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  1. Cheers ears. If there’s enough music, a few more mixes wouldn’t hurt. Got Friday off, so will rinse thoroughly, looks tasty.
  2. Is it over yet? Friday morning is gonna be feverish, heads will roll. The Remain tactical guide site shows the Tories could get a number of constituencies at home. Purest wtf....Bridgend could be going Tory, the ultimate irony statement given how much bs the region has been subjected to under various Tory govts I just hope that kids who are now eligible get out and help vote these fkn parasites out. They make Thatcher look, almost, sane by comparison, but it’s looking bleak.
  3. Try having a chef for a brother. They NEVER let you use their gear. Ever. All wrapped up in fold out leather wallet fancy-dan thing Got busted once using his filleting knife on fish, didn’t end well for the fish. Lessons in food prep are one thing, but only time spent with these tools gives you ingrained, rapid carving /chopping skills.
  4. would refer the honourable member to the thoughts of William Burroughs on this exact theme, see Invocation section from Cities of the Red Night:
  5. An old Huckaby alias https://www.discogs.com/Roland-King-The-Versatility-EP/release/23819 Bought it for this originally, but all 3 tracks are strong
  6. @IDEM try this on for size: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9652782/
  7. http://www.jliat.com/drones/drones.html
  8. Bebe Yoda looks like a fkn Gremlin extra when he closed his eyes, moved his raptor hand a bit & summoned the force I wanted to glass the cunt
  9. Safe as fk. These got alluded to in another fred a few months ago, the former is still schmokin’ & even though the latter has more filler, it still has some hefty aces: https://www.discogs.com/Underground-Resistance-Interstellar-Fugitives/master/783 https://www.discogs.com/UR-Interstellar-Fugitives-2-Destruction-Of-Order/release/588436
  10. Will dig into as a stress buster for the forthcoming election farce Gratefully appreciated.
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