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  1. This was nice, thanks. Lots of different moments in only 4 minutes, and good drum sound too. Not too much psybient, but I could hear some influences. 🙂
  2. Remember that streaming stuff is not only dependent on your audio interface - it's also your network connection and CPU (which actually handles the audio before it gets to your interface). Before ditching your interface for a new one I would suggest shutting off everything unnecessary and just trying to see how many tracks at what latency your DAW can handle input-output wise.
  3. Yeah I got pedals for it too. I have to be really careful not to piss off my neighbor again so I rarely play though...
  4. I feel like I am becoming one of these guys who spends more time tidying up his fancy sound gear table than making music that rocks.
  5. I can try to explain the MSB/LSB thing. Basically standard MIDI CC values go from 0-127 (128 potential values). MSB/LSB trick is to combine two MIDI values to get a resolution of 128*128=16384. In this, MSB values (as understood by your hardware) go in increments of 128, because MSB=most significant byte (i.e. big decimal part of the value). To get the values between, you increment LSB (least significant byte) while keeping the MSB value constant. Something like this: MSB LSB final value 0 0 0 (== 127 * MSB + LSB) 0. 1. 1 0 2. 2 ... 1. 0. 127 1. 1. 128 1. 2. 129 ( I may be off by one here in the formula, I am not good at math)
  6. Personally, the life hack is to run Firefox with Ublock Origin or Adnauseam to kill off the ads and crap. Chrome sucks because it is Google spying on you, unfortunately that is an increasing trend. If you are feeling like you want to be an expert hacker user, get the NoScript extension which will kill all scripts on every website - this makes things very safe and fast, but you will spend a lot of time manually re-enabling some scripts to make websites work again (while leaving the bad shit blocked). As for processes taking a lot of memory, actually this is not such a big thing nowadays. Basically my impression is that now when most computers have quite a lot of RAM, applications can keep more temporary data directly in memory (instead of swap file or pagefile). This means that it looks like they are taking ridiculous amounts of memory but the actual essential part is just a fraction. When the operating system detects that memory is tight, it will force apps to clean some of that temporary data (by writing to disk for example). That's why MacOS is showing a "memory pressure" graph - it is more helpful to show if there are many applications asking for memory, rather than display that all memory is allocated for what is mostly temporary data. Basically the idea is to keep utilization percentage of RAM as high as possible at all times, which makes apps faster and results in a better user experience. BACK TO THE SUBJECT AT HAND...+++++....''222222 One theory I have for Live 10 is that the new Capture feature is messing with things (https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000776450-Capture-MIDI). Like even if you are just messing around and not recording yet, Live is still doing something. It should not be a big issue though because "it's just MIDI". But hey, my fans spin up when loading my default template project so it's either my project that is too huge (probably true), or something else is fucky. Going to try out some things today to see if I can slim down my piece of junk project.
  7. I want to patch up a M4L controller for my Roland XV5080 but even starting this reverse engineering process is giving me the heebie jeebies (it's a really deep machine) so I usually stick to cc8.
  8. Check this out: I have 1 audio track in my project. The rest is MIDI. IF--- (I can't believe my macbook just crashed and rebooted while I literally turned my back to it once!) Aaanyhow. I have 1 audio track in my project, some 40 MIDI tracks. Just loading it and arming the audio track bumps Live's CPU meter from 6-7 to 20%. And it's just a couple of EQ8, a flanger and a compressor. When I turn on my 3 send busses I got around 25% on the meter. I don't think this is normal although maybe I am just not good at this stuff.
  9. Have you considered building a table too? 🙂
  10. Hmm I need to check this thing out too actually. Just to see if it is as power hungry as you say it is of course.
  11. It's not bad but you can keep it off when you're making beats temporarily. Just don't go on weird websites when producing - problem solved. By the way you should still do the test - get a busy section of your track/project looping in Live, and then switch off your plugins to see if there is one particular VST that slows everything down.
  12. Yeah I bought it a while back when it was on sale.
  13. This website (WATMM) is absolutely terrible though. I don't know what the hell it is doing but on my old laptop it was lagging so hard. Today's internet is completely messed up, even text based websites now require insane amounts of processing power.
  14. Yeah I don't have a rack, I just have two pieces of Eurorack compatible gear that are gathering dust - Kastle and KOMA Field Kit This looks like it could pair nicely with them. Build looks complicated though, and the guy's saying things about testing, hah I don't even own a multimeter. Yeah I know I should just get started and figure out things on the way.
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