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  1. Poor buddy. I hope you feel better soon and also that you don't get abducted lol. My wife and I have been talking about this all weekend, as we discovered it on our way on a trip up north camping. Made for some great eeriness driving through middle of nowhere.
  2. Hey friends, long time! I'm excited to launch new artist/producer alias. Working on some singles and an EP, but in the meantime, kicking off with a monthly playlist series... More chillout and tropical than house here and of course purists are eyeroll on the first 1/3, but but wanted to share some recently discovered + classic tunes! Cheers ❤️ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5TZp0sCylwLXBVgcQODdYq?si=Tqoy6aw8QtWYfbsuRHsnhw
  3. Yup and it's only gonna keep intensifying while Russia continues to freely fuck us from behind with Trump's help and China's AI owns our souls lol.
  4. I'm convinced this is the rise of modern day fascism... Herds of stupid (and even many non-stupid) people believing dangerous propaganda and spreading their ignorance, putting lives at risk, in effect, systematically killing people all in the name of the dear leader's maniacal vision and science-denying fury, all while blaming a single group (the left) for the world's ills. We need to stamp this INSANITY out before these people go further, the situation we are in us fucked in every way. If Trump gets re-elected, there's no chance.
  5. My mom and her bf, both Trump supporters think it's real but way overblown and "lol" about flattening the curve and all that denier nonsense. Dad's the same way, emailing me articles and videos on the "corona hoax", etc. Several of my closest friends one of who is actually a nurse thinks the same thing and is complaining why can't we just open up everything already etc. Most of the employees at my wife's place of work are in the same mindset, and have stopped wearing masks (though she continues to wear it while outside her individual office). I've lost faith in humanity at this point. The family and friends of mine who happen to buy into the absurdity of this narrative are quite intelligent people. The fact that they can be pulled into this garbage infuriates me. I'm truly concerned for our country, our society, our globe. Fuck the virus or the economy... our problem is us humans, the Trump cult, toxic divisiveness, political chaos, social media propaganda, manipulated news... All of that is finally rearing it's ugliest head yet, converging, showing us the worst bits all at once... And it's poisoning us and paralyzing us faster than Covid, faster than climate change, faster than food shortage. Idiocy will be the death of us.
  6. Let's get a tik tok video going for the kids and make sosw viral!!! We can create a Quoth dance in a subway setting...
  7. Yeah, I've been thinking that everything about our global infrastructure going forward- whether it's industrial/construction (door handles), technology (think public touch / pin pads), medical, food and agriculture, pretty much EVERYTHING needs to change to take pandemics into account. In some ways, we are some steps ahead like with using facial recognition or voice and automated doors and lighting, but in other ways were many steps backwards. I think the future of our species will rely on these considerations when planning anything from here out. It's gargantuan of a change needed, that it's hard to fathom, and may not even be possible.
  8. My wife and I have been watching this as well, and are outraged. What Trump, Fox, and the conservative business owners who support them are doing by fueling a protest against this sorry ass excuse for "injustice" is absolutely maddening. This folks, is the worst he's done yet... Encouraging people to revolt against science and risk spreading a pandemic further to kill more people all in the name of him getting more circle jerk action from his base. This is like true dictator-from-axis-of-evil country level fucked up.
  9. So did this happen already 8 hours ago? I don't have it in me today to find a timezone converter. And we've confirmed it's nothing new, or that it glitched out anyway? Pretty excited to listen to the 6 new Aphex trks actually. Gonna go with the dog and wife for a little drive and put those tunes on for the first time while driving around some industrial complex area and admiring the generic architecture. Then come home and eat some frozen food. #covidlife
  10. Aww it's so cuuute how much more mature we are here on Pg 3 than back on Pg 1 when we were 12 yrs younger lol
  11. Yeah man, same. There are actually tons of music projects I could work on in the studio, and been inspired to come with new ideas and concepts, but just can't manage atm. Cabin fever making me edgy and gross feeling. All this news is getting to me. Hell went for a drive and the empty streets were just depressing. Went to a Circle K to get a quick snack and soon as the clerk though starting coughing his guts out, I put the iced tea bottle back immediately and walked out the door. Nope, no way. Just gonna sit on the couch, read coronavirus subreddit, binge watch prime and make tv dinners. What summer it's gonna be.
  12. Fair ... To each their own. I will admit though that there some weak points if both those LPs and it's in the noodling and experimentation of mostly the second half of each of them, I do often have to skip a few tracks there that annoy me, but the 50 perfect of those LPs that I really dog outshine those mediocre parts. What is it about A Hundred Days Off for example that you guys think is shite or whatever? Is it just cuz it's not as tech or dnb-core as their earlier work or just cuz it's fashionable to not like artists' later work? Sure those albums are a bit more accessible and catchy then earlier work but I actually think Underworld is a great example of an artist that doesn't get lame or tired sounding or slaving to make mainstream hits as they progress, unlike many electronic veterans I can think of.
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