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  1. escape from watmm one of you nutters has got aphex tied up to a yamaha keyboard and the idm government has forced snake plissken to go deep into watmm city to find the twin and fight off glitch urchins, breakcore gangs and robed up boc worshippers
  2. the special. dude sticks his dick in a mysterious box and things inevitably get fucked up. pretty decent old school style body horror.
  3. last ride. sad poignant australian road movie drama. great acting by the young lad. 7/10
  4. saint maud. this fucker burned into my mind. quality disturbing psychological horror. like an aronofsky film. 8/10
  5. the no self thing is a pretty obvious thing to aknowledge - the headless way is an accessible and easy way to tune into it. and you can just look and notice that there is only the movement and happening of thoughts, feelings, vibes, sensations, senses. but like you say we've all had this imaginary fictional self/duality brainwashed into us.. and that shit just relentlessly flows and babbles along with all of it's drama and bollocks all day and night. even a continuous invisible awareness/witness/experiencer of this is just more passing thought noise - thought is all that there. the field of life, energy, nature is our reality - we've never existed outside of it as a separate reality/self.
  6. the self is memory/past and not present actuality. so i'm not here, there is no invisible me in the head looking out of the eyes, hearing shit, talking, thinking, etc. feels like there is though. fucking weird nature.
  7. memory(thought) creates the fantasy of time and continuity. but reality is always new and fresh - impossible to grab hold of and pin down. trippy, slippy, dreamlike, fluid, flowing. always morphing - shape shifting. not solid or fixed. i am that. very weird.
  8. trouble in mind. unusual neo-noir with the a bit of a bladerunner world vibe. nice mark isham score as well. good stuff. 7/10 revolver (73) quality italian crime film with oliver reed. 7/10
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