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  1. The thing with hardcore coffee drinkers, apart from the grossness of the drink itself, are colleagues who live on it, then breathe that fkn rank all day coffee breath out. To make it top shelf disgusting just add 20-30 roll up cigs.
  2. My brother’s a Utd fan (the shame, all because he couldn’t take incessant Bluebird losses as a kid) and came round to watch the saints game. Equaliser went in so he launched his bag of beer tins out through the open patio doors. Scholes still thinks you’re top 4. The full Spursie effect.
  3. I can take or leave them. Some of it’s pretentious bs, but others are transcendental, bit like a noisier, more abrasive, dissonant H3O (with clear & obv differences). Put some of these tracks links up in the Noise thread before, but that’s a lot of hunting for a Sunday to repost.
  4. It’s because ok boomer was followed by a culling of the elderly, squaring the circle
  5. <- wonders if every Floridian man is a junky
  6. I’d take sad over broken glass lungs.
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