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  1. OK, I got inspired by this thread and set up a tumblr for our livestreaming project with @TubularCorporation. I wonder if it will embed in a cool way. https://tlchrgr.tumblr.com/post/662657249850933248/live-stream-22-20210914
  2. Twitter is a little bit too much doomscrolling (i.e. an endless stream of pointless arguments and bad news you can do nothing about, except join in and scream into the void), and to top it off they have recently started to nag you with a login screen so if you want to view stuff without getting an account you are in for a shitty experience. This forced login bit has got to destroy any kind of "discovering music-art-things online" vibe. Personally I have been thinking of setting up a Tumblr or a self hosted clone to just post soundcloud embeds and maybe some animated visuals every once and a while.
  3. Yeah but the Oculus stuff is married to Facebook, and this taints it unimaginably in my opinion. Honestly, I have not tried modern VR headset stuff practically at all. I guess I am kept away by the impression that I need a high end gamer PC for it.
  4. When I say "figuring out your set up" I mean googling things like "what type of RAM goes into this ASUS motherboard" and trying to understand which CPU-GPU-RAM-motherboard-case-PSU-cooler-cooler paste-LEDs-cables combination you need in order to get the best value for your money. It's a good way to spend your time, because in the end you'll learn a lot about PC components and what to look for and how to troubleshoot any hardware/software driver issue that you may encounter. However the research and learning process takes time, so if I was in your shoes I would think whether I want to spend my time making music, or researching PC specs. And yeah I wish I had the time to research PC specs, or learn soldering and electronics DIY or how to program reactive visuals or whatever cool thing you can name. Right now I only have time my day job and some music, so that's why I have accepted that I will pay more for premium stuff because I don't want to spend my time on something that maybe does not work.
  5. Yeah, nothing good ever came from there except Bryan Adams.
  6. VST support is also nice, this means you can build something without having to sound design your own effects like a PD/Max turbonerd. I still have had no time to try but it might replace PD as my experimentation tool.
  7. https://www.bespokesynth.com/ I have not had time to play with it more than just click the video in this tweet, but I hear from other experiences that this is the real good shit. Runs on Linux even! Free! I do not know what's the catch.
  8. This track is pretty much 50-50 QY100 and Live, but just playing around with the chord changes and preset phrases in QY100 continues to be super inspiring.
  9. I haven't had the time yet to get some cables and integrate the QY100 into my Live template nicely, but I am looking forward to doing that and also getting the MPC1000 I have been waiting for so long now. Pretty sure that it's going to be really fun just to jam with the QY100 stock phrases and Volca Sample at some point.
  10. The three tracks that say "feat. Yamaha QY100" are using the stock sounds. I do some processing and mixing in Live too. The more recent ones in September I mostly use it for sequencing and sketching up some loops and arrangement and then finishing stuff with my main setup.
  11. I have had mine for a month and it’s super inspirational to fire it up and build some patterns and mess with the chord transpose feature and factory phrases. The onboard sounds are not super special but if you hook a velocity sensitive keyboard to it then you get way more nicer feel and can get a more expressive sound. I have made the last 3-4 tracks on my SoundCloud mainly by sequencing them on the qy100 and adding some finishing touches in Live. I am still in the process of learning the sequencer and how to make a song fully on the thing, at least arrangement wise.
  12. Your options seem to be to spend more time researching and figuring out your setup, or spend more money on a Mac and spend more time making music. And honestly I would get an used Mac from apple as I said before.
  13. Something similar going on here.
  14. There is no point in comparing CPU frequency or whatever else shows up in the spec sheet on the shop website. This might make sense if you buy a gaming PC but for music production it's more in software and drivers compatibility and really the general ease of use.
  15. You get software and hardware that are designed to work well together, so this already solves a lot of compatibility problems. You also get the MacOS operating system which makes (in my opinion) a lot of audio related things work a lot better. And once again I suggest getting an Apple certified refurb machine, and not paying the full price for a new one.
  16. Anyone interested in a portable studio? https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=25652&lid=3093725
  17. Not a surprise that some cutting edge gamer shit is a source of problems and incompatibilities. 🙂 Another goal for the Mac camp. No games there!
  18. Yeah, and I have poured something like 1000€ of total repairs into my Apple certified refurb Macbook Pro from 2016. I too played myself.
  19. It's a pair of Neumann KH120A. I really don't mind the lights at all. I think you can turn them off completely by some pin placement on the back anyway.
  20. Posting this pic before the stand breaks and crashes, destroying everything I have ever loved in life.
  21. Here's another experimentation with the QY100 sequencer, finished and arranged in Ableton Live: And a long experimental jam session from last week:
  22. What a disappointment, I thought you finally got your 50 squid Moog.
  23. I have a pair of Neumann KH120A. I have had HS8s in the past and they are really huge in comparison. Yamaha specs page says one HS8 weighs 10.2kg and K&M 26772 specs say 15kg maximum load so you should be golden when it comes to sheer weight. When it comes to horizontal footprint, the stand is 15x17cm and HS8 is 25x39cm which could be a bit icky if you want to stuff some sorbothane or other kind of isolation between the monitor and the stand, but should be fine really unless you live in earthquake country. Or you want your dubstep loud.
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