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  1. It sounds and looks like utter shit in comparison with the DFAM 😆 I also can't stand the twat who does their videos...
  2. Roland cube is decent. Love sending things into an amp, especially if it has effects. Just gives a sound something different (not always good!) Recorded this onto a cheap field recorder via an amp, was after a Raime vibe > https://midievil-records.bandcamp.com/track/the-gloom-i (track is Rytm only in case anyone's interested).
  3. It's not so much that I thought the granular video sounded great (Although some of the textures were nice) but more the capability to do all sorts of weird shit with it. Sold my Mkii Rytm and bought a Digitone, DFAM and Wavestate. Will try and do a jam on the latter to show what I thought I heard when playing it (likely it'll be a load of shit and I just thought "Wow this is cool!") As an aside the DFAM is a very interesting machine. Not to everyones taste I know but what I like is how alive the machine sounds especially when you're purposely making a quieter sequence (ie. not generally the ones you'll hear on Youtube, I know, wow amazing insight, the Moog filter is decent...)
  4. Found this on my travels. Think it's a very deep machine.
  5. Played with one today and it sounds very Autechean to me... OBSix was also very fun btw and extremely easy to use.
  6. On a mission to find a sad drum loop. Sure there must be a sad, drum only, hip hop instrumental 🙂
  7. flacid

    The Tuss

    The Cuss - Death Fuck
  8. flacid

    The Tuss

    What ya gotta say about the tuss?
  9. Thanks for all your advice, really appreciate it. I'm now thinking that maybe the best idea is to clean out the Mac I have and get a new computer for work instead. I only plan to make music with it and maybe some streaming but nothing crazy. I'll have a think on it.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'm used to Mac's now but will likely look at a normal laptop as think the price point might be cheaper for a less 'cool' product? Looking at some of the Dell, 16gm ram. Maybe one like this > https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops/new-inspiron-15/spd/inspiron-15-5515-laptop/cn51206 or https://www.johnlewis.com/dell-inspiron-14-5406-convertible-laptop-intel-core-i7-processor-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-14-inch-full-hd-titan-grey/p5265848
  11. Hello friends. Was wondering if any of you have recently bought a new laptop/computer for music making and if so what did you get? I just need something that is decent for Ableton, running multiple plugins etc etc. I'll then keep this computer (Mac 2013, 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16gb) separate for work so that it doesn't die on me. Any help appreciated!
  12. Absolutely love tracks 1 and 6. Best braindance I've heard in a long time. Wish they'd go on for longer.
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