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  1. Haha thanks Josh! Anyone going to be at Electronicon 2 today/tonight?
  2. 808 State's Ninety, New Build, or Quadrastate ... Orbital's In Sides, Brown Album, Orbital 20... Acid house / techno with world elements, maybe jazzy, headtrippy, progressive... Thanks! Ps I remember hearing how RDJ thinks New Build is one of the best acid releases or inspiring to him or whatever it was. Can't disagree.
  3. Haha reminds me of something OPN would sample or recreate
  4. https://adhesivesounds.bandcamp.com/album/selected-moods "Selected Moods" - A choice offering of the smoothest Donovan tracks from 2014-2017, fully remastered, with new mixes and several alt versions. Limited tape + digital out now on Adhesive Sounds! Love, -The Watmm DH Office Update: On Spotify now too...
  5. Fuck yes! I don't know how I missed that... Going to be a good day today. #ab6 #latetotheparty
  6. Yeah an AMA would be amazing... I'll have to start organizing all my questions from the last 20 years and narrow down to my top 5. Lotta work to do. P.s. is ab6 a collection of SoundCloud dump tracks? And if so, did Richard compile that list??
  7. Ya know it's funny, the more I keep rediscovering his recent post analord work, the more I feel the same way. I used to long for the early days ... Of course I still can never get enough of it, but lately I've been more and more mezmorized by Analord, The Tuss, Syro, Cheetah, etc. It's just all so goddamn good. New Twin seems to have a creeping effect, it grows on you... Like you have to wear it in before you fall in love.
  8. Haha, from my favorite on top to least favorite on bottom... It's funny cuz AB4 is prob the most fun of them, but I just can't get passed the animal screams, I like his abrasive stuff but every time I think I can handle it, that one just assaults my ear lol
  9. Haha thanks, yeah I've checked that out a number of times and most of the SC dump. Totally mezmorizing. I need to explore the dump more (lol), it's just a bit overwhelming. It's interesting how we as fans and music consumers beg for music and when we get an unlimited amount of stuff poured at us for free, we still want more. But I will say as far as the buildup, and craving for a proper LP or EP, those SC tracks, amazing as they are, don't fulfill my album quench, as many are demos, different mastering stages/eras, and there's nothing (except the fan's efforts at) putting a blanket, concept and package around a set of tracks and releasing commercially it as a planned effort. All that said, if RDJ took 12 of any of those SC tracks that sounded alike enough, created artwork, and mastered them to level match and with similar tones and released it-whether I'd heard them in the dump before or not, I'd eat it up like candy lol Edit: also, for what it's worth, a large handful of the SC dump tracks are fucking purely magical and outstanding and deserve a proper release of some sort or video or EP or something damnit. To get lost in the mud is a crime. Also 28 Organ on Come To Daddy extras (that was part of the dump right?) is total bliss. Edit 2: whoa I actually just remembered Richard actually complied the sosw 2 playlist himself. Fuck me, I gotta re-explore that now haha
  10. In this order for me... AB3 AB 3.1 AB5 AB1 AB2 AB4 but man, ab5 and ab1 are almost tied for me, that was a tough one.
  11. Ya know what's funny, jrex, I almost prefer it that way- the lack of access to such a holy grail of an lp kinda adds to the Aphex mystique for me lol Fuck me , are you serious? I too have been dreaming about finding that bad boy, or even Quoth. Congrats on such a lucky find! Can you maybe describe how it sounds on vinyl to so many of us who have not been blessed with that fat gooey slab of SOSW energy?? Ya know one thing I love so much about that release- is the part on Track 1 that sounds degraded as if the tape was wearing out in that one spot for like a few seconds and then it returns back to normal. But man the tones and Dynamics on the whole album are unmatched electronic glory. How RDJ has worked those fatty saturated 808s and monosynths are just tasty beyond description. Goddamnit I'm fiending. Richard pls make an SOSW II 😣
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