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  1. You NEW guys RELEASE are SPECULATION getting BASED me ON excited FACTS about WE this HAVE
  2. First single from the upcoming DH full length... the LP is really more trip hop than vwave lol. Went a little grimey and minimal on this one but still rising ambience beneath. Huge thanks to the brilliant Tom Cochien (KoShrimp) for making the animation/video!
  3. Cheers to that and yes! Definite 90s TV surfing vibes too.
  4. Super chill, thanks for sharing! Loving this too, I feel like I'm 5 years old, half asleep on a trip across europe with my parents haha
  5. Nice Braintree! "Kudos... So yours hasn't started yet?" Yeah totally, Its fun to rediscover the same places much later. Cinematography is so rich in that film and it's cool to see some of the original locations as they are now. The scavenger hunt based on the film that I did a while back was such a blast getting to plant things in the original spots/scenes. San Fran has so many cool nooks and crannies and makes for a great film location in general. Believe it or not many of the locations were actually filmed in other parts of Cali like LA. Would be cool to visit those s
  6. And years later, CRS 4.0 finally about to see the light of day 🙂 Release date Feb 28 - cassette/digital Here's a little trailer I spun together ❤️ Anyone seen any good thriller flicks lately?
  7. New full DH length cassette out Feb 28th! 🙂 (Delayed from the Jan timeline)
  8. GUYS, WATMM CROWDFUNDER FOR FORENSIC LEVEL HARD DRIVE RECOVERY??? A Drukqs 2.0 at this point would kill the pandemic in plain sight.
  9. At this point, I want new RDJ so badly, I'm even willing to believe some imposter putting out music under his name. Just give me something, this year has been awful lol.
  10. Hey kiddos... My buddy and I from our old hip hop / new wave duo formed a side project under California World we started 5 yrs ago but sat on the trax... Some DH spirit but w a twist. EP of Sample-less G-Funk chillwave vapor-rap fusion. Maybe somewhere between DJ Screw and Surfing 🙂 coming out Friday via Biz Cas. Will share more soon! 💕
  11. So much fun... Even though I love to keep the sources a mystery when I listen. But cool to reveal the curtain 🙂
  12. Hey peeps, My CRS 4 LP I've talked about for years is finally done and slotted for a tape release. I know I've been a little MIA, but the music goes on. A few new releases ready to get out actually which I'll post soon as well. For now... a super different (and originally composed as always) sound here. Hope everyone's been well and safe! ❤️ , LV / DH
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