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my latest mix - sinking in


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New mix from myself - mostly techno/industrial but there is much for an IDM fan to appreciate; I'm particularly happy with how well the Vulva track works at the end of the mix.


01) Minced Oath :: Rainbow Rapids [Countersunk]

02) Max Durante :: Italian Decay [sonic Groove]

03) SCB :: Acid Bath [Hotflush]

04) Pearson Sound :: Starburst [Hessle Audio]

05) VSK :: Alias [47]

06) ASC :: Dissolve [Fracture]

07) Luigi Tozzi :: Binary Sunset [Hypnus]

08) Acronym :: Cleansed in Fire [Northern Electronics]

09) Versalife :: Manipulated Matter [brokntoys]

10) SHDW & Obscure Shape :: Augen Der Nacht [From Another Mind]

11) Kangding Ray :: Dotted [Candela Rising]

12) Exium :: Raw Visions [Perc Trax]

13) Rrose :: Specimen 3 [infrastructure New York]

14) Zeitgeber :: Totemism [stroboscopic Artefacts]

15) Vulva :: Cydonia [Rephlex]

16) British Murder Boys :: Don't Give Way to Fear (A) [Counterbalance]

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