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  1. The whole episode has arguably caused more division - calling someone racist when they had no intent to be doesn't really help anyone. Rather than dogwhistle public shaming, perhaps lean towards educating people instead - not saying that's anyone's responsibility but you can't expect everyone to have a degree in sociology/politics/history.
  2. https://lofive-cis.bandcamp.com/ https://www.normanrecords.com/records/179142-lo-five-geography-of-the-abyss
  3. Yes that's right, so you can get some nice big sounds out of it - sounds amazing through reverb.
  4. It's good fun, great value for the price + midi over USB so I haven't had to buy any extra midi routing hardware. Ideal for playing live as you can shape the sound quite easily on the fly. My only gripe is the 4 note polyphony, so it's more suited to lead + bass lines rather than complex chords.
  5. Here's some more ham-fisted sausage-fingered action. Just got a Modal Skulpt which I'm using for pads now too.
  6. In 1997 staff at Europa Pools in Birkenhead were at the centre of a major police investigation following the unexplained death of Kelly O'Connor. Kelly attended a regional swimming gala earlier that day and was found dead in the changing area the following morning. Although the coroner's report stated it appeared that Kelly had died from drowning, the location of the body and a lack of eyewitness and forensic evidence at the time of death resulted in the coroner's office returning an open verdict. https://hermajestyscoronerforwirral.bandcamp.com
  7. Thanks TheBro :) It'll probably be more like a massive looping lo-res Noel Edmonds gif
  8. Thanks TheBro :) It'll probably be more like a massive looping lo-res Noel Edmonds gif.
  9. Nice one, it's turning into one long set this - may look at ebosuite to incorporate synced visuals.
  10. Trying out live sets using more hardware than before, so I'm gonna start posting various jams here - any constructive feedback welcome :) Did this using Electribe and OP1 sequenced from Live. The pads are all soft synths but I'm thinking of getting a Volca FM to replace them.
  11. I got myself an Electribe ES2 and I'm not really getting into it so far. It's not very intuitive and it quantises everything you play into it. Loading it with samples is a bit of a ballache too. What's the MPC 500 like - anyone got/had both who can offer a preference on the two?
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