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  1. Loving this too, and glad Spotify recommended Sea Watch to me, which is how I discovered the LP. Glorious buttery majestic orchestral jazzy minimal all at once! No shame in RDJ reference-dropping here either. Undeniable SAW II vibes for me with some of these tones and the reverb. I think of this as that sort of that rich academic "music destined for NPR to cover" vibe but with much more intrigue than their run of the mill "guy who bangs on pots and pans and records whales in New Zealand and uses AI to blend it together" or something. It's a future classic.
  2. Hot damn! Tx track sounds like the pads were made on his Cheetah synth... Has that similar muddled creamy tone... And he warbles it like from the EP too, so nice.
  3. How cool would it be if that happened and rdj allowed us to come up with / vote on a full on concept, cover art, title and group of tracks from the dump for an official (or non official) EP or LP?? (With his approval / collaboration of course) ... An open source concept of sorts.
  4. Haha thanks Josh! Anyone going to be at Electronicon 2 today/tonight?
  5. 808 State's Ninety, New Build, or Quadrastate ... Orbital's In Sides, Brown Album, Orbital 20... Acid house / techno with world elements, maybe jazzy, headtrippy, progressive... Thanks! Ps I remember hearing how RDJ thinks New Build is one of the best acid releases or inspiring to him or whatever it was. Can't disagree.
  6. Haha reminds me of something OPN would sample or recreate
  7. https://adhesivesounds.bandcamp.com/album/selected-moods "Selected Moods" - A choice offering of the smoothest Donovan tracks from 2014-2017, fully remastered, with new mixes and several alt versions. Limited tape + digital out now on Adhesive Sounds! Love, -The Watmm DH Office Update: On Spotify now too...
  8. Fuck yes! I don't know how I missed that... Going to be a good day today. #ab6 #latetotheparty
  9. Yeah an AMA would be amazing... I'll have to start organizing all my questions from the last 20 years and narrow down to my top 5. Lotta work to do. P.s. is ab6 a collection of SoundCloud dump tracks? And if so, did Richard compile that list??
  10. Ya know it's funny, the more I keep rediscovering his recent post analord work, the more I feel the same way. I used to long for the early days ... Of course I still can never get enough of it, but lately I've been more and more mezmorized by Analord, The Tuss, Syro, Cheetah, etc. It's just all so goddamn good. New Twin seems to have a creeping effect, it grows on you... Like you have to wear it in before you fall in love.
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