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  1. Turn off, tune out, drop inward.
  2. Juggling a dozen plates, will check in with youse dirty Dubs asap.
  3. Don’t have the time to go thru 40 pages to find if a repost
  4. @Alcofribas and a balding ginger. soz to the baldies for the association here.
  5. Sat & worked in the sun most of the afternoon from the garden, which was nice. Monday curry leftovers for lunch, damn that munch just gets better the longer it marinades, then found a stash of Magnum ice things in the back of the freezer stashed by you know who you are wench. Hoping a mate who works for the NHS gets the drive-thru COVID test being set up in town pronto. That would be a big relief for his brood & family. If we ever want a decompression lol to process shifts & work horror, he’ll anonymously regale tales of bodily fluids run amok among the diseased and the dying. Makes you appreciate what you do have during our brief tenure here.
  6. @Alcofribas - Wasted on the sexual transgressions of gingers.
  7. There’s some chatter elsewhere about the provenance of Salt & the Horse Hospital release. Included it with A Missing Sense & Beware the African Mosquito (Blue Lacuna mix) on this, with TPS & Andrew Liles odds n sods
  8. He’ll arise like a mythical hero from being clinically dead back to being a fat fuck, but with added hubris like a Tory Harry Potter. Nothing will change, other than Raab’s eyes indicating a level of increased psychosis & frustration. So near, Dombo, so near.
  9. It's the psychic & architectural equivalent of Steak-umms.
  10. looks like this, from a cub-scout jamboree near Stoke in 1981, faded but going strong
  11. One of the first nights in the US was spent in Atlantic City, jesus what a dump. Checking in saw a 20stone bloke who was 50% Big Pussy from the Sopranos & 50% walking Diadora sponsor. What is it with that type of shit leisure-wear btw? Thought Liverpool had the monopoly here. Ceiling of the hotel had discoloured, damp looking patches on, minging whiff of stale cigarettes even on the bedding. Turned the tv on while ex had a shower & Joel Olsteen's Sunday service thing came on. Couldn't believe what i was watching. His face, that absolutely unhinged grin that never stopped for the duration i could endure seeing it. Slugging For Jesus by Cabaret Voltaire was my previous default reference for tv evangelists & they were spot on. Seeing it in that room though was the perfect storm of Lynchian strangeness. Went downstairs to play Blackjack. Got drunk on free, watered-down bourbon & lost $100 slowly getting distracted by spoilt brat/sociopathic ex & a clan of Hasidic Jews arguing the next table over. Happy days.
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