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  1. I am eyeing the K&M 26772 strictly because their [ shape means that I can put things under the monitors in a way. My current setup is basically a desktop drawer unit with some books on top to get the speakers to the correct height. They take a lot of horizontal space that I would rather use for my keyboard. I guess it would be possible to get a pair VESA mounts that I can attach to my desk and dangle the speakers on top like that, or maybe even some badass thing that carries speakers and my screen. My screen is a Dell 25" and according official specs it weights like 3.5kg / 7.6lbs. The Neumann KH120As weigh 6.4kg / 14.2lbs each. So if I get a VESA mount, it better be some heavy duty thing so it can carry all that weight.
  2. I guess I should have specified that I'm thinking about the speaker type monitors, although maybe I should think about a VESA stand for my screen too at some point.
  3. Come on, guy I messaged about buying his Yamaha QY100, get your shit together and reply and let's get this over with. Also is it me or is K&M 26772 literally the best monitor stand solution for gaining some precious desk real estate? I haven't seen anything else like this around. My current desk gets really cramped if i lay my huge Roland A33 keyboard on it, but I feel like switching to those stands I could make it work much better (and finally stop using books to get the speakers to the correct height.
  4. Posting a nice chilled out psychedelic track that I re-arranged from this week's jam session with Tubular Corporation (alias Lagoon City): Full jam session here (description has video links too!):
  5. Could be related... Local newsroom manager caught selling all his reporters' equipment for funding modular habit
  6. During the past year I set up my things so that Ableton Live is my where I sequence my MIDI and also record a stereo stem of whatever it is that I am working on or playing. The MIDI goes out to different hardware synths but comes back each instrument on their dedicated track with Live's builtin effects. For a controller I use Push v1 with a foot pedal and a 72 key keyboard. I just record MIDI loops and mess with them in Live and see what sounds come up. I realise this is basically like having a bunch of physical VSTs to generate sounds, which is fine for me because I am mostly after modeled presets of real instruments like vibraphone, piano, rhodes, acoustic drums etc. I like this because I can have the project take not so much space on disk. MIDI is basically nothing, so the only waste of room is the stereo stem, but I can rerender that anytime since I record all the automation and MIDI anyway. If you want to hear how it sounds like, click on the "Streaming..." link in my sig. 😉
  7. No worries, working on new music every week is a big thing, congrats on doing it and keep on keeping on.
  8. Hey man that's my thread! Came to post this here, kind of long but it's two tracks really.
  9. If you get an angry response then let them know that you did everything based on the advice of your WATMM lawyer. 🙂
  10. Well if they cared at all they could just google your posts right here in a public forum. 😄 I mean if it came to light that Ableton was secretly spying on all the other software that you have installed on your computer - which they would have to do in order to detect "pirated" copies of Live - then you bet that people would have found out and raised hell about it. Also, do you think Ableton would fuck over their new clients that just gave them $$$ with this bullshit? Do you think anyone who pirates Live would ever buy the legit version if they got sued or something? Piracy is even kind of good for them because people can try out the software and sometimes end up paying for the full version, why would they break that flow. And as I said, I used to have a non legit version of Live on my computer, probably I still have in some backups or old hard drives and I also have legit copies of Live 9 and 10 Suite so I don't think you will have a problem.
  11. Not sure what you mean by "conflict". Anyway I had a similar situation before getting a legit version of 9 so I don't think you will have any kind of problem with it.
  12. Not really. If I have a workflow where I use a variable number of tracks, effects and custom stuff then it's not really possible to map everything I need beforehand. Of course there are automapping control surfaces like the Push, but I really do see the immediate benefit of having something mouse-like where I place the pointer with the "real" mouse and then fine tune the value using the "knob" mouse. Can't argue with the small physical footprint either!
  13. Did you have any hands on with it? It looks like it controls the mouse somehow (or it IS a mouse kind of) which makes me all kinds of specktical. Actually here is the SoS review which clears a lot of things up https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/nob-control-nob (time passes) Wow this seems kind of cool. Like a poor man's Faderport. Well, since it's €238, it is actually rich man's Faderport. Seems way too pricey for what it is, but maybe that is just because they have not scaled their production up or something.
  14. Sounds like you two might be able to make a mutually beneficial business deal, somehow. I'm just the idea guy.
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