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  1. When the NHS farms off mental health services to the pvt sector (where just about anything is "legal") @ increasing levels &/or the average NHS in-patient period extending to 2 years, yeah it's knives & hammers forks all round. Conceding there's at least some form of public-access structure doesn't change illegal incarcerations These sort of scandals are now standard practice, but bcos of Brexit our psychosphere is instead being infiltrated by Boris Johnson & gods give me the strength to even type it Jeremy fkn Hunt. Things are gonna get worse nurse.
  2. The format & pressing were well worth the shekels for a mixed bag of tricks. £40+ already for a 2nd-hand (even if mint) copy will only rise further. The Crumb Tune included was Egyptian Basses minus/plus a few differing elements & there's enough previously unheard material to warrant an inner-completist dropping hard earned monies on a cd or digi format. If the vinyl isn't available there are options, although the ritual of unpacking new records & the subsequent snap-crackle-pop off the platter never gets olde.
  3. the impact of long term, inappropriate "sections" is all over the news currently, but then the news moves on & people forget working alongside advocacy services & with dignity of spirit in mind, the amount of schizophrenics who fall through the system is more of a concern, at least across these islands because of the outcomes for all concerned the NHS does epic work, but if that schizoid-personality is on/off meds because of a poorly constructed care-plan (if one exists at all) compounded by appalling supervision, self-medicating w/hundreds of £ crack a day, rampaging in pubs, manipulating vulnerable people, crossing your path one dark stormy night, it's a different world of outcomes Anyone can challenge a diagnosis, but Britain's "services" are borderline medieval & fucked at every level, the pharmacology Kesey-esque & the charitable sector well-meaning but doomed to ineffectiveness from underfunding
  4. Andrew mf Liles talks shop:
  5. Sutcliffe Jugend (accent can gtfo) - With Extreme Prejudice. Quite an experience. How this all came together marrying brutal distortion, drops into seemingly out of place harmonics & tales of abuse somehow works. Lastly, it has a truly unsettling sleeve that creeps me out just as much as the audio:
  6. Child free flights should be optional at the very least. Every time I get on a plane there’s some wee cunt puking/shitting/snotting up the gaff, while surrounding adults do those collective noises/gestures of “aren’t shit-reeking kids covered in mucus soooo cute!”.... no they ain’t love, stfu, go to the bog & change its bastard kegs like normal parents do. Nut free flights should be compulsory however: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-48675863
  7. Cover your lap with a newspaper, then underneath this Just flop your flaccid lad out, slap it around a bit to get some wind in it, then when the therapist proceeds with the session lift up the newspaper to reveal your 3inch wonder. Alternatively, send her flowers at her work address from a local florist with notes containing the exact same inane waffle you’ve typed here, bring a home-made lasagne you compiled out of stale semen and boiled onions just for her at your next session, follow her to her home after she finishes work as a “surprise, it’s love” surprise, masturbate furiously in the shadows while staring agog at her through a window while she watches tv at home, break into her home naked (except for a balaclava and a sandwich), then while she’s asleep wake her up and tell her exactly why you feel so much for her while standing over her simultaneously holding a semi-erect penis in one hand and either a firearm or axe in the other offering her the sandwich as a token of your feelings and to diffuse any tension, thence tell all of this to the judge at your trial that you were coercively controlled by online voices manifesting in yer bonce. Sorted.
  8. "...so youse are sayin', when you tweak a lady's nips like this their wee panties flood? Make no bones, says sweet fuck all about that in the good book, but.... around like this youse were sayin'?"
  9. fully aware of that, however: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=chris+packham+springwatch+clothes&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj0_IT41OviAhUPTBUIHfvzCXEQ_AUIECgB&biw=1366&bih=604 plus: https://www.chrispackham.co.uk/chris-packham-clothing The new North Face? Would Terry Nutkins don these psychedelic monstrosities?
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