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  1. I did some quick experimentation in Firefox dev console: removed reactions and topic snippet text from the threads because I feel that this way only the really important information is displayed without overloading the viewer with insane amounts of information. Yeah I know this is a little bit backseat driver mode, however if there is interest I could try and set up a custom CSS override that anyone can use so that no server side changes are needed.
  2. I kind of agree with this post. I like the thanks/heart thing because it gives me a quick way to thank someone for an informative post or give a thumbs up to something cool without posting something that is just "Thanks" or "That's really cool". Maybe a good move is to enable all smileys to be in reactions, maybe not. I think it depends if this feature is used in the WATMM community in a cool and innovative way, and right now it seems that it is. A bunch of dudes giving each other little hearts is in - my opinion - the wholesome content the internet needs more of. 🙂
  3. This sounds cool but when I checked out notebookcheck, the site felt more like 10% content 90% ADS ADS ADS and in the end I never found my laptop in the list. Dawbench seems to be inactive, at least based on the message they had on the website. I have actually experimented with forcing integrated graphics on my macbook in order to try and keep the fan noise down, but I did not have much success. Maybe I should try again.
  4. New week, new track: New livestream recording: And visuals to go with the above, although with a slightly crappier audio quality (I have not figured out yet how to replace the audiot on the videos).
  5. It has been a long time since I used a Mac with non-Apple keyboard, but I remember that the Control key should do exactly the same things as the CMD key. I.e. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V for copy and paste will work the same. It's just that for the operating system, Ctrl is CMD basically.
  6. Just wanted so say this too: if you all think rhythm means only drums and percussion, then I think you're super wrong. You know there is a term called 'rhythm section' and 'rhythm guitar' etc etc. It does not have to be like how I described. But I am pretty sure that this is how my head operates. And your contour and shape theory makes sense too, but I don't think it is related to rhythm - it's more like how people identify whatever is going on in the track - what are the dominant elements etc. I basically agree with that last point that apophenia is the next step after shape/contour and then your head is in the mode of "well ok these are bleeps and bloops, do they remind me of AFX or Autechre". You can't really do a real scientific experiment with those things because in order to do it correctly with control groups and all, you would have to kidnap a bunch of newborns and force them to live in silence or at least without music at all (this is illegal, don't do this). Because I feel it's pretty much established that people grow their likes and tastes in music and sound throughout all their lives, and I am not sure how you would switch all that off during the experiment that you do for research. For all this evolutionary psychological stuff like "ah yeah the human brain has obviously evolved to focus on the mid-low frequencies because the stone age sabertooth tiger's farts were exactly on the same fundamental and so you see this gave an evolutionary advantage and also explains why the original Roland TB-303 was so successful" please kindly fuck off. 😄
  7. I am pretty sure it's apophenia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apophenia), i.e. your brain starts matching the mess to things it already knows. I definitely consciously feel it sometimes that whatever calls out to me in a bunch of random notes is some reference or similarity to an existing track or melody or something like that. Probably it makes some sense within the context of that article but my first impression is that the research is looking at a much lower level than rhythm. I mean of course I am also super skeptical that some boffins can tell me how to optimize my drum loops for maximum coolness.
  8. It's a nice thread if you want people to be philosophical and share their theories, and it's always cool to read others' perspective in this forum (then steal their best ideas to use in your music). I am saying this because even if I knew all the psychoacoustic theory to answer "why" I don't think it's really possible to explain "how rhythm works". My take is this: in any given piece of music you will always have the three components: rhythm (WHEN does the sound happen in time), pitch (WHAT note-pitch-root frequency), timbre (HOW does it sound like). For example if you take the Amen break in MIDI, but replace the drum machine sounds with a melodic synth, it's still the same rhythm but it will sound like absolute shit unless you mess around with the pitch (make the notes correspond to a melody) and also tinker with the timbre. This leads me to think that you can't really separate rhythm from the other two components if you want to analyze "which rhythms work and which ones don't". 2nd thing I think maybe some posters mentioned here already is that modern electronic music is super heavy on repetitive patterns and ostinato - i.e. the basic point is that if you loop any kind of random garbage and your audience is in the right headspace, it *will* work. I am a huge fan of krautrock and that style super heavily uses monotonic drum and bass parts where nothing really changes in terms of rhythm, but some subtle and less subtle effects in timbre (i.e. LFO on filter cutoff, delays) create a changing atmosphere, and that works as well even though on the rhythm side of things, it's the same loop. I definitely notice that if I start building a track by looping 4 bars of just smashing the keyboard with my fist (gently so I don't fuck my gear up), it takes like 5-6 repeats and I get into the headspace of that loop. It's like your brain starts extracting order from the chaos, making sense of this weird thing. And then if it gets really good you get some instincts on like "Ok lets add a bass note here, set up some pads there" and a few hours later I have had lots of fun. My tracks are still shit though.
  9. Guest usernames are fine now, same size as regular.
  10. Cheers! Thanks a lot, and glad you enjoyed it. Trying to get better at this week by week, and it's really nice to hear that I am having at least some success. If you stick around for the coming weeks, we also do a weekly livestream each Tuesday at 8.30 central europe time (which is some ungodly time at night in Australia probably but you can check out recordings in the tumblr link in my signature). Its got visuals too!
  11. Sorry, I wanted to write more in my previous post but forgot to. I think I wrote about cans because it's a way way more cheaper investment than monitors. Personally I have had HS8's in the past and I really liked them (especially listening to music on them), but I am not so sure whether they are so good for accurate monitoring. So I would go with the APS if you are torn between the two. For a 3rd option, now I am using Neumann KH120A which are also surprisingly nice and I have no feeling like I need more low end. Those are more in the price category of the APS so should be similar.
  12. For headphones, I continue to swear by Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80ohm coupled with the Sonarworks Reference EQ normalization software to make the frequency response flat. I.e. it turns your headphones into a more "reference" mode where you hear things more accurately. Since the Beyerdynamics have a pretty beefy low end, this is ideal for me - I can hear everything nicely and the Sonarworks filter makes the low end less boomy.
  13. I did baby's first solo livestream with my own visuals, and the above is the result. Also on YouTube (but audio might not be so good also I accidentally stopped everything at one point near the end!):
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