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  1. Yeah I kind of wanted to make this thread a place where people can easily copy paste some thing to get started. First one is free, then we get them addicted to weird stuff and before you know it - atonal microtunings and moral depravity! Also maybe generative stuff is a nice way of starting to learn some music theory stuff without having to practice scales - just figure out the notes for scales and common chords off a wikipedia page and force your computer to play the tunes randomly to get a sense of how harmony works and stuff.
  2. Yes, but at least the last time I tried, it was a headache to set it up so that you can easily open a project and have your basic things work out of the box (i.e. after you set up some template stuff). I used it strictly as a MIDI sequencer too so that may have been my mistake - the general workflow seems to be to use TidalCycles sounds with it as well. Maybe one of the things that put me off about TidalCycles was the sheer amount of Stuff it required to install - some Haskell things, SuperCollider. And all that for a MIDI sequencer? Overkill! However I should stop hating on TidalCyc
  3. Yeah, tried it out yesterday and it's much faster to get started than with the TidalCycles thing (which did not work half the time too). If I have some more time I will try to implement some ideas in SuperCollider once I get it hooked up to Live properly with MIDI timecode sync etc.
  4. If it should work like that, then I'll just give it a shot - I am just unfamiliar to SuperCollider and I figured you would need to set up some scaffolding for sounds and MIDI connections or something who knows!
  5. That's interesting, because I have a MOTU Track16 and for my 80hm 770 Pro I have not ever needed to turn it up above 1/3 headphone gain. So it looks like if I do get a 250ohm, then I can just crank it up a bit more and it would provide enough to drive the headphones. Anyway my current pair of 770pro is nice enough but yeah now I am curious of how the more bad-ass pro 250ohm version sounds like.
  6. I'm interested in trying this out - could I ask you to share a minimal project or some code I can copy and paste, hit play and get started?
  7. Another thing I heard is that Distrokid is owned by Spotify now. Which means I am going to probably get off Distrokid and give Soundcloud's Repost thing a try.
  8. Well I guess we need to start offshoot genres from (for example) psytrance/techno where all the Terence Mckenna quotes are replaced with Slavoj Zizek. Something like "Halcyon + So on + So forth"
  9. Just out of curiosity given that the 1770s are 250 ohm - you need to run them through a headphone amp or something, right? I have kind of always drawn the line at getting a headphone amp as being "too audiophile" for me, but I guess it makes more sense in a studio context where you will not be the turbohipster with a tube-looking-thing taped to your cracked screen iphone.
  10. Given how known all this is, I wonder why aren't big labels and artists publicly raising a stink about this? Is it because the big industry players are doing similar scams of their own and would not want to be under scrutiny?
  11. Vouching heavily for Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (sturdy metal construction, my previous pair lasted for 8y until I messed up and punctured one of the drivers when cleaning it of hair) with Sonarworks Reference Headphone Edition. Also you can pretty much get every replacement part on their website.
  12. I feel like the proper way forward with these central content repositories is to either nationalise or regulate the royalties and the whole process, because right now its bullshit.
  13. Executive summary: a weird shady company - that is kind of connected with Spotify - is putting music on Spotify with artists that don't really exist - those artists have millions of streams and show up on official playlists. End result is that "real" artists end up getting less payout from Spotify because of how the $$$ per one stream is calculated.
  14. Yeah he should anonymously reup them so we do not know which is which.
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