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  1. The only one i know and love. Enjoy !
  2. Hi chim ! Thanks for your constructive comment ! Really appreciated :) - The Aux
  3. Hey all WATMM members ! I just finished an EP and I'm collecting advices and views about my productions. The two first tracks are jungle/electro tracks, the third is an interlude but also a link to the last track of the EP. Hope you'll enjoy ! - The Aux
  4. Hey AroMor ! first of all I found the melodic lines of your tracks very cool ! I'm a drummer and I would suggest you to use more the velocity function of your DAW because some parts of your tracks don't feel natural at all while you use true drum samples. It sounds a bit odd. Try adding maybe some ghost notes. Hope my comments will help you ! - The Aux
  5. I discovered "Blue Collar", by Paul Schrader. It was amazing !
  6. One day i'll stop being lazy and start to learn maxmsp... Well done, nice experiments - Resye
  7. ouuups, i didn't read that first and i posted my track, Sorry, i'm used to forums and most of the time i don't do things like that. I won't do it again. - Resye
  8. Hi acid1, I really liked your first track especially the final part when the breaks start being cleaner and the melodic pads come in. Keep up the good work !
  9. Hey there, i'm Resye from Hyperfrequence crew, I've made a clip with my friends. I created the music and acted (with my girlfriend). We didn't know where we going while shooting. But the Result is kinda good i think, as my friend who edited the video works as a clip maker. Music is a bit in between grime and what we could call "idm". I hope you'll enjoy it !!
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