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  1. yeah, kai's tunes are way better. i really like quartz especially. the rest sounds like the shite they play at my barbers.
  2. it's calmed down now in all fairness, but the uk is a gaping shitehole so you may as well stay out there mate.
  3. yeah i read they he put a new single out, but i saw a thumbnail of the music video and was too scared to go any further i'm not quite ready to have mellon collie and machina's legacy diarrhakke'd over by corgan and the yes men
  4. that teaser track is pretty nice, but as others have said, his pop/r&b stuff is mega hit and miss so i remain cautiously optimistic about this record. also, the artwork is hilarious. i love it!
  5. saw 2 and drukqs reissues seem like the ultimate no brainer move for warp, especially in an era where their output has slowed down dramatically. there HAS to be something preventing it from happening. reckon rdj has shut it down? would he even have a say in doing so? he doesn't immediately strike me as a guy that wouldn't want his work to always be in print, providing someone else handles the bizness/logistics of it all. then again, i'm sure multiple labels have expressed interest in putting out analords, tuss, etc since rephlex folded, so why hasn't that happened either? all i know is that i massively regret not picking up a relatively cheap version of drux that i found around 10 years ago in a dingy little record shop 😞
  6. this is pretty much how i feel about it. 25% of the record is pure brilliance but the rest is very iffy. i reckon there are a few growers in there though, so i'll stick with it.
  7. still worth watching as it's canon and ties up a couple loose ends, but definitely go into it with the mindset that it's simply not as good as bb/bcs.
  8. caught a load of it on the telly last weekend. personal highlight was the avalanches, would've loved another hour of that. seemed like the perfect weather/setting for it too! yves tumor was decent, always thought his (recent) music was pretty anthemic so no surprise it translates well to a large festival crowd. also enjoyed metronomy's set, despite the fact that i barely knew any of their stuff going into it. fun songs, good live band.
  9. i'd rather an album, it's been ages since we got a long form afx release. but i'll take anything at this point.
  10. radio 6 is overall very good. i can't think of another popular station that caters for most audiences as well as that. where else would you hear squarepusher, outkast, black flag, aretha franklin and basinski back to back?
  11. nice! although i recognise half of this stuff from the mnlth demo tape. is it all old material?
  12. absolute load of bollocks some of the tunes are actually deece though
  13. my initial plan was waiting for the dust to settle and possibly grabbing it at a later date, but thanks to the intro price it'll likely be an instabuy. it IS kinda gross and hilarious how much mileage rockstar/take two are getting out of this one fucking game, but at the same time i really do enjoy it and i'm definitely willing to splash a few quid on some extra polygons and a framerate bump.
  14. yep, i also recall him making SOSW2 and AB6 playlists. someone must have archived the tracklists, surely? or do afx fans only hoard jpegs of his face?
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