. aphex, boc, autechre, opn, unknown mortal orchestra, viet cong/preoccupations, alex g, gy!be are the first ones that spring to mind. oh, also mbv and the avalanches not that they release stuff very often. then other artists I need to hear a single/teaser before committing, to get a better idea of what direction they're going in, such as squarepusher, bibio, flylo, and i guess loads more. I also find that limited runs or limited/coloured variants can sometimes tip me over the edge when deciding to pre-order. if something's 1/250 or whatever, I'm more likely to just fucking go for it due to fomo.
  7. disagree. it's a valuable item. warp wouldn't just give it away. they're trading it to drive more memberships to the aphex bleepstore, because they know at some point, there will be a very nice return on investment. and that's another thing, they're not even trying to get people on a bleep or warp mailing list. it's specifically the aphex store. makes it seem obvious they're gearing up for something. if this really was simply to commemorate the anniversary of an EP release, why 4 years and not 5? maybe 5 would be too late as they're probably planning to release whatever-it-is later this year? sooo yeah i think there's a very high chance that something is imminent/relatively imminent. could be a new EP/LP, could be a back catalog dump (afx, rephlex, etc), could be a repress (doesn't drukqs turn 20 next year?)... maybe tour dates? i'm sure i read something a while back saying manchester would be his last show for a while, but i listened to an interview with weirdcore a couple months ago and he implied new tour visuals/a new tour concept was being worked on with richard, so i dunno what time-frame we're looking at for gigs.
  8. I think I read a while back that it was just going to be that interactive Collapse demo, the thing they had in the bar room at Printworks could be wrong tho
  9. same. always thought those mechanical/noise sounds in green calx and bucephalus were 100% synthesised. same with that little melody in 1st 44. I feel cheated
  10. I quite liked A Mineral Love so colour me intrigued and if his release rate is anything to go by, I'm sure we'll be getting the album in less than a year from now
  11. pre-syro, an aphex EP was just as good as/sometimes better than the albums (rushup and come to daddy are prob my favourite things he's ever done) I quite liked CCAI/ODS/Cheetah but they all seemed half arsed, like a collection of good demos/ideas that were never fully fleshed out. bit of a brief drop in quality but Collapse brought things back to normality. got a feeling we may never get another aphex album but who knows
  12. not only was his work phenomenal, but I don't think I've ever seen a Morricone-scored film that wasn't brilliant. he seemed to have a knack for only touching the good stuff. or maybe I've just not watched enough of them but yes, RIP genius.
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