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  1. Short answer: if you are asking this question, then you won't probably care about the difference. Stickfigger's post has the long answer. 🙂 I would say go to the store and buy a guitar that sounds good to you and is nice to play. In the end what matters most is whether the instrument gets your creativity going and you can do the things you want with it.
  2. Might be because when you search for "System 100" it will now return both Roland and Behringer. All this new gear in these last few days is giving me the dizzies. 😞 Incredible though how companies can spend that much on new hardware nowadays. Production costs must be way down.
  3. Crossposting here with a link to my latest release that I published yesterday
  4. This has taken me quite a lot of time to get nicely (haha) polished and done while still keeping on doing all weekly beats things and other stuff going on in my life. I hope at least some of you may like it although it really is not braindance or IDM or anything really experimental in that sense.
  5. Incoming lawsuit from Sony in 3....2....
  6. That color means it is mil-spec. Probably subject to export restrictions from the US.
  7. I like the idea of the Arturia Keystep, unfortunately I never got a real chance to try it out. Not going to buy one either because my desk is full of gear "I swear I will integrate to the setup one day" and currently having quite a good time exploring stuff in Pure Data which is FREE and ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD.
  8. Seems like 1 synth in 4 colors, not 4 different synths.
  9. It seems like you narrowly avoided being sucked into the modular world! That's a good thing really! I am going to try and fight the modular urge by patching together more MIDI mangling things in Pure Data.
  10. Two things (kind of) this week: 1. I finally started paying for the unlimited plan on soundcloud, so now I can upload all the stuff without worrying about file sizes and time limits (not sure if that is a good thing) Here's another generative krautrock jam - this time less generative, but more mellow as I used the sounds off the Roland XV-5080 instead of VSTs like last week. https://weeklybeats.com/thawkins/music/sat-11-jan 2. The longer, less cut version of last week's generative jam.
  11. I think it is worth the money if what you want is that sound in that hardware. I.e. you are a dad who wants a Harley Davidson. It's not worth the money if what you want is something to push the limits and break some completely new ground - there are cheaper and better ways to do that, and probably no matter how much money you spend, you can not avoid putting in the time to develop your skills as an artist to get to that goal.
  12. Listening to that Barker jam though, it's pretty nice. It's what I would do when told to mess around for 10 mins. Maybe I don't know the Elektron gear that well but those don't sound like presets to me either. That plate reverb makes me think I should finally hook up my Koma Field Kit again.
  13. Probably also that the reason these pieces of gear are famous is that someone took them and made something amazing with the things. There is no reason you could not take a random piece of gear and do the same today. Actually I forgot where I was going with this post...
  14. Oh if it starts to become a burden, feel free to fedex it to me.. I can polish that turd day and night.
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