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  1. I got a huuge dinner table used for 35 euro last year. For an elevated platform for monitors I got a 200x40cm wooden board with two weird drawer boxes beneath. I think total cost is something around 150 euro. For typing trays I would just get one of those that you can screw under an existing table. Tables that come with built in trays are expensive, ugly, bad build quality (pick 2).
  2. Endless is in open beta now, I think everyone can join in. I know because I got a friend of mine to join sometime last year and I think it did not require any invite.
  3. This is just one of those cases where our hyper advanced minds are extremely certain that there just can not be a simpler solution to a problem. Even reading the thread the 1st time I started thinking hey we can make a convoluted Pure Data patch and load it into Live through this wrapper thing before I figured out that none of this is actually necessary. 🙂
  4. You can put a MIDI effect rack with two chains: one for the messed up note that contains a Velocity effect, and the other chain that just passes through all the notes. You can select from the rack configuration what note numbers go to what chains, right? 🙂 I did something like this for being able to re-pitch note MIDI coming from my Yamaha drum pads so I could "re-tune" the pad to go to the correct drum rack pad using the Pitch effect.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I have read some of these things before but I have not yet tried very hard. I do high pass on most things that are not bass or drums, I think it works well. However it is a bit more difficult for my two delays and reverb. I think this is because the effects are all a lot of self-feedback and compression. It is like heavy dub delays and reverbs, so the effects are really obvious but I want it this way. I think I should do more EQ on those parts, which I have not done yet. Thanks again for your detailed feedback @Mozex 🙂
  6. Thanks Mozex! Even though I think we make different kind of music, you are still correct about me and EQ. I think your sound is very clean and nice by the way. Right now I am trying to learn how to listen to these things better and improve my mixing too. I think the reason why the mix does not sound "clean" is that I use a lot of delay/reverb effects for ambience, and unfortunately these end up also creating some noise layers. I am not sure how to fix that and keep using the effects. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comments @Mozex. 🙂
  7. You can find Nord Leads on Reverb I guess for 500€ or something like that as it turns out. That's still a far cry from £250-300. Again I'd just trawl the used listings for everything £300 and under to see if something jumps out. As a fallback it's always easy to get a MicroKORG or some more popular staple gear.
  8. Found an old project from 2018 with only a couple MIDI loops in it.
  9. The only Moog you will get at that price is the Theremin and a bunch of cables, bags and other accessories. https://www.thomann.de/intl/search.html?filter=true&manufacturer[0]=Moog&oa=prd&price-first=0&price-last=400&sw=moog Sorry mate, but you sound like you have not done the barest bit of homework and looked at what the prices are in shops if you want a Moog for 400 squid. Not everyone's as lucky as TheBro. I would suggest start trawling used synth listings, then researching the things you find on youtube to hear demos-reviews. There's a lot of weird stuff that may fit you nicely but this thread will never mention it. In fact it's also quite difficult to suggest a synth simply based on "hey guys what should I buy", because a lot depends on what your own preferences are for workflow and sound. You got to work with yourself and go through some of the possibilities and narrow it down. Personally if I had €300-400 and wanted a synth, I would update my Live to version 10 Suite go check out the Roland replicas: particularly JU-06A and SE-02 https://www.thomann.de/intl/sound_modules_expanders.html?price-first=295&price-last=439&filter=true&manufacturer[]=Roland
  10. I have a Roland XV-5080, probably it is quite similar to the JV-1080 you are looking at. I like it a lot and I am happy with it. BUT... I pretty much use it as a preset bank. I never really mess with the actual sound design in the box aside from changing some basic parameters like filter cutoff and release which are available in the multi-timbral mode. I opened the software editor exactly once (partly because I don't have a good enough MIDI connection to be able to user the editor without errors) and I still have not read the manual to understand how to program sounds. I think maybe in the future I will attempt to work more with the sound design, but not sure to be honest. On the other hand I do like also the manual tweaking workflow and I have a Korg MS2000R for that purpose. It's not super polyphonic, but I generally like to play around with it, and it is super accessible because 90% of the functionality is represented by physical knobs on the chassis. By the way this Roland stuff seems to be available as a VST now, so buying a physical thing is maybe less important these days? Are you working mainly with a computer or do you prefer to have a more physical experience? Of course this Roland Cloud thing stinks of subscription based model so goodbye your VSTs if you don't want to keep paying €10 every month or something. I never found the pricing information on their site.
  11. Found something here for the streaming part https://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/
  12. That's certainly an issue too. Still there is an enormous amount of streaming going on right now anyway and I would say morally this sort of collaborative musicianship should win over mindless netflix and youtube in terms of usefulness. Thanks. I found it too but I am looking for a kind of simpler, more general solution that would work regardless of DAW software. No need to even set up some cloud thing all over it. For instance I know TeamViewer is sort of the industry standard for providing remote support - basically it allows the remote user to take your computer over to fix something instead of going crazy trying to guide the user through the steps. Who says this can't be used for tweaking levels and filters in a DAW? The downside of TeamViewer is that it's basically a huge security hole and you might definitely want to keep it shut down unless not in use. For the audio side I am thinking to just set up a Icecast 2 server. It's not lossless though... and the audio is going to be delayed compared to the visuals, but no easy way to fix that...
  13. Does anyone know a good software tool that can do videoconferencing, screen sharing and LOSSLESS AUDIO for being able to collaborate with someone over the internet on the same project? I am thinking some combination of Soundflower and TeamViewer (to allow the other guy to mouse around too) should do the trick. The only question is how to ensure that the remote participant can also hear the high quality audio stream directly from the DAW? And of course how to set it up so it does not require insane amounts of technical know how...
  14. I haven't been out on the streets since saturday. Working from home since 4th of March. I hope when we finally run out of food and have to go shopping, then the situation has stabilised somewhat. By the way seems we have started this weird 8pm clapping ritual with our neighbors. I guess that's a good way to check up on each other. @TubularCorporation you should respond to PMs more, I thought you're dead or something. 🙂
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