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  1. Serving everyone beans on toast this year. Going to spend all morning acting like a typical Christmas dinner is being done, but go all in with a big bag of crack and a gallon of bourbon behind the kitchen door. Rational self interest.
  2. Sergeant Shag reporting for duty. The best sex, very brave, navigating an ocean of disease.
  3. Imagine the same fool at Millwall. They’d still be stamping on his head tonight and that’s considered recreational. Idiot got off lightly there.
  4. Had a wank in confession a couple of times. I mean, they asked politely.
  5. United States Marine Brass Band got to it first.
  6. It’s very moreish x time x volume x trauma x culture. If you can understand detox, you can understand alcoholism. You have to taper with alcoholism (or risk seizures), or introduce tapered benzos as part of managed withdrawal program altogether. How does anyone get this far? See the above excuse for an equation. You don’t get this with cannabis, although it can trigger psychosis in certain users. You might not know of your susceptibility until you consume. You will get a proven lucidity of dreaming bounce-back too, but I’m sure most people would choose colourful dreams over psychosis. Pro
  7. Know your poisons, know yourself, act accordingly.
  8. https://www.cancard.co.uk/card.html
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