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  1. Hot damn, that's crazy. I didn't think it could get better than the CD / wav version haha
  2. Oh wow, cool Ive always been a bit skeptical about exciters, will have to check out the plugin. Thanks for the tip! I'm always focused on trying to get good low end and body and all that, one can easily forget to still get those highs sounding exciting. Esp on the over-digital realm when we almost have to roll of everything above like 7k to keep it warm but yes exciters and things like that still do something very important.
  3. Really? I'd love to hear the vinyl, maybe I will have to plan for a purchase of that. How does it sound better in your opinion if you could describe the tone? So I just recently purchased Adam A7xs monitors, as a long-needed upgrade for my studio setup. I've been testing it out on various favorite albums... I put on the 24 bit wavs version of Syro and FUCK ME. That is some chunky goodness. I couldn't actually believe just how much mid lows and bass it's filled with. So thick I felt like the elements were hitting me in the chest. If you guys have the chance, listen to the 24 bit wavs through nice speakers that have enough low end. It's a treat!
  4. He should do a whole concept album on their gear where he uses only Aphex gear including an over-excess of Exciter effect on every track haha
  5. Only rdj can do this. Also this lp has slowly grown on me, discovering new things each time... It gets LESS old the more I put it on and is fresher each time... Kinda how drukqs was. Really amazing. Proves yet again to me he's ahead of his time every time. Imagine how Collapse will age. 🌹🌻🌼
  6. I've honestly considered buying any random Aphex rack unit just cuz of the name... Anyone actually bought one in tribute??
  7. Yes, cheers!! great mix as always, and hey thanks for that!
  8. Yeah I really love his work, discovered in my legendary swap mart vinyl crate I bought like 12 years ago (along with afx, autechre, soul slinger acetates, dj krush, lots of test pressings and deleted jungle stuff, etc.). It was Vakio sampler 10 inch. Some of the most blissful ultra-minimal stuff I'd ever heard. Very sad that he has passed. That Amoeba video is great, some of his fav lps sound really cool, definitely going to explore some of those composers.
  9. this is why I hate using public/communal restrooms. some asshole listening to me wiping my... asshole. FFS mang! Yeah it's a weird world. I once had a guy in our work restroom accuse me of taking a picture of him in the stall next to me simply because he saw my feet facing forward (opposite direction than sitting) cuz I was peeing. He went off on a long tirade about how I should use a stall for peeing etc. Bolted outta there asap and then he found me later as he recognized me by my shoes and was like "yeah I'm that guy from the bathroom". That was my welcome to the new office when I started working there.
  10. My wife wanted me to post this here on behalf of her: "I saw a squirrel."
  11. Hahaha I thought this thread was called "mudvayne's everyday occurances" at first glance... Should we make a thread called that too??
  12. good to see a master still going strong
  13. The bandcamp deleted one from 2014? I imagine if its not on slsk someone on reddit might have a copy there was a vaporwave archive for a while but i think it was mp3s only Most fitting format for the genre though imo haha
  14. Congrats! Thanks my friend!
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