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  1. Far out. London had a thing y’day with these, as you stated, mostly middle aged types, screaming officialness, entitlement and plain narcissism at anyone who’d listen. We already had David Icke and Jeremy fucking Corbyn’s freak of a brother grandstanding previously. Apart from the default “twats” thought reaction, it mirrors other counter lockdown protest which look like a Coronavirus Petri dish. Complete gimp fest. I thought it was a UK thing with Brexit, but coronavirus has tapped into a rich, deeper seam of collective madness.
  2. I’d have a go at one of these but......but.........no. Look at it, Reminds me of Nigella L’s meatzza as an atrocity against food
  3. Yeah I was shooting the shit maaaaaaaaaan.
  4. So, so dull, even for that shower of shite.
  5. You fuckin what mate? (Not you @ignatius)
  6. You’re old enough to know this is a thick as fuck position to fall into. It was a commercial success because LFO were so damned good and, drum roll, acid house. At the time I never considered that a deliberate aim of LFO, more an accident of fate. Insinuating it was a pop nod is complete bollocks. There could be what’s known as a dub of this track, sitting in a vault somewhere, but we’d have heard it by now. Maybe contact the artists with this question, come conundrum, and see what they think.
  7. Neymar shithousing as per, Coman was outstanding though. Couldn’t quite believe he got subbed so early. Was going to bet on Bayern by a goal, then didn’t, twat.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jun/15/scientists-say-most-likely-number-of-contactable-alien-civilisations-is-36
  9. My son playing the recorder, clearly.
  10. cwmbrancity

    Brexit :(

    can see Johnson seeing that as some sort of warped challenge
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