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  1. Yeah, it's a real shame. I love Korg and I know that you shouldn't go off the factory patterns but I didn't like any of the sounds coming out of it. I know it's not very progressive but I'd have been happy with a Korg MS20 drum machine with parameter locks (I'm sure this can be done already).
  2. This sounds way better than the new Korg abomination.
  3. Yeah, even playing with the software Synthi's are pretty fun. Like working with things where you don't know what the result is going to be.
  4. I like these songs a lot. The live playing gives a personal and 'real' feel and the ambiance reminds me of Kraftwerk.
  5. Personal favourites, Puppet Regime (Aphexian melodies) and Neo--Dada (some Boardsesque pads here). Always great to find new inspiration. Keep making tracks and developing that sound.
  6. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Thanks dude! The track had a similar ambiance to below so wanted to keep it simple, repetitive and live 'jam' the recording. I also really enjoyed listening to a specific loop of it over and over so wanted to get that across in the track.
  7. Intrigued... What did you GAS a bit over and it ended up amazing? For me. Yamaha CS Reface, very nice timbres and Elektron Cycles, very playable/jammable with the control all option. What did you GAS hard over and it ended up a major disappointment? Probably the Machinedrum. Never really connected with it but probably should have been more patient. Oh and modular, lol. Built 2 modular synths in the past (one for timbral variety and the other for rhythmic options) and although they were both good I never used them to their capacity. What do you regret selling? Monomachine... ๐Ÿ˜” - Not only because they're worth loads more now but the variety of the synth and loved the fact that you could find interesting sounds pretty much instantly.
  8. Love this about Autechre. I've got 50 tracks of theirs 'liked' on Spotify and Rae isn't in the list. That doesn't mean that anyone is wrong. Just means that there is different 'peak' Autechres for everyone.
  9. Thread: A groovy little biscuit! Quite like this one, new avenue
  10. Not to delve into the man's psyche to much but found it interesting how he discussed using music as a way to make friends when he was at school. Wonder how much of that has influenced their style and driven his search for novelty.
  11. I miss my Monomachine ๐Ÿ˜ž The best thing I've played with recently for jamming 20-30 mins at a time is the Elektron Cycles in CTRL ALL mode and reducing/increasing the probability level. Probably also wicked on the Elektron Samples tbf.
  12. I've always assumed pre written choices or rules.
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