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  1. 1. hell yes 2. why didn't they press the entire thing?!
  2. this project hasn't been on my radar, but that new track is superb. gonna have to check out the other singles!
  3. not that we needed anymore confirmation, but this is from the man himself... its a re-skinned bs2, I love this machine, MUCH easier to use with the functions written in the right place, sounds beautiful. I opted to make ZERO money out of this, just doing it for the love of putting awesome affordable tools out there into the world and extremely happy to help out an amazing company like Novation, very talented people working there. We also have something completely new designed from scratch planned but its a long way off but hopefully if this BS2 does well it can become a reality, it will b
  4. Bass Station II confirmed https://www.instagram.com/p/CGSbix_lsa9/
  5. theory time SIGN was premiered and made available a week prior to release, so that the announcement of the 'green album' this friday wouldn't overshadow it TOO much. there's also something on the SIGN packaging that suggests (or outright states) that a companion album exists, which is why norman aren't allowed to show the physical artwork yet (very unusual, but see below) nov 13 is a quick lead time from announcement to release, but if the album has been pressed already (according to that tipster) then why not get it out sooner rather than later?
  6. Yeah the Cassette EP is mega underrated. In hindsight it was a perfect transition from Women to VC, it has strong elements from both projects. I really enjoyed the Preoccupations self-titled record and it still holds up to this day imo. I quite liked New Material at first, but I got bored of it very quickly. I almost never return to that one now, other than a few individual tracks. It'll be interesting to see what direction they take next.
  7. Haven't got around to the latest Cindy Lee record yet, but it's on the list! The last one was really cool. But yeah, I think my favourite project to come out of that whole camp was the first Viet Cong record. What a fucking triumph that was. There were recent talks of Preoccs finishing up another album, I'm guessing it'll drop early 2021. The last one was quite disappointing (imo) so I'm hoping they redeem themselves with this one. A return to the raw sound, like you say, would be very welcome!
  8. I know right? Sounding like a Collapse/Tuss hybrid tune
  9. Companion EP would be nice, although I find it strange how Warp seem to have distanced themselves from all this hype. Makes me think it could just be a couple of tracks on the bleepstore and bob's your uncle.
  10. Top choice. Did you check out the rarities 12" that came out a couple weeks ago? Had some cool stuff I've never heard before, inc. a sick alt version of Group Transport Hall.
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/limmy-signs-tv-touring-tonight-22777856 Bit of a bummer, but if it keeps him sane I'm all for it.
  12. we've got a bs2 with afx mode and a monologue with afx patches and afx microtonal scales, so yeah I'd be disappointed if this is along the same lines
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