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  1. My response was also meant to be a joke. 🙂 I need to work on my posting skills.
  2. I think that it does not matter whether you can hear sounds in your head or not, or whether you can train yourself to do it or not. There as many creative processes as there are creators, so it's just a matter of finding what works for you. But it is probably right that to be good at music, you have to figure out some feedback process and train your feelings to guide you. Uh what makes you think I can imagine?
  3. I enjoyed watching this, and normally I don't click play on youtube educational videos longer than 1 minute, because it's usually repeating itself and I spend a lot of time learning nothing new. That was a really good exception to that rule.
  4. I zoned out through all of this scales and theory discussion. I have always been terrible at this, although I respect theory as a tool and I use it more every day. I wanted to add one maybe relevant data point to the argument about imagining music in your head: some people have an audible internal monologue in their head when they read text or something like that; some people don't have it at all. Both groups of people are incredibly surprised to find out the other group exists. And for simplicity's sake let's pretend auditory hallucinations (like schizophrenia) go to a 3rd group that I am not currently talking about. I.e. both the people who hear internal monologue and the people who don't are "normal" for lack of a better word. I think it is fair to expand this: some people "hear" music in their head and some do not. So to me this means that "imagining music in your head" can mean wildly different things to different people, leading to misunderstandings.
  5. Got 10 more MIDI cables. Haven't tested if they all work yet.
  6. That wouldn't scare me off really. What I want(ed) is a small box that can do some loops and has multiple tracks so I could drive my Korg MicroX or some other gear with it (or just bring with me to a train ride or a trip). I finish all my tracks in Live anyway, so the lack of song mode, effects does not really matter.
  7. I was looking at the electribes years ago when I was deciding which hardware thing to get, and I never ended up getting them because they were not inspiring enough (and I never bothered to research in depth either). Back then they were brand new devices and for some reason I thought the Electribes with that fancy tube thing were cooler. Past me continues to be a huge dumbass.
  8. Fair warning: never check local listings for used gear, you might end up GASing for stuff you never knew you wanted!! At the very least, if you do find something, do not search youtube, SoS, Sonicstate for reviews - you do that and you are gone. GONE! Anyways I never knew the Korg Electribe was such a cool beast: Yes I have been listening to the soma FM vaporwave station for all day today, surely this has not clouded my judgment.
  9. Thanks for the tip. That pedal looks insane but getting a new pedal is so low on priorities list now. I pick the iron cobra because I already have one back home and it’s pretty good and you can configure it to your liking. Another thing with the bass drum is that so so much depends on how your heads are tuned and set up - whether you have a huge drum, a hole in the resonant head, how low the batter is tuned etc etc. That’s basically why you should not think too much about the pedal until you have a dedicated space with a kit that is kept in good tune and you don’t come back to it one day and see that someone absolutely destroyed the resonant heads because I know that dumbass past me did this kind of stuff for example.
  10. OK ok I actually need a 20" ride cymbal for a long time now, got my eyes set on a Paiste Giant Beat multifunctional, but I thought I would not bother with trying to get one during the insane consumerism rush of December, also that series is quite pricey so now I am wondering if there is some alternative that sounds similar, but honestly trying to audition cymbals online is a losing battle and it really is just better to get one but but wait maybe the 24" giant beat that I used to have actually DID NOT fit my setup and I should work a little to find a cymbal that is the one true grail that will magically "tie my sound together" even though right now the cymbals is all I have, and every time we hit a rental studio, the drum kit sounds different anyway and it always takes half an hour or so to find the best way to play to make use of the sound of the day which is quite cool if you come to think of it and eventually I might also need a good snare and a Tama Iron Cobra pedal and a DW cocktail kit and finally a huge cargo bike to transport all that junk across time and space to the studio de jour and set up the recorderman mic set up and yeah maybe then I would have like 2 weeks of peace before I realise that wait I do not have enough hard drive storage for all those crappy jams that show promise, so then it is time to head off to the computer shop to get a massive storage server with like 10 terabytes of disks in RAID or something and I could spend like 3 months minimum full time tinkering and configuring how that thing works and by then I assume the first drive has already failed and needs replacement, but after I do THAT, yeah after replacing the faulty drive I could have 2 more weeks of feeling content until I remember that DUH we do not have a bass player and guitar and drums feels kind of tinny on its own so now I definitely need to get that Subzero Rogue VI baritone guitar and force the guitarist to learn both the Art Of The Looper and Art Of The Sick Bass Riffs and probably get more mics to get the guitar on tape too, but GOD DAMNIT I FORGOT: we also need a portable multichannel recording thing (a cheapo Behringer taped to my old laptop?) and more cables (definitely more cables - I am not poaching cables from my home setup every time I need to head out), and by this point astute readers might have figured out that the cargo bike now needs at the very least some nice rugged custom travel cases for all the crap I am bringing with me each time and well maybe it is also time to admit defeat and start renting a dedicated studio space, oh boy this will take months to find a lease and a good place and talk some other people into it to be able to split the rent and soundproof it and then have some passive aggressive stuff going on with regard to beer bottles or some other kind of weird spills and definitely some other stuff too but after maybe 6 months we should have a working routine in place and then I can probably relax for another 2 weeks until we discover some wacky smelling mold in the place. On the other hand, maybe I don't need to get that ride cymbal yet.
  11. Yeah GAS is totally replaced by UFPS* and NEFTS**. * unfinished projects syndrome ** not enough free time syndrome
  12. Is it one of those where - depending on whether you are in east or west Japan - the LFO is set at 50-60Hz?
  13. That modular on top left side is new to me? Sound any good?
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