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  1. Well it's a drummer that can play in impeccable timing but has trouble hitting the correct part of the drum kit.
  2. I guess I get what you mean, even though it is getting slightly time cubey. I notice that Airwindows list tends to have a lot of oldies and classics and really not enough cutting edge electronic music. I think they have a point but the delivery/explanation is Basically I don't think there are these tempo nodes or ideal BPMs in of itself, but I am totally on board with the idea that the whole body of published music (especially widely acclaimed classics) has these emergent characteristics. Like for example if the vast majority of people made their house at 120bpm (maybe theyr sequence
  3. Thanks, I get what you mean by that comparison. This reminds me that I should get out more. Glad you like the track! 🙂
  4. Trouble with that is if you have a monophonic synth or a limited amount of voices then you do not want the same MIDI note-on/note-off pair to be sent at the same time, because while glitches are cool, they can also make a note ring out forever (unless you send a CC 123) on an external hardware device. So to have a robust and smooth "cross-fading" with MIDI, you need to somehow ensure that this kind of cross-talk does not happen. That's my armchair theory at least, maybe I will get a chance to try it out later on because it seems like a really cool thing to try. 🙂
  5. I am not sure how this would work with MIDI events. I would be very surprised if Live allows to add MIDI tracks to the crossfade groups.
  6. I would start with Note Modulator by Robert Henke (https://roberthenke.com/technology/m4l.html). Stick a Velocity device after it that does not pass any notes that are too silent. Set it up on both MIDI tracks that you want to crossfade so that each of the knobs is modulating/muting all notes in the 1st 2nd 3rd etc sub-measure. And then just hook up a MIDI controller to both of the modulators to be able to flip whether the 1st quarter note is played from clip A or clip B. This way you should avoid any problems if both MIDI clips want to play the same note at the same time. Alternativ
  7. I would not give a damn if it was just the recording - I crashed straight out of our weekly livestream. We'll never make it big like that!
  8. Most of my stuff has been 120bpm for the past year since that ensures that I can mix and match loops from my different tracks and build something more out of it. I also like 90bpm (essentially 180bpm) for faster stuff, and there is a cool trick where if you have triplets on 90bpm, the beats are 120bpm so you can transition really neatly. I am not very good at math so I have not figured out how to "get back from 120 to 90". This will also mess with your head if you have a metronome on. Generally BPM is like a chicken-egg problem: I need to set it before I start my jam session,
  9. Unless they get their kick from a spectral analyser, the set up better include some good monitors or headphones too. Not to mention a good computer to run all the janky M4L.
  10. F***king piece of s**t software, deleting a MIDI track in the middle of arrangement record should not cause the whole computer to freeze and crash. Also who is the brain genius who wrote that auto-updating script to do it's thing while I am recording stuff?!?! Yup let me air gap the laptop I do live streams from like a aluminum foil hat paranoid person in order to prevent this from happening. Sorry, just needed to get this out of my chakra system.
  11. Damn nice view, really nice.
  12. Another week, another livestream, another Ableton Live crash at the most crucial moment I swear it was autoupdating itself in the middle of me doing the jam. Accidentally deleting a MIDI track should not crash the whole computer. Also earlier I uploaded an edit of last week's jam:
  13. Really considering getting a smaller Presonus rack unit after I had a huge crash right in the middle of that livestreamed jam session and having read a bunch of posts from two posters with suspiciously similar avatars. Hope they don't work for Presonus or anything.
  14. It all depends on how long they keep updating the drivers. Of course even then you can still maintain an old beater computer that runs the last supported operating system and drivers. I think if I sold my Track16 and the M-Audio Profire 2626 I could justify getting the 16 track version of that though. I like that no frills 1U rack unit form factor.
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