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  1. Just cue up a Warp30 playlist, it’s a Sunday after all, put your feet up, roll a number if you’re that way inclined, do some gardening, write a memoir, write a grimoire, write a no lube sexual battery encounter as per while Richard H Kirk plays in t’background, buy everything RHK’s released, make a mix of RHK gems & i’m all in (with the latter).
  2. How are your family doing? Healthy? Chilled? Relaxing over Sunday dinner prep? Something you wouldn’t wanna experience being fucked with by lengths on here, agreed? Then, unfortunately for you, some tool on here is more than apable of curling one off on all that. Think about the ramifications of that & if yer an orphan or estranged, apologies. WATMM will only die if self anointed used tampons aren’t called out on their actions. Hypocrisy and the epitome of the Spiralised gimp. You wouldn’t last 30seconds in person with my wife, repeat that bollix you’ve repeated here on & on and she’d arm bar while you were busy stroking your own ego. Cue mod ban...you hide in packs, you operate in packs and you seem incapable of anything beyond that.
  3. @hello spiral Thought you were “out”? How about we take this to your podcast? Free this end from Aug 1st. Oh wait hang on, you’re a desperate, bitter, angry, conceited, needle-dicked cyst. Lemme pop that, like rice crispies. @KovalainenFanBoy - of course, how could I be so relentlessly thick questioning you, your conduct &/or your intentions. If you apologised for owt, must’ve missed the memo. Just realised you might actually be legally qualified to drive from Kova ref. Surely the car has an automatic gearbox. Sad as fuck bois, sad as fuck. That cunt w/10 posts even has to keep logging in & out to spray excrement too. It’s ok, you can just keep following each other’s replies up w/lol/flol/hit a reaction button, etc, on & on.
  4. You’re a primo candidate too, fucko
  5. Given the threat contents, your prose & that of various others, it’s pretty fkn obvious who the offenders are. So, sense? Gtfo, you patronising toad. Adios, sorry, vamonos, or whichever you prefer half-soldier.
  6. @hello spiral Try harder. Et repeter, encore! Would you blame someone for reporting that behaviour? Nah you’d mince about a virtual world egging cunts on to do more. Was it your other half? Nah, you were too busy bickering with her too. Pathetic. Invites have been purposely ignored for a reason. See the cocknoscienti’s behaviour here & elsewhere for your answer. Now scurry off & groupmind a brainstorm, there’s a lambkins.
  7. Awaits attempted reboot of new genre so all the fan bois can circle jerk over their cat pics. @chronical cats are cute, but the missus is allergic to them, we inherited that JR off me Ma, if u don’t walk him twice a day they eat your shoes. And you know how women & shoes can have quite intimate relationships.
  8. Those tapes aren’t gonna sell themselves, crack on mate
  9. Unfortunately, this. The cocknoscienti. The Wild Boys. Intellectuals, you know, above any riff raff & hoi polloi peasantry Self-imposed, self-serving, grandiose, bitter at life, make a cassette label & trudge round record shops type hoping to catch the staff eye & hawk itself & then tells folks to kill themselves. Trust me, he wouldn’t be so obtuse in person, poor upper body strength hence more likely to indulge in attempted gang rapes, with atrophied raptor-like arms from ltd keyboard exercise. We could go on... Keep playing to the gallery savants. Or make a podcast about it. So many options... You’re a disingenuous, shit-pot stirring hypocrite & yes, a self-important child with one of the most over-developed, intellectually snobbish mindsets i’ve experienced any where. To some you’re prob a bit of a novelty - English, clipped accent but a bit of a rebel, at the very very cutting edge of progressive thought & culture, indisputable tastes whether high brow or kitsch, but *sigh*, i’ve seen dozens of your breed & social typology hanging round tune shops over the years, desperately trying to maintain hip-ness, an identity so tightly coiled & crafted around your own self importance that your insecurities with sustaining all this are projected out on to people who have an alternative point of view. Don’t you at least have some ambient worth posting that no-one except you knows about? Talking bs in whatever chat room is all well & good until your missus reads anonymous death threats directly inspired by chatmm dunces egging each other on w/shenanigans until....”oh it was none of us, honestly, smirk”. Causation or corollary? So crack on, old bean, but don’t bring the lost possibility of laurel peace wreathes & forgiveness into it, you ain’t Jesus ( sandals aside).
  10. think Spiral might've shot a load tbh middle brow shit, if you know better, errrm, don't go there
  11. parenthesesesses (or to boil down for you), you're a shit stirring hypocrite, you're ruining this place, along with a few others, slowly, the numbers might indicate one thing but you're fkn toxic you need a change of job, the ultimate gate-keeper role is weighing hard on you you asked the question, you wanted an answer, you got one, which is a shame because there are some cracking threads here, the ambient thread alone is gold project what you want in the mean time, your antics are the stuff of digital legend with a legacy worthy of your status, wouldn't want to interfere with that
  12. if only eh, that Killing Joke collab is savage
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