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  1. I am predicting new breakthrough in acid techno.
  2. I think you will find that - especially during summer - it is not cool at all.
  3. Decided to work on a track from 2011. Not sure if I improved anything though...
  4. After watching that last video, I wanted to go about playing devil's avocado here though: I've recorded albums with a band in the past that have been played on the radio, and the existing royalties collection and management and representation thing seems to work much in the same way. Basically if you ever want to get paid money if your stuff gets played on the radio, you have to register yourself as an artist-author-etc on that quasi-governmental copyright management organization that keeps track of EVERYTHING and collects royalties for you from all over the world, takes a cut and then gi
  5. So what's a reliable alternative to a service like this which will upload my stuff to different platforms? I don't really mind if they take a cut of the royalties (any % of 0 is still 0).
  6. The charitable explanation is that since that payment went over $10k, it triggered some money laundering laws and the Distrokid customer support wanted to hide all this in order to handwave everything away as "taxes and issues". But in general it looks like Distrokid truly is too good a deal to be true (meaning that it is not "true"). I guess I won't get hit because... I don't make any money on anything. 😄
  7. Isn't this too fancy for a laptop stand? Doesn't even look like you can adjust the height and no cooling fans either... I finally took the plunge and ordered the sorbothane urethane bumpers for my monitors. I also need to figure out something something to optimize my desk placement. Got to have something more advanced than books stacked on top of rack stuff for monitor stands, right? I don't think I can afford a tumbler dryer though, maybe I have to stick with VHS players found from the trash (as if those weren't already too rare these days).
  8. Also heads up for the stream this Tuesday will be special: https://scanlines.xyz/t/streamlines-004-ft-tubular-corporation-x-trent-hawkins-tues-9-22/217
  9. I am still using my Push version 1, and slowly getting better at doing things with it. I think the main things that I would want is a better "UI" for messing with MIDI clips while they are playing. Probably it is just me but the step sequencer view (especially the melodic) is insanely unusable and so far I have not gotten the hang of how to work with them. Not sure if this is fixed in Push 2.
  10. I get the feeling that a lot of the vendors might be throwing Apple under the bus too quickly because AFAIK the notarization requirements - while being a pain in the ass to adapt to - are necessary for being able to provide a reasonably secure operating system nowadays. After all, those VSTs are often some random pieces of software running in a DAW which probably cares more about the audio quality than defending against any cyber threats. For comparison, all modern web browsers have a super secure sandbox which attempts to contain most of the really bad stuff, but you are not running a fu
  11. This is a kind of a quickie, not really focused enough to be a "real track" because I was just trying to test using all of my hardware gear at the same time and only keeping the MIDI sequencing part in the computer.
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