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Community Answers

  1. I've always assumed pre written choices or rules.
  2. Well yeah... but the thread is about linear vs non-linear...
  3. I must be deaf and retarded. This sounds great to me.
  4. Sam and Bob started with arpeggiators into arpeggiators and this is pretty similar. Successful complexity can come from controlling a few simple variables in an intelligent way.
  5. Jam, cut, remix. Overdub/layer if 'required'. Sounds, rhythms and composition to taste. Live play as much as possible. Play and taste is what makes your music yours.
  6. Fair. You may find something more 'interesting' but it doesn't necessarily make it the 'best' or your 'favourite'.
  7. H E D P H E L Y M Love a lot of his other work but there is something mystical/spiritual about this for me.
  8. flacid


    This track is fucking stellar. Particularly the 2nd half.
  9. They really are a great partnership. The right mixture of focus and experimentation.
  10. Thanks dude, really appreciate it 😎
  11. Thanks for listening! Go through phases of enjoying this type of composition and that they're pretty unique/difficult to replicate. I made the art for the album as well so pleased to know that it fits. There's a previous album in a similar vein if you're interested > https://midievil-records.bandcamp.com/album/perf-me
  12. Interesting, always thought Autechre were equally big on fucking up samples? I think the comparison thing is if you make good 'weird' music that has a tone, sound quality, personality and keeps your interest (whether rhythmic, timbral or melodic) then you're bound to be compared to Autechre.
  13. Without getting too wanky about it I think normally it's a comparison of 'palette' rather than having decent/interesting rhythms or melodies. Detuned synths with 808/606 samples recorded to lo-fi tape etc etc "Sounds like early AFX mate." A lot of the AFX 'copies' can't develop a track beyond it's initial idea. A lot of the Autechre 'copies' think that making an irregular rhythm makes it good. At the end of the day, most of the "Sounds like X" comments are just people trying to be nice about something they like.
  14. Could be a compliment. Could be an observation. Could be disrespect.
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