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  1. Note to self, drop some Rupert Sheldrake next time.
  2. Fiction can be fun. It doesn’t have to be “right”, that’s the point. Conjecture as narrative. The books cited are a better source overall. He’s not arguing for panpsychism, rather non-dualism which touches on a huge range of phenomena. I mean all those Esalen folks were off the deep end. We need a certain quota of zee crazies to counterpoint the ultra-rationalist likes of Dawkins et al. Even materialism has its limits of comprehension given our current understanding of physics, hence circling back to consciousness itself & the intersections between science & religion. Why not study these realms? Anthropology & neuropharmacology do it every day. Even if the pod was poorly presented and a bit wank (which we agree on), the subjects discussed aren’t ie the role of imagination.
  3. His book is fun with debatable levels of shit, ie UAP’s as the part of imagination that shows up on radar. Bits on consciousness as a double mirror, cites The Master and His Emissary on brain hemispheres a bit and how strokes effect them (not just in relation to bilateral movement loss).
  4. https://whatmagicisthis.com/2020/12/22/the-luminous-mind-of-jeffrey-kripal/
  5. This tournament it's slowly, palpably, evolving into borderline hysteria though. Since the Germany game. Foul. Even Bristol, which exists under a permahaze of weed, is fevered. Very regrettable. Hopefully, all shall be shit & grey again in a few months. And none of those degenerate Mancini jackets either. (good to see GL Vialli healthy & well)
  6. They were too busy enabling Ted Heath in Jersey
  7. We were shit, leggy & met a team who were anything but. At least Bale had the dignity to walk away when asked in interview about his future. Would love to bet against Inglan, but can’t call the German game, too close. Portuguese & Belgians win highest rate of shithousing in a game so far.
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