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  1. I agree with that, i listenned to it on other monitors than mine and it appears that drum are sub-mixed, i like it that way anyway ! Here's some other tracks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQmSOJZVqjQ&list=PL22l9_nUAMKK5CIwWu5b7Pf_oYYZIg1xc You can clic on the link, it's a playlist with 7 tunes released on ballacid and "les disques confinés", a french initiative during quarantine. - Resye
  2. Hi, I just released a 4-tracks EP on bandcamp, here it is : https://resye.bandcamp.com/ I only worked with sounds that i recorded, i forced myself to get where i aimed without using synths. It binds influences such as grime, speedcore, dubtechno, ambient, noise, and musique concrete ! Hope you'll like it. -Resye
  3. Han ok, Yep i shot all the plans, a friend of mine gave me his camera for few weeks. It was shots in Parisians subburbs.
  4. Did some work in the garden, i was singing "l'internationale" and various random protest songs ahha. Hope i'll be in Paris next year to sing those with other people. - Resye
  5. I didn't anticipate so much enthusiasm :), thanks a lot, let me respond to you in the right order : What do you mean by "did you record all that ?" ? Do you ask if i used recorded sounds or do you ask if i produced theses tracks ? Then, yes i produced the music, in my bedroom with a laptop and ableton. The clicks were generated with Operator, following Monolake's recommandations. I use drumracks and basicly use pan, nothing specialy hard to do here. Check this video out if you want : Bass is also Operator. Sorry for the cut... I didn't have enough images so i decided to cut it raw like this. Thanks for your detailed comment, the other video was shot and edited by a friend of mine, it's his work, so yeah it's more professional, even tho we didn't shot it in a professional way, we did it for the fun of it, he knows i'm a broke-ass boy and he proposed me to do that for free. It was a way for him to be able to have fun as well, as he had the whole liberty to edit it the way he wanted. ? About "dès lors", I appreciate your comments, it's true that images could be more synced with the sound, i edited this video on a old imac, it was my first experiment with premiere, and i realized it needed way much more patience that i imagined, I will go back to video at some point (i have a new computer as well), it's very interesting to do but yeah, it needs a lot of patience. - Resye
  6. Bump with a news track on soundcloud : More IDMish Take care everyone
  7. Hi there, hope everything allright for you. I've made a short clip, mainly composed of fixed shots, Hope you'll like it Resye
  8. The only one i know and love. Enjoy !
  9. Hi chim ! Thanks for your constructive comment ! Really appreciated :) - The Aux
  10. Hey all WATMM members ! I just finished an EP and I'm collecting advices and views about my productions. The two first tracks are jungle/electro tracks, the third is an interlude but also a link to the last track of the EP. Hope you'll enjoy ! - The Aux
  11. Hey AroMor ! first of all I found the melodic lines of your tracks very cool ! I'm a drummer and I would suggest you to use more the velocity function of your DAW because some parts of your tracks don't feel natural at all while you use true drum samples. It sounds a bit odd. Try adding maybe some ghost notes. Hope my comments will help you ! - The Aux
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