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  1. Agreeing with @ignatius here. For me streaming stuff is just a way for getting my music to listeners in a way they are used to (instead of sending dropbox links). For any real financial return, I think either making it big (haha yeah right) or playing live and selling merch is the only way. Still the distrokid thing is interesting and I will probably look into it soon. I am just wondering what happens to my existing youtube, soundcloud, mixcloud, bandcamp pages.. will they be taken over or can I still micro manage them? Should check the FAQ probably...
  2. @lucivalc I have thought about what would happen to my music if I get hit by a bus or something too. The conclusion I reached is... it's quite literally out of my control. I can put my stuff on youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, bittorrents whatever, but none of these services really have an obligation to keep it forever. They pay for the servers and bandwidth so it has to be worthwhile for them, or really anyone who distributes my music. I figured that the best I personally can do is make music that matters to people so that they keep a copy and listen and share. This is the most authentic thing too, because then it means your stuff was good enough to outlive you. Sure, I can buy some hosting and distribution and keep it going a couple of years after I throw in the towel, but after that it's like in nature - things rot, they disappear, new things are built out of pieces of the old. If I am lucky, people like my stuff and they play it, labels re-release and promote it. If not, then I end up forgotten like all the other unknown musicians that got lost in history and some future digital archaeologist may find my name in a Discogs database list or something. All this is just temporary anyway - ichigo ichie. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. The main instruments are a organ and a rhodes (or wurlitzer piano) preset, both are sent through my effects busses which do a lot of delay and long tail reverb stuff, so it's probably actually a mix of resonance and intervals. There are actually 4 different bass drum layer, and one of them is going through a delay so I did not actually manually mess with any accents, everything is just due to syncopation and interacting patterns. 90bpm is actually same as 180bpm essentially. I should try out some other tempos too. Not sure what you mean by #amorphous? I know there is a FSOL project called Amorphous Androgynous, but that's too narrow for tagging I feel. Anyways thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it!
  4. This was a nice listen, enjoyed both the video and the music. Thanks for sharing and hope you keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. This week I made a techno track. https://streak.club/p/36414/thu-5-dec-by-thawkins
  6. The bad thing about this is that the small company actually taking the R&D hit and the risk of bringing a new product will get fuck all, while Uliexpress makes millions off something they actually did not invent. Sure, legally it's probably fine as the stuff is not patented and nobody is making the things anymore (because the original company went bankrupt due to production costs too high etc.), but that's just the unfairness of the system as a whole.
  7. Let me just pile that up on the insanely high pile of "stuff I need to look into in the future when I have time". ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Damn this video is like a sad nostalgic story. I don't even have Live's Sampler.. only Simpler which takes only one waveform.
  9. Not sure if it makes sense as a VST, because it seems to be taking full WAV samples as input, and giving a stitched together loop WAV as output. VST as an effect normally works on individual audio samples (like 24 bit values of amplitude), it's like a different thing entirely. Actually I am pretty sure this explanation of mine is crap, but I think it's correct to say that in order to stitch together the samples, you need to have them existing already, instead of working directly on an audio feed. Damn I wish I paid attention at school when they explained how filters work..
  10. Damn, 2 days and nobody is complaining.. must not be a virus after all. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. I do realize the thing I want is impossible. ๐Ÿ™‚ I should just always record the "raw" MIDI output so that the happy accidents get stored.
  12. Seconding the random velocity trick. I just wish that it would be possible to set the random seed so that it's possible to have the same randoms when you open the project again. Sometimes there's a really genius bit that I want to keep, but because it's random it may never happen again. Not sure if this is actually possible in any way though. Do you mean the M4L lfo effect?
  13. I usually have my secretary write my posts while I dictate. That's why the grammar is perfetc.
  14. Hmm I don't get it... ๐Ÿ˜• nothing changed? Edit: I am a blind dunbass
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