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  1. This is such an alien thought for me because who the hell would lend a person like me a pair of 3k eur speakers. I have almost always bought my gear with the assumption that I will make it work for me somehow. I had the HS8-s precisely because it's "close" to NS-10 and they are popular on Thomann. Stepping up from that I figured I just have to get - like @xox pointed out - something-anything at that price point and it will be good enough for me.
  2. I notice the BM-15A is described as a near-mid field monitor and the Amphions are only near-field. I guess this means that I should prefer the Dynaudio if it turns out that my listening spot is not close enough. I am pretty sure I will use the monitors for general purpose everyday listening as well so near-mid makes more sense.
  3. That's nice to hear, except now I get the frets because I am just a dude who makes fart noises at home, nobody's paying me and I am afraid all these nice monitors will be wasted on me because I will forever fail to actually know the real quality of the things. On the other hand my significant other told me the Neumanns look like crap so now I am deciding between really seriously blowing $$$ on the Amphions and BM15A. And it actually seems it is possible to exploit Brexit and get stuff for relatively cheaps from UK. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. You do dub and bassy stuff with the BM15A, right? Going to keep this in mind... ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Thanks for the infos. I definitely want to upgrade from the HS8 so they are more like a fallback if I do not find anything better. I get that the BM15A are huge but that just makes me want them more. I can't shake the feeling that small speakers can not do bass well which is probably more a psychological thing that I have. Some guy on GS mentioned that Bob Katz said BM15A are the smallest speakers you can accurately hear bass on without a sub, so that is a big endorsement, right? Too bad that the Funkyjunk shop here has neither HS8 or the Dynaudio so it is not really possible to go and compare.
  6. Thanks! I am mostly on Ableton Live with some external synths for sounds. For the past few months all my stuff has been in a container somewhere as I moved countries, so it is mostly Live + Push and some keyboard parts from Akai MPK Mini. By the way, I listened to some of your stuff too on Soundcloud, I remember 4p0ll0 being good. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I am finally moving into my new apartment this week so it's time to get my monitors. I have some savings so my budget is not super limited, but on the other hand I do not know if I can justify blowing significantly more than 1000 EUR on speakers if I probably can not do any serious acoustic treatment in my room anyway. Music is mostly for me having fun at home and releasing my stuff to the void of bandcamp/soundcloud so even though I wish it got a bit more "serious", I am not sure about piling a bunch of expensive pro equipment at home and eventually turning into an old dude with more gear than substance. Currently deciding between: Yamaha HS8 - I have been using these for the past 5-6 years and I guess they are good. I like that the driver is huge so I get my bass response without a sub. If all else fails I will just go get a pair and repeat to myself "if you know the speakers then it'll be good enough, no need to get high end stuff". Neumann KH120 - seems like a step up in terms of quality without getting into 1k EUR per speaker levels. I like that the sub ports are up in front so I don't have to worry so much about the speakers being close to the back wall. APS Klasik - same as the Neumanns except the sub ports. Also worried about it being a relatively random brand. Dynaudio BM15A - seems like a definite step up from HS8-s and they also have a nice big driver. The only issue is the price really. There seem to be some deals on Reverb though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Amphion One15 + Amp100 - same as above, except slightly worried about the bass response since the driver is not so big. Also reading the Gearslutz thread it seems a lot depends on placement and acoustic treatment (which applies to all monitors). Obviously this list excludes a lot of brands and otherwise good candidates, but I figured I had to start from somewhere.
  8. I have managed to be on the weekly music train for a year and a half now and it's been really nice for generating ideas and keeping myself active musically even through turbulent real life times. Even though it's been good, recently I am feeling that my mixes and song structure needs a lot of improvement, so I figured if I post some stuff here I may luck out and get some feedback and who knows maybe some people will also like that stuff. Also now that I am based back in Europe if anyone wants me to come and twiddle knobs at their party, I'll gladly show up if the plane-train-whatever tickets aren't too much. Anyway, let's get this started with this week's instalment: https://streak.club/p/35552/tue-13-aug-by-thawkins This is basically another attempt (out of who knows how many) to try and marry krautrock and high-energy electronic music like dnb, 180 bpm hardtek, etc. As it says on the description, it's an old project laying around on my desktop which I cut and shaped together into a sort of mini-mix from a longer and more messed up jam session. I did not have any of the original hardware laying around, so it was a nice limitation to try and use the existing solos-loops to build something. (Also I have not had any monitors for the past 10 weeks roughly, so everything has been purely headphones which I am frankly sick of) I think the biggest bother I have with this one is that I keep overusing these dub delay effects to create an ambient hum and fill the stereo image. There's 2 delay busses and 1 huge ambient reverb buss (which is supposed to imitate a post rock style guitar vibe a la Strymon) and all of them have compressors on them which I think is making it a really difficult thing to mix, because most of the stuff goes through 1-2 busses and messes with each other as well (which creates a nice sound I guess) but practically it's hard to isolate and solo one element because they a) always sound nice on their own and b) things get fucky (but also really nice) with the interplay of two or more elements. Anyways I think practice makes perfect, got to get monitors ASAP and just soldier on with the weekly things etc. Feel free to check out past weekly stuff from the links in my sig.
  9. Yeah I found those guys too. Will check out in the coming weeks once I get to move properly. Thanks!
  10. I really like the Korg Volca Sample. Same as with @TubularCorporation with the 505, a big downside is that sequences can only be 16 steps, so if you want to build something that contains a break (at the end of a 4x16 loop), then you got to mess with saved patterns and who knows what else so you can chain stuff in Play mode. But Play mode is crap because you can not twiddle and mess with most of the parameters. My half-solution has been just to more or less manually record some stuff as a loop in Live, then mute that part and record some other element as another longer loop. Aside from that though, it's really nice and you can tweak the samples and get some really psychedelic squeals out of it. Maybe if you could hook up some Max4Live MIDI LFOs and sequence the steps externally it would be possible to expand the machine further, but then it is no longer a nice standalone instrument.
  11. I wish my mixes sounded this good.
  12. Went to a shop today and whoa the KH120A are so small compared to Yamaha HS8. Do you also use a sub or is it enough just to have the Neumanns? There's got to be a shop in Paris that has the APS Klasik, Neumann KH120A and Yamaha HS8 for comparing, right?
  13. Lots of hi-freq noise in that souncloud sample, especially for high notes - is this something that can be turned on/off with a knob or is it persistent?
  14. I am about to move to a new apt next week, and I sold my Yamaha HS8's back in Japan because the voltages here in Europe are different. So now I guess I am also in the market for new monitors. Originally I was going to get the same old HS8's, because I have used HS80M and HS8 for the last 6 or so years and I hope I have gotten used to it. However in the new place there is a tiny glimmer of hope that I can get a dedicated music space and maybe some "better" monitors as well. Still not sure how far I can go with all this acoustic treatment stuff and also how much money I can justify spending on the actual monitors. The Dynaudio BM15A seem really nice but they are also like 6x the cost of the HS8 and I am just wondering whether I will even notice it significantly and if I have the opportunity to treat the room well enough to make it worthwhile. One thing I definitely know is that I want a fairly good bass response, but I am not going to get a subwoofer. Getting a sub sounds like planning for not so nice discussion with my neighbors and I really am not making bass heavy music anyway. I am used to checking bass on my headphones too. Also my laptop screen broke and I am due a cool 600 euro repair bill damnit.
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