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Donovan Hikaru - Kiosk Vibes [cassette edition] - (Tiger Blood Tapes)

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Very excited to announce that my all-originally composed mallsoft [a vaporwave micro-genre] EP "Kiosk Vibes" has been given a pro-dubbed cassette release version with an exclusive bonus track and bonus materials via new label Tiger Blood Tapes! 





Track 1: 







Here's a little mini-story I wrote that goes with the album concept/narrative:


Walking through mist and neon haze of the city's edge, you stumble through the promenade. Looking off into the distance as lovers embrace and families skip across the waterfront, you see the shopping district in all of its consumerist glory. You head toward the mall to buy last minute clothing items for tonight's date. You're not sure how this prospective person has been feeling about you, but you have a deep longing for them and are truly hoping it works out. Macys is just along the side of the entrance. It's getting late, so you start running... in slo mo of course, because you're the star character in some tragic, but quirky Sofia Coppola art film that only exists in your head. You're so intrigued by your own imagination and the story you create, that you end up lost in the galleria. You forgot to wear your belt with those jeans so you almost have to hold up your pants to keep them from slipping off as you make your way around the various now almost empty hallways of the mall. With soft echoes beyond the walls, you are running late, and you really have to pee, but you're lost in a trance from the dazzling atmosphere and your own hazy dreamy thoughts. You manage to shift your attention between your phone to check the time, the music that's playing, and the arrows on signs that will hopefully direct you to the department store... any department store that won't break the bank at this point. Your date texts you, and they are now asking you to reschedule for tomorrow night instead of tonight--a much more ideal time for you anyway. You smile, relaxed and calm, and when you look up from your phone, and notice you have a new text from your date. It says "Confession: I seeeeeeriously can't wait to see you tomorrow night. :D " You hold your head upright and look in a forward direction. You smile widely, feeling a giddiness take over the nerves in your body. Taking your time to respond, you read the text several times to really soak the feeling up. Looking around to make sure you don't look too silly in public, you walk to the counter. Realizing you have time to kill now, you buy some mint chocolate chip ice cream and dreamily consume it from the cone as you walk through the mall, treading around in a daze like some tourist from another planet. You realize you've ended up at the dark back entrance, opposite of where you came in from, where almost no shops exist except for that strange East Asian manicure shop and the information booth that says "Concierge," where no one seems to ever be working at. Walking outside, you notice the gigantic luxurious water fountain along the west end of the waterfront behind the mall. You throw a penny in and start walking along the boardwalk and through alleyways to find your way back to where you parked.

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