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  1. INTERMISSION, PLEASE HOLD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-gBOMC9pyo
  2. Sorry, this forum does not provide tech support for members of the Cthulhu mythos family with a documented history of their weird and strange evil plans. However, assuming that I am guaranteed a good spot in the dark astral demonic hierarchies, I can say that it's a good idea to get a phono pre-amp box which will boost the turntable signal to line level (something like https://www.thomann.de/intl/behringer_pp400.htm) and any audio interface which you can use to input line level signals. The reason is that interfaces with special phono preamps are probably really rare so you end up paying a premium for the luxury of having all things (preamp + audio interface) in one box and it's probably not worth it.
  3. Sorry @TheBro I could not resist in sampling this gear review in a little track I just made:
  4. How many squid did you waste this time?
  5. I have some books under my speakers. (Don't ask what's under the books)
  6. https://www.electronicbeats.net/the-feed/download-this-to-turn-microsoft-excel-into-a-powerful-midi-sequencer/ I can't decide if this is a cursed thing or extremely cool.
  7. Yeah it's a nice setup and the guy is good at what he does. All his tracks sound the same though. 🙂 I think his flow is very much tied to that looper, too. Also he makes it up with showmanship, so it's a wash.
  8. Why do you need a FAT formatted boot partition? Got to be some easier way to remap the keys, especially if it is just for one application.
  9. I may have some news for you about the posters in this forum.. I am constantly thinking when I am playing live. Unfortunately the only thought I have is "what if they think I am shit". I got to agree though that best lives happen when the thought process is shut out entirely, which only comes through practice.
  10. You can check out Jamtaba, which runs as a VST in any compatible DAW. I use it in Live. Not sure about the electronic community, I set my own server up on a spare raspberry pi and have been hosting jams on that.
  11. I see lot's of complicated solutions here, involving practice (lol) and trying it out on a friend (if I had friends I would not be making music, duh). No need for any of this, just prepare an mp3, hit play and then act like you're actually doing it. On a serious side, I have been doing Ninjam collaborative streaming pretty much throughout this lockdown period which has so far made me feel a lot more comfortable messing around with my gear and all that. It's still quite boring to listen to at times (but at least it is not acid techno), but the experience of getting to know your gear in a live setting is invaluable.
  12. This one is a collaboration between me and weekly beats user Machine Gun Ibiza.
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