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  1. Anyone else find it mental/terrifying that the Soundcloud dump kicked off 5 years (half a decade) ago?
  2. Listened to this mix for the first time last week. Spicy as fuck, I love it.
  3. I feel I don't dig Thundercat as much as I used to. There's been absolutely no evolution in his sound and it all slightly bores me now tbh. Still, I'll probably check this once it drops.
  4. Absolutely banging Lord Jenkinson. Surprised that Warp are still putting out stuff like this in 2020 but I sure as shit ain't gonna complain.
  5. It's mainly gonna be pre-MHTRTC material, as I feel that was the pivotal moment where they honed in on their signature sound.
  6. I pretty much always tend to use Bleep or Norman. Great selection of records and solid customer service on both sites. I've heard a couple of horror stories regarding Bleep fudging up orders, but I've used them a lot over the years and personally haven't experienced anything like that.
  7. Just finished listening to the Manc set. Fuck me dead that was some tier 1 content. Plenty of unreleased afx lushness to boot, I sincerely hope this stuff gets released in 2020.
  8. The store launched with the field day LP, a few weeks after the actual festival. DFN EP took a while, like well over 2 years?
  9. I believe most of these are from the syrobonkers interview
  10. Oh yes let there be a book. Any details on this? I seem to recall a Japanese website casually mentioning it a few months ago. Fast forward to last week, Warp posted a photo of a popup stall (also in Japan) and it looks like said book is there at the front...
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