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Arturia Spark LE


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Anyone got Arturia Spark LE? I got it like 3 years ago. I think its cool but 1 I couldn't register my software. Tried multiple times but without joy. Then later they brought out iSpark for the Ipad which meant I could use the software with the controller on the ipad. Anyways ispark has been abandoned now. I think Arturia really need a kick up the ass as they just don't seem to care. :-(

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This seems to be a common thing with all manufacturers - release some piece of plastic and make sure that a bunch of people buy it. There's no money in it for maintaining - let alone improving - the software because they get no money from used sales. Even worse, because the company is interested in selling their newer product, they focus on only that, which means all the older stuff gets no attention.

Ideally it should be so that the software gets updated and becomes better over time, but that usually requires paying competent programmers and all that stuff.


On the other hand I should not be the one to complain, I almost never want to pay for software, so it is no wonder that companies have to chuck out physical pieces of shiny to get my money.

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