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  1. Not sure yet, they cost a bomb to make but I'm offsetting it with money from digital sales - so probably £25-30 a pop?
  2. If anyone's interested I'm selling five of these extremely limited edition lathe-cut clear vinyl next Bandcamp Friday - 2nd October, thx https://lofivemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-art-of-living
  3. Cheers mate, yeah I think the coroner will be making a few of the less clear-cut inquests available in future 💀
  4. Hi folks, just letting you know about a limited edition DVD we're putting out on Emotion Wave, Friday 4 May - it's a pretty dark new-age-therapy-gone-wrong concept. https://hermajestyscoronerforwirral.bandcamp.com/album/esoteric-healing-friend-or-foe On Tuesday 13th April 2004, a two-day international conference was hosted at Wirral's Insight Conference Centre for the Association of Transpersonal Psychologists and Naturopathic Therapists. During a breakout session at approximately 2:56pm, conference delegates reported a brief power cut followed by what they described as an 'ear-piercing electrical buzzing noise’, followed by a crashing sound. Part of the rear annex of the conference centre, where one of the breakout seminar rooms was located, had collapsed, causing injuries that initially were initially believed to be the cause of death of attendee Ariel Moonstone. Initial examination of the body revealed burns consistent with those caused by lethal electric shock. Further investigations have revealed that death was cardiac arrest most likely caused by prolonged exposure to electrical current, though the source of this current has not yet been established. ---- A physical version is available in the form of a conference handout DVD, featuring videos of all the audio tracks and some extra bonus material. Each DVD comes with a printed conference schedule, conference delegate list plus the coroner's report, all packaged in an enveloped secured with the coroner's wax seal.
  5. Thanks for supporting mate 🍻 Didn't know Washed Out had something new out, will look it up. I really liked a lot of that chillwave stuff back in the day, I think Toro Y Moi's got something new out too, sounds a bit more soul/jazzy, like Bad Bad Not Good.
  6. Thanks friend. I sampled a really nice audiobook (Mediations by Marcus Aurelius) from 1959 for this, let me know if you want a copy and I'll bung it over.
  7. I learnt from playing loads of unsuitable gigs that getting in front of the right people and creating the right sort of open minded atmosphere is just as, probably more important, than how tight your performance is. Put your own night on and invite other similar DJs/producers to play. Create a Facebook event and invite anyone who might be into it. Get a small room with a PA and bring your mates down, make it a free night or even pay-what-you-can-afford on the door. Don't play a club if it's not music you can't dance to, you want something comfortable and comfy where people can chill, chat and listen to good music in the background. Have pa laylist ready to go in the background for before and after your sets so there's no awkward dead air, it really kills the mood. Yep as said before, keep it simple with tweakable elements - like mapping knobs to FX parameters etc. You can really draw stuff out in a live performance that you normally wouldn't on a recording, really build up anticipation. Good luck 🙂
  8. Did a livestream thing a few weeks back, playing some tracks from this release and the one before.
  9. Thanks very much! Got a few spare CDs of that album here I was hoping to shift at gigs but... give us your address I'll post you one with a DL code. YUS LID!
  10. New one here from myself - snap by @oscillik https://lofivemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-art-of-living Got few free DL codes here if anyone likes https://bandcamp.com/yum emyn-exnu grkv-7ppq 2x36-vfbt aqat-ga47 88ft-une5 v7rg-jezf 65l3-ybym urpm-7xn6
  11. The whole episode has arguably caused more division - calling someone racist when they had no intent to be doesn't really help anyone. Rather than dogwhistle public shaming, perhaps lean towards educating people instead - not saying that's anyone's responsibility but you can't expect everyone to have a degree in sociology/politics/history.
  12. https://lofive-cis.bandcamp.com/ https://www.normanrecords.com/records/179142-lo-five-geography-of-the-abyss
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