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  1. geckos are, in fact, not crocodiles. furthermore, you have upset my gecko and it has vowed to avenge this insult. may i suggest that thou dost protect thine nipples. heh .. geckos would be sweet for nipple sucking endevours one would imagine ... given that they've got that little sucker on the end of their tongue ... bring it one .. + all the ozee geckos i've ever been friends with would back me up if your ninja nipple nipper came down to try it on ...
  2. man my downstairs hD needs a defrag ... this vid is d/l'ing faster to my comp. .. than the file i'm dragging across is .. blar .. i take that back .. the vid file has now paused .. has it been removed .. ??
  3. a hippy san fransisco kids TV show park bench .,.. (going by scalf and jacket lining) ... -- suspekt evrëthinG // belëv nuthinG ..
  4. [Arienai]_Sugar_Sugar_Rune_-_01_[H264_-_AAC][09928A96].mp4
  5. ar shit .. ie shuld havf maed the karaktrs graeskaelL tue .. ar welL .. wotefvr .. iem goe'inG tue bed .. niet olL ..
  6. Yeah, once you get a hold of my branch davidian, then we on babe. As i'm one horny muthafucka
  7. And finally, tomorrows weather will be all in my pants. Over to you david. Hehe. This proves you really are a force of nature to behold Carol. Wanna be a minor deity in my cult babe. Hey you got any daughters?
  8. You rude PRICK Hey, i'm just enuntio veritas like laika said to do, don't give me trouble lady. You'll ruin my naptime dreams.
  9. well why in the darn hell you wearing all those clothes then baby
  10. riet on ... ja tatsächlich mcgriff ist der zeitgeist
  11. i wonder if there'll be a term coined 'do a mcgriff' one day in honour of you and these antiquated antics dude ... that also .. woiuld bejolly good .. and not entirely undeserved ...
  12. Dis looks like fun, can i join in. I'll give you gas if you need something in exchange. holey mutha russia .. thats a big picture .. soz fellas ... i just farted on your thread ...
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