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  1. Not to defame, 'Truckin' with Albert Collins', which helped me learn guitar. But just today this was what i was watching relative to the blues. Please discount the fanboy sycophancy resident in the 'experts', who need a hanging. The chap liked Jimi Hendrix and a couple of other guys and he played the licks fast in his own way with Double Trouble.
  2. Thanks, i'm glad that a chap answered my question from 2015. Given the release date of the song and the fact that Prince wrote so much music for his mates and if you think about what the horn section is doing. Well .. are they ripping or is it source ?
  3. My favourite album in the history of music ...
  4. Such a sweet bunch of guys ... playing what i asked without me being there. haha ..
  5. you should know why this is cool. Chord exercise from a king ..
  6. u u u uu u It's funny to me those on here that don't make music .. we cool ..
  7. More nice late disco ..
  8. Really strange mixing on this late disco bitch.
  9. People with souls appear to be in short supply these days. Maybe the souls are there but they are sleeping and we just need the correct alarm tone to wake them up. Maybe one day one of us will write this clarion call. (it won't be flahbulb).
  10. Sounds like an homeopathic remedy. Maybe he's missed a trick.
  11. Summer's back. Why didn't i move somewhere cooler in the interim.
  12. indifferent really. i wish him the best. he's got plenty of fans so i wouldn't worry. I've never been rude about him unlike many watmmrs, i'm just not interested in his music. And this one is particularly pointless, especially in light of the nonsense that's in the blurb about it you'd think benn had walked on water through the great flood to bring us these ones and zeros on marble tablets. This hubris deserves countermanding.
  13. argh, not able to fast forward through vanity intro. oh the whole track is a vanity intro, worse the whole site is filled with songs that are vanity intros, it's like 90% of my soundcloud seems to be these days. Whatever happened to songs, 'oh that's trippy noises' is either from lack of understanding of the medium or degeneracy. gleh.
  14. Welcome to the reliable vagaries of human behaviour.
  15. Lol, woman was taken right out of her "moment"
  16. A subgenre called puke.hah, sorry, i'm a dog with a bone, i'll shut up now.
  17. People have some strange tastes in music. These people's great-grandparents were listening to chanson, accordion or folk music, i'd much rather they went to a big festival of that, even the cheesy versions of it because at least it would reflect some sort of braincells were active in their drugged up minds.
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