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  1. may we possibly cross paths somewhere else in the future cheers to music and good times
  2. Do you not notice what is currently being complained about more than the upgrade or (when chatmm was up) chatmms slowness? Exacly. Of course complaints about this will pass in time too. Or it will pass even faster if you'll lock this thread but that's just not right. You gave three reasons but none of them actually make sense. Why don't you just turn chatmm on, tell people to not complain or you'll turn it off and make someone a chatmm mod so he would warn people when they share illegal links? The current Moderators have Moderation powers in CHATMM, but as mentioned, there would need to be someone 'monitoring' CHATMM all the time, especially with the instant nature of a chatroom. And I honestly don' t have the time searching the chat logs for illegal links or behaviour that is contrary to the rules of the site/chat room. CHATMM had rules - you had to agree to them before entering. People complained about that, too... It's not coming back - and what one person feels doesn't "make any sense" has no bearing on what I think makes sense. FUCKING WOW you are a cold heartless bastard if thats how you approach making decisions. you don't listen to any of us, and you are rude to the community you say you support you don't even expand on why you think what you think makes sense and don't challenge logical repeated criticism like this: goodbye
  3. no, i piss outside if I want to have a preference... urine and steamy water = bad smell
  4. lol, true dat... this is reasonable joyrex... 1) you won't lose one penny 2) you won't be responsible for keeping an eye on chatmms activity its like it doesn't even exist
  5. one day you will fall to my power and all of watmm will release the great sigh that casts peace and idm all over our souls
  6. Thats fantastic chaos, but if Chatmms old chatroom will be paid for, I have to argue what difference is it to the mods/admin? If its linked on the site and its something every user can use, then why can't we just have the good ole regular chatmm back with all our favorite watmm emoticons. edlt: not to mention, standardized user names, so people don't fuck around pretending to be someone else or who knows what insanity could occur , but maybe I don't understand how this google chrome chat thing works
  7. Do you not notice what is currently being complained about more than the upgrade or (when chatmm was up) chatmms slowness?
  8. Joyrex why do you ignore me?
  9. here we are, end of the weekend, joyrex will be logging into watmm within 24 hours... this is the day
  10. lol, yeah... must be. i'm also Aphex Twin, Steve Beckett, and Sean from Autechre!! Lol I knew it
  11. even if you don't use chatmm, it increases activity and creates either memorable or boring experiences (judging from this thread), I don't really understand why anyone other than the mods and admin would be for closing it (and I don't even understand their perspective yet, still awaiting their response). its a feature that some on this community enjoy so much they are willing to pay for it. wouldn't you want to support this if your goal is to stimulate growth in the community?
  12. Yes, because logically the people who aren't in chatmm, know what goes on in chatmm.
  13. we can all have reasonable opinions about each other and that dynamic is quite entertaining. but let's not fall back on our old ways until watmm is back to its old days
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