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Melancholic modular track: Still Breathing


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this track has a number of things going for it but tbh what stood out most to me on first listen was the subtle use of the stereo field


also that shot of the computer waveform display at 3:43 was dope, could be a gif on its own

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I tend to double my bassline parts, and it finally occurred to me that instead of simply playing the exact same notation twice, I should copy and paste that part's notation, then change it a bit, so it comes in on one channel before the other (except for extreme balancing purposes, the lone recording starts off centred then pans aside to make way for its double), and there's one bar where I alternate dropping the notes for some fun stereo bouncing around.  The kind of thing I'd do back in my tracking days.


That waveform editing was my attempt at rhythmic muting, a simpler kind of gating, but it ended up easier to simply toggle the volume between zero and the regular volume... another tracking trick I used to do with sustained notes with more dynamic timbres, come to think of it.

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