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  1. damn this is legit! can totally envision it as menu music on an AAA video game, but it also sounds great in its own right. nicely done!
  2. yves album took a little while to grow on me, but yeah it's a solid one. most of the new dirty projectors material does bore me to be fair, but i thought this track, along with one or two others, were lovely!
  3. not on youtube: squarepusher - the paris track autechre - X4
  4. yep. as far as remix albums go, it's pretty good. but that isn't much of an accolade considering how unfathomably wank most of them are,
  5. due to lockdowns/WFH, i'd say my consumption of music lately has been 50% digital library, 30% vinyl and 20% streaming (spotify) but usually it's more like 50% spotify, 30% digis and 20% vinyl (i don't have my digitals at work, and commuting eats into vinyl time) i buy a lot of music off bandcamp but i never use it for streaming... and other than regularly checking in on the user18081971 page, i rarely use soundcloud. i think i'd probably be more inclined to use bandcamp as a streaming service if they built a proper app for it, with playlist integration, etc. but sadly i can't s
  6. i ordered a vinyl from them last month and a whole week went by before they even dispatched it, and this was pre-xmas rush/pre-black friday/pre-royal mail getting f'd in the a, so i dread to think what it's like right now.
  7. there's a severe truth to this discovered him at the start of the year, prob ended up being my most played artist of 2020
  8. was expecting/hoping he'd lock into full mental breakbeat mode near the end, but it's still a delicious as hell remix! one for the EKT heads... how is that vocal effect achieved? granular fukkery?
  9. ok so i've been feeling a little underwhelmed on the lead up to this release, but it turns out the singles (for the most part) are actually the weakest tracks on the album. i was expecting something a bit boring, but it's actually quite nice. i still definitely prefer wildflower and SILY, but this is still a worthy entry in their discography.
  10. anyone know if there's been talk of a companion EP for this one? i ended up enjoying the two age of EPs more than most of the album
  11. were these tracks played out at one of the recent afx shows then? sounds more like jenkinson to me.
  12. like someone else suggested, check out one of their albums instead. mhtrtc and geogaddi seem to be the general favourites, so maybe pick one of those and run with it. but in all fairness, you can't go wrong with any starting point. they have one of the most consistent discographies i've heard. even the EPs are all really really good. which could be why it takes them a fucking eternity to release anything lol
  13. load of new twitter likes today too - if that means anything
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