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  1. the little rainbow followed the girl everywhere. her world a mirage. The ancient hypnotic shark music tranced all of the residents of the ghostly village into a new dub warp reality. Their shadows danced to the alien pulse.
  2. images the perfume of the lady in black let's scare jessica to death messiah of evil julia's eyes left bank lovely molly the crescent goddess of love
  3. this tune hits me deep with warm nostalgia feelings. lovely early 90s british summertime album.
  4. there were no owls in the trees, only vhs tapes, there white plastic eyes recording his nasty brain noise. acid whitehouse grooves blasting out of the dense glowing fog.
  5. the nightmare spilled out into his bed. he did not piss himself. the dusty old sleeping bag is an entrance to a dream forest. morphing vibrations and rhythms.
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