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  1. Real time pineapple disgust adjustment.
  2. Cut & dried then. They’re just being good patriots. They must be happy to have you as a spokesperson. Possibly the most absurd post itt so far. And from a Stasi angle Humanityhood!
  3. Fisher was an outstanding thinker & writer. Land is, was & forever shall be a sociopathic kook, who considers organisations like the O9A "fascinating". Try not to give Zeff such easy outs.
  4. Yes & there were no purges or gulags or mass murder prior to wwii either were there. To be frank youth, the idea of your revolution is like my kids playing with Lego - eventually it all falls down if it even gets built at all - strewn around the floors to inevitably be stood on awkwardly @chenGODread the charts!
  5. Most of these are pants, but there are enough intriguing ones to dive into https://www.ubu.com/sound/occult.html
  6. When the so called answers come as dismissive, half arsed conundrums about water supplies and IT infrastructure (while cap tipping to a brutal totalitarian regime), you gotta ask a few pertinent questions regarding how that position enfolds in the real (as opposed to idealised) world. Lol at your cartoon in that respect, but thanks for the effort, Mel Lyman had more nous.
  7. You could always, you know, move there. Wonderful air quality, fuck all pollution, all the organ harvesting stories are propaganda and maybe you could teach in one of those very friendly re-education camps. Spread the love nahmean.
  8. They get free water and an IT infrastructure so they don’t have to long division on paper?
  9. Wait, North Korea’s problems are vast, not sure this organ-harvesting state sure looks so swell from here. Is it all down to the Axis of Evil pariah outlook? Would you donate your kidneys at gun point? A perfect form of self-organising humans could be so cool maaaaan, but theory and practice are entirely different when it comes to large scale systems, particularly Left-Communism. Good luck with the revolution though, elbow bumps, but ask the committee chairman to at least hold the reins 70B2B279-7FEC-4DDC-8FF8-A0B44F190250.webp
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