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  1. You would’ve bought more drugs 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 .....
  2. Made a splash when emerging but that’s been quite a while now. Laughable prices for the first few pressings, just look at discogs. Frustrating overall. Capable of genius & dross in equal measure. Respect the influences, I mean every release’s template is like an early 90’s house soundbite, so they can have all the constituent parts retro-analysed which don’t always add up holistically. Retro-stasis?
  3. Our current vaccine models will be redundant if the acceleration of variants continues. Even if we design a vaccine based on omicron b5, by the time of its rollout new variants will have emerged. Unless a serious immunotherapy or prophylactic breakthrough emerges, we remain mired in unsustainable models.
  4. My brother had something very similar symptomatically. Went to audiology, got a query-possible meniere's disease diagnosis because his balance is wobbly in phases (not all the time). Can’t drive, which compounds work access but I think the consultant was reaching with meniere's as a diversion away from lengthy long Covid clinic queues. Long story short, he got a long Covid referral after months of being bounced round irrelevant depts that wanted to help but couldn’t. What happens next is anyone’s guess.
  5. Can picture an ex finally exploding in an event over too much mayo just like this, rounds cracking over worktop counters, screaming gammon-faced Karen harpy with an AK kicking off.
  6. https://platform-23.bandcamp.com/track/diary-of-a-nobody
  7. It’s easy to judge innit. Fair dinkum.
  8. Playing with taboo themes of transgression was a big chunk of the entire industrial schtick & borderline reason for being, from TG to CV hacking control, all the way through to more recent electronic releases eg https://www.discogs.com/release/320409-Thighpaulsandra-With-Siôn-Orgon-And-Martin-Schellard-Rape-Scene Speculation doesn’t help but..... It goes deeper - in this example degrees of underage flesh being displayed were provocatively overt. Massive Coil, TSP, Burroughs & Genet freak & within this cohort a few have had an open predilection for boys of adolescent age. Boys, not even lads. Thailand, Tangier, take your pick. Places of exploitation & sex tourism. Sleazy said he liked the rougher, older criminal psychopath type too, for a balanced perspective (pardon pun). TSP has written about adolescent sexual development as a theme that should be open for discussion/debate & artistic exploration. There’s room for these processes even if they’re exceptionally delicate areas of existence & experience. Problem is they’re often prone to abuses of power & coercive control. Consent is a slightly different conversation & I say that as a parent. How is this a position of ignorance? Speculation is almost irrelevant when folks are dead & unable to represent themselves but the vid posted is a few degrees over the line imho. Without prefectural procedure, you couldn’t release a vid like this today. You may well encounter & view legal frameworks as historically biased, weighted heavily against specific sections of society, with societal edges healthy realms to explore artistically too. Cool. I don’t see any homophobic bias here either. Teasing out the nuances when certain oeuvres purposefully override nuance as part of their aesthetic drive can be complex, eg TOPY hoarding samples of teenage bodily fluids followed by illegal seizures of archives & threats of prosecution (GPO). In the meantime, anyone can cum on Thighpaulsandra: https://www.thighpaulsandra.co.uk/store/p13/"Cum_on_Thighpaulsandra"_towel.html & Rosa Mundi, a Balance collaboration with Rose McDowall for balance:
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090521/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077060/?ref_=tt_sims_tt_t_1
  10. should read as “the contexts within which these discussions takes place matter”, yagetmeh. triggered? been reading Trump Jr again? wholesale inappropriate antagonistic rubbish. only person who “presents” as triggered is you mate. you went from reasonable to condescending in half a gear change. appropriate name, agent of Satan, enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!
  11. flu hasn’t been anywhere near as disruptive though, has it. there aren’t the rates of rapid reinfection either. flu jab efficacy is lower too, round the 60% mark. jury is out on John Campbell. read criticism he wasn’t a proper consultant but he’s like a Sgt major who, through a lot of toil, rose up through the ranks. his target audience is glued to the Ukraine crisis now anyway. he’s been on the nose & miles off in different contexts. managing endemic viruses in similar ways? don’t see that - the rates of Covid mutations of concern differ vastly from flu &, with large swathes of the world immunocompromised, this pathogen still has plenty of potential for actual concern. how govts & healthcare systems respond is another matter.
  12. Acute Respiratory Disease & long flu is linked, not across multiple organ sites & less common. Eg paper on post-infection effects of influenza h7n9 in 2017. See age range (patients mostly elderly), focus on lung damage, minor segment on heart fibres and subsequent community reactions compounding effects on mental health: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-17497-6 Different viruses, different severity of outcomes.
  13. Pls, not too fast agent of Satan. Btw, tell your boss I think he’s just misunderstood. Don’t wanna piss on Satan’s parade. Next work sick day excuse sorted ? Covid is proving that, unlike flu, its specific virus strains have caused micro-clotting incidents across multiple major organs across millions of people. Ages, cultures, every point of difference. That’s a significantly different presentation to post-viral “fatigue”. We have elite athletes who are completely fucked from it. Can’t compete, multiple symptoms like cognitive impairment, not from age profiles where you might expect greater risk. Anyway, don’t forget to put a positive word in with your Chief of Command, cheers!
  14. Neither colds or flu end up as long-Covid. More exposure to heavy viral loads can still result in rapid reinfection. More exposure to heavy viral loads equals more healthcare workers with long Covid, as an example. I get where you’re coming from about trying to live with this thing but it’s far from certain what the future holds. The NHS has thousands of open vacancies & yet we wonder why we can’t fill them (long as fuck hours, massive stress, underpaid salaries & working within fragmented services).
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