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  1. Too right, I can't believe the store has been live for almost 3 years yet it still doesn't have Analord. It seems the perfect place to house all of Richard's Rephlex/out of print material. I wish he'd hire an archival assistant to fill that sucka up
  2. Yeah lovely tune that ^ I also have an old 3 hour greatest hits playlist that I'm super attached to. The tracks are in chronological upload order, and the flow is miraculously perfect. Every time I chuck it on it feels like I'm listening to the greatest album never made. I recently updated it by swapping out all the tracks that have since been mastered on the Bleepstore and elsewhere (Cheetah EP, Peel Sesh, Nina Kraviz comps, etc.) so at least a chunk of it sounds tastier now.
  3. gorgeous! don't think I've been this impressed by a tech demo since cryengine2, and that was what, 12/13 years ago?
  4. I like the tune, I like the video and I like the artwork. Pre ordered.
  5. usually nothing, too cringy. although this one time, exai was playing, the lady and i were doing the deed around the cloudline/deco Loc part of the record. thought that was pretty funny.
  6. I tuned in at a couple points tonight and it was the best autechre I'd ever heard ❤️
  7. Yeah love godspeed. Saw them live a while ago and almost cried. Last album was a little underwhelming though
  8. Yeah, there was another track in the dump that sounds like exactly the same setup too, but I forget the title
  9. I did my annual 'blast all of Analord from start to finish' sesh yesterday. I swear this series gets better with age. Would love a full repress.
  10. this is super lame but so fucking true haha his tunes have been there for me in all my ups n downs for most of my life.
  11. That would be glorious. Back in the dump glory days I swear he was uploading like 10 tracks daily.
  12. m11st is cool but prememory is the fucking daddy
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