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  1. Good point. I did have a small (random) range in velocity before the pieces but they were purposely keeping the tone down. Will experiment with increasing the velocities to see how it sounds. I should probably just put velocity points in for the whole piece(s) and will look to do that in the future.
  2. I used the scale used by Aphex Twin in Strotha Thyne (Druqks) to create something a bit different. Let me know what you think. Also made these two recently...
  3. marhide reminds me of actress.
  4. 2 Rampant rabbits. One as oscillator, the other as LFO, recorded down my urethra.
  5. Retune > http://maxforlive.com/library/device/3068/retune-for-live Watch his tutorials. Used it on Monomachine (hardware) and Ableton's Wavetable. I also quite liked this quick and easy scale retuner > https://maxforlive.com/library/device/1741/zb-detune Another option is using a synth like Operator and making a large chain of them and setting them at specific frequencies per note. For example C3 = 253.4 hertz, D3 = 258.09 hertz etc etc. There is probably a tutorial on Youtube for this.
  6. Arturia Beatstep (1st version) is crap for controlling midi despite the 16 knobs that it has. Doesn't recall all the CC's, takes years to turn and barely recognises the movements that I make - I've tried updated the firmware and am going to give up on it (this could also be a computer issue because I'm trying to use quite a few effects at the same time...) Want to use it for live tweaking in Ableton. Looking for something decent that actually works. Was thinking... Killamix, Midi Fighter Twister, Faderfox EC4. Any recommendations?
  7. I'd never seen this before. Masterpiece.
  8. Fantastic. Followed. Keep posting dude.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/colundi-84/sd1431130320 https://soundcloud.com/colundi-84/sd1106130320
  10. Evening doods. Legitimately chuffed to release what I believe will be one of the best braindance albums of 2020. "Porbulation Gold (previously featured in our IDM VA album) has great skill in building up tracks in an emotive way that I haven't really heard since early Wisp. His musicality and ability to let the music flow into new and interesting areas sets him apart from his contemporaries who are often happy to create a few of loops and transition them with little care." We hope you enjoy this truly special album. You can follow PG here > soundcloud.com/thebilecoll
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