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  1. fuck no, but given how cats are venerated among so many why not have a big fuck off one
  2. Hash Master https://frenchycannoli.com/about
  3. A chronology would help to the uninitiated. S.A.W. probably means different things today than when it was released in 1992 when there was nothing else like it (see Weatherall’s shift in mix set lists around the same time as a parallel). @headplasticWhere would you place an act like Coil?
  4. https://dj.dancecult.net/index.php/dancecult/article/view/268
  5. And a beard he’d snack from. That’s gangster.
  6. 2nd bite with old tracks & blends aimed at dissonance, disorientation and restitution through rhythm for extra-dimensional swing.
  7. Mr Twit was the o.g. neck beard
  8. do you do this to your balls?
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