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  1. Who's on instagram here ? I upload pictures and videos on my page, follow me, i'll follow you back ! https://www.instagram.com/resye_666/ Cheers - Resye
  2. Aeon Shaker uploaded a track of mine, right here : It mixes musique concrete, speedcore, ambient, generative rythms .. Resye
  3. I agree with that, i listenned to it on other monitors than mine and it appears that drum are sub-mixed, i like it that way anyway ! Here's some other tracks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQmSOJZVqjQ&list=PL22l9_nUAMKK5CIwWu5b7Pf_oYYZIg1xc You can clic on the link, it's a playlist with 7 tunes released on ballacid and "les disques confinés", a french initiative during quarantine. - Resye
  4. Hi, I just released a 4-tracks EP on bandcamp, here it is : https://resye.bandcamp.com/ I only worked with sounds that i recorded, i forced myself to get where i aimed without using synths. It binds influences such as grime, speedcore, dubtechno, ambient, noise, and musique concrete ! Hope you'll like it. -Resye
  5. Han ok, Yep i shot all the plans, a friend of mine gave me his camera for few weeks. It was shots in Parisians subburbs.
  6. Did some work in the garden, i was singing "l'internationale" and various random protest songs ahha. Hope i'll be in Paris next year to sing those with other people. - Resye
  7. I didn't anticipate so much enthusiasm :), thanks a lot, let me respond to you in the right order : What do you mean by "did you record all that ?" ? Do you ask if i used recorded sounds or do you ask if i produced theses tracks ? Then, yes i produced the music, in my bedroom with a laptop and ableton. The clicks were generated with Operator, following Monolake's recommandations. I use drumracks and basicly use pan, nothing specialy hard to do here. Check this video out if you want : Bass is also Operator. Sorry for the cut... I didn't have enough images so
  8. Bump with a news track on soundcloud : More IDMish Take care everyone
  9. Hi there, hope everything allright for you. I've made a short clip, mainly composed of fixed shots, Hope you'll like it Resye
  10. The only one i know and love. Enjoy !
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