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  1. Has anyone read any Robin Cook? He wrote a lot of cheesy medical thrillers back in the 90s and 00s, and I kind of love them so far. The movies made based on them are even better, so Lifetime Television caliber lol.
  2. Leftover Angel Hair Picatta and some bread and pesto butter from our date night tonight at the Italian spot down the street. So good after blazing up and a few glasses of wine. 🙂
  3. Do you guys think Biden or any coalition forces will take any action?
  4. Love bodyline... Their instant images LP is still a favorite.
  5. What do you all think Richard thinks of his Polygon work? To me, it's so distinct from the rest of his stuff... And one I return too insanely often as it just never gets old. There's something spiritual for me with it I think. Of course most acid and hypnotic electronic music does this, but there's something extra hypnotic that draws me in. The tapey / dat saturation on the 808s, menacing pads, alien 303s, watery blips, icy hats. So alien and cold, but so warm and comforting. Fuck I could go on lol.
  6. Hey peeps, I don't typically post my projects in this thread (mostly just drop my originally composed Donovan Hikaru work in Vaporwave thread), but thought some of you might dig this dark ambient / IDM ish EP I just put out via No Problema - tape label out of Chile. A side shoot alias within my Donovan Hikaru project, original composition, and a very personal difficult release for me (made back in 2015 inspired by growing up with hypochondria and helping take care of aunt and grandparents and eventually lots of family drama and anxiety that occured around the time my grandma had strokes around the time she passed). Maybe the darkest thing I've done or even will have done, not sure. Needed to channel it somehow haha. By no means high production sound design level, just a diy bedroom release to get out of my head. Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks. Cheers, LV / DH
  7. Not gonna lie, youve just me realize I've had a slight subconscious crush on her every time I watch a press briefing lol So weird! Always wondered why I've been transfixed even though the Biden briefings are boring af
  8. That's like saying don't look at the person behind you! Haha
  9. No way guys, this is so shitty and sad. Poor dude 😕 He really seemed like a genuine and interesting person. Man it just feels like 2020 will never end sometimes.
  10. You NEW guys RELEASE are SPECULATION getting BASED me ON excited FACTS about WE this HAVE
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