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nice, I like the end a lot, especially the subtle panning. It sounds like guitar. Without the static, it would have reminded me of those swell interludes off of mbv's Loveless.

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It's actually an Egyptian oud



I think the melody that you're hearing at the end is actually someone singing, not an instrument.

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this one is more elaborate


15 hours ago, Hyperfrequence said:

One day i'll stop being lazy and start to learn maxmsp...

Well done, nice experiments


- Resye

It isn't about laziness so much as your preferences in general.  I personally find max to be extremely fun and enjoyable, and there are endless concepts to play around with to create new stuff.  But it's almost completely unpredictable and you won't have much fun if you like to have an idea of what you'll get before you do anything.

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