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  1. Phil Legard - Spiderlight David Gordon - Hyperdrive Space Engine and Control Room Stuart Dempster - Standing Waves 78/87 Craig Kupka - Trombones Of Lithia couple of Andrew Liles behemoths, info asap Rhythm Devils - Cave The Sabres of Paradise - Chapel Street Market 9am Photo courtesy of Oscillik
  2. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=0cLNXsOdI4O3gwfQg7GwAQ&q=trapped+on+the+wire+by+his+bollocks&oq=trapped+on+the+wire+by+his+bollocks&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzoCCAA6BQgAEIMBOgQIABAKOgYIABAWEB46CAgAEBYQChAeOggIIRAWEB0QHjoECCEQFToFCCEQoAE6BwghEAoQoAFQig5YxbgBYKW9AWgDcAB4AIAB1QGIAbs3kgEGMC4zNS4zmAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpeg&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiDysnP8tLpAhWD2-AKHdBBDBYQ4dUDCAg&uact=5
  3. Have you been to the West Country in Ingerland? They’ve got incest down to an art form, just add the Plymouth Brethren, or Fred West in a hat from the 1600’s.
  4. i love me a big ass, but thems some uuugly, mishapen, god-forsaken flesh acreage
  5. nah heroin is misunderstood, it's just more-ish while the Walking Dead is cultural & existential oblivion
  6. Not really, cos of condoms & belligerent sti's, the original prophylactic form of social distancing Hang on, fk, Jews & Palestinians? Put condoms over gun barrels. Nobel Peace prize imminent, thanks, yes owe it all to this thread, sorted
  7. Pretty (possibly) sure draught cans of the black stuff have a widget thing in the can, which mimics the pressure flow or something of pints on tap. So, the can can’t, get me? It’s not the can’s fault, it’s science. Besides, the correct way to drink Guinness (outside the old country) is Foreign Extra, in half pint doses like every civilised Caribbean exile knows 😉
  8. People look at high profile cases as a conspiracy, when the banality of paedophile evil continues unabated & unchecked in care homes for children, in families, in tourist hotpots & oh yeah the good ol' catholic church globally. Why focus on conjecture, when the every day reality shows how complicit society is when it comes to safeguarding the young & vulnerable. For every epstein victim, there are thousands more unreported, unseen & apparently unworthy victims of childhood sexual abuse. Context. Does anything ever change? As much as the epstein case horrifies & as much as a figure like prince andrew shit grinning waves at soiled, departing maidens from the home of this perpetrator causes shudders, a savage like bishop pell walking free shows justice is an illusion & twitter "outrage" dilutes actual agency. For every Nassar, dozens more are consigned to the shit heap. Ohhhh-o what a wonderful world
  9. The cunt 2 doors up who decided lockdown was the exact moment to start drilling up a concrete monstrosity he plastered over the entirety of a might fine garden a few years ago. 7 days a week, 8am til 7:30pm. If he had some basic manners & spoken to us & other neighbours directly i'd have offered to help gratis, but nah, just start on a Saturday morning out of the blue. Have headphones on & can feel the drilling through this table as i type. What in the name of fuck, cunt is a weekend away from a more direct, physical intervention.
  10. Indica, occasional Sativa, or the middle ground with a hybrid like SAGE (Sativa Afghan Genetic Equilsomething)
  11. Had similar experiences from high levels of morphine & crushed, mangled bones. One night could’ve sworn I’d turned into a human kite, flying above Southmead off my tits on meds, except for all the tubular tethering. You never forget that shit. ICU’s are brutally noisy too. Constant alarms, people screaming in pain, weird silhouettes you understand are human, but very demonic. Brrrrrrrrrrrr., Jacob’s Ladder is for amateurs.
  12. 😉 Mad time capsule plots, finding a jazz mag. There was a printer in a local industrial estate where I grew up that was built around & on top of all the old coal shit. Drift mines mostly, tunnelling into mountains horizontally, pockmarked with abandoned workings. Every so often a dog walker or jogger would run through a puddle & plummet to their deaths. Anyway, this gaff would regularly dump misprinted magazines in their skips. Top drawer mags like Escort & Fat And Pregnant. Those were the days, but looking back you wonder if it was a pedo honey trap, I mean, those fall deaths couldn’t all have been accidental.
  13. Only a Jack Russell could maintain like this
  14. Mint is so versatile. We’ve got an apple tree with blight & think it may have spread to roses & hostas. Not a lot of rain either for a cuntry usually drowning in it. The fruit is delicious, at least a dozen pies last year, you almost get used to the bounty. Given it quite a brutal pruning, so no fruit this season’s yield, just hoping we can save it. Good excuse to get out, let the head breathe & draw the insects in for the last of the spring blossom. Chilling with the illing.
  15. American Graffiti - been a while. Gotta love the cars, even if there’s a thick slice of cheese in there too. Retro fit nostalgia from 15-20yrs ahead of its subject matter, eg Quadrophenia, Dazed & Confused. Phogot the ending biographies, wicked tunes though.
  16. have no idea, just love to blend the end results
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