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  1. At this point, I want new RDJ so badly, I'm even willing to believe some imposter putting out music under his name. Just give me something, this year has been awful lol.
  2. Hey kiddos... My buddy and I from our old hip hop / new wave duo formed a side project under California World we started 5 yrs ago but sat on the trax... Some DH spirit but w a twist. EP of Sample-less G-Funk chillwave vapor-rap fusion. Maybe somewhere between DJ Screw and Surfing 🙂 coming out Friday via Biz Cas. Will share more soon! 💕
  3. So much fun... Even though I love to keep the sources a mystery when I listen. But cool to reveal the curtain 🙂
  4. Hey peeps, My CRS 4 LP I've talked about for years is finally done and slotted for a tape release. I know I've been a little MIA, but the music goes on. A few new releases ready to get out actually which I'll post soon as well. For now... a super different (and originally composed as always) sound here. Hope everyone's been well and safe! ❤️ , LV / DH
  5. Totally, at this point I'll take anything the man wants to give us lol, this horrid year needs some Aphex therapy.
  6. Oh good gawd yeah!! Listen to the grainy detail on that acid line and the fuzzy highs in those drums on this mix. It sounds so alive. Hearing an alt mix from this release is like an AFX dream come true for me as AB3 is one of my top few fav releases of his. Mmmmmm, what a gift for 2020.
  7. Totally. What kinda stuff do you guys think he'll put out next? Still waiting for official SAW III lol
  8. Aww I hope this thread comes alive again at some point. It's so much fun to anticipate a new Aphex release with all of you little munchkins 😄 Wonder what rich is doing lately in the fury that is 2020, and how/what that might inspire him to create...
  9. Poor buddy. I hope you feel better soon and also that you don't get abducted lol. My wife and I have been talking about this all weekend, as we discovered it on our way on a trip up north camping. Made for some great eeriness driving through middle of nowhere.
  10. Hey friends, long time! I'm excited to launch new artist/producer alias. Working on some singles and an EP, but in the meantime, kicking off with a monthly playlist series... More chillout and tropical than house here and of course purists are eyeroll on the first 1/3, but but wanted to share some recently discovered + classic tunes! Cheers ❤️ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5TZp0sCylwLXBVgcQODdYq?si=Tqoy6aw8QtWYfbsuRHsnhw
  11. Yup and it's only gonna keep intensifying while Russia continues to freely fuck us from behind with Trump's help and China's AI owns our souls lol.
  12. I'm convinced this is the rise of modern day fascism... Herds of stupid (and even many non-stupid) people believing dangerous propaganda and spreading their ignorance, putting lives at risk, in effect, systematically killing people all in the name of the dear leader's maniacal vision and science-denying fury, all while blaming a single group (the left) for the world's ills. We need to stamp this INSANITY out before these people go further, the situation we are in us fucked in every way. If Trump gets re-elected, there's no chance.
  13. My mom and her bf, both Trump supporters think it's real but way overblown and "lol" about flattening the curve and all that denier nonsense. Dad's the same way, emailing me articles and videos on the "corona hoax", etc. Several of my closest friends one of who is actually a nurse thinks the same thing and is complaining why can't we just open up everything already etc. Most of the employees at my wife's place of work are in the same mindset, and have stopped wearing masks (though she continues to wear it while outside her individual office). I've lost faith in humanity at this
  14. Let's get a tik tok video going for the kids and make sosw viral!!! We can create a Quoth dance in a subway setting...
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