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  1. Jazz This review is also quite good
  2. I have this album » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « :angry:
  3. avinit


    read The Rules :angry: :angry: :angry:
  4. Not anymore, he sent them to me :angry: :angry: :angry:
  5. It's by Vibert and not available anywhere... I think someone uploaded a crappy rip here some time ago but it's probably gone now
  6. Woot ??? I think you mean :angry:
  7. I did all the assignments and not just the missions but if you only do the missions I reckon it will take a couple of hours to finish !
  8. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: I actually had more emoticons but I got the 'too many emoticons in message' error ...
  9. :angry: Universal Indicator Green :angry: U1 Untitled (10:17) U2 Untitled (2:09) K1 Untitled (6:42) K2 Untitled (6:05) A Untitled (8:02) C1 Untitled (3:50) C2 Untitled (1:51) C3 Untitled (5:10) I Untitled (2:54) D Untitled (3:40)
  10. There's a booklet included with a short interview and pics of young Richard James waiting for the buss, is it uphere somewhere already ? *double post, nice*
  11. The vinyls sound dated imo but the CD mix by Mike Dred is really good, if you don't have it yet get it !
  12. Damn it, I get the impression I may be wrong :undecided: I listened to the Analord series and oddly enough I didn't find the track from the bar, this is strange :omg: I just realised I can't go back to Flux to check it out coz I'm wanted on the Citadel and shit... :devil: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  13. I'm pretty sure but I'm gonna find out when I get home from work !
  14. I've been busy playing Mass Effect on the PC. There's a bar called Flux in the game and I'm certain there's an Analord track playing in the background ! I'm gonna listen to my mp3s of the 12"'s so I can identify it and see if I'm right. Anyone else play the game and notice this ? You can get it real cheap on the interwebz you know :angry:
  15. I already have the Innovation CD but I might get this cause I'm so anal ! Yesterday I recieved my copy of Trance Europe Express which has a longer edit of 'CD Only Track #1' from AB 3. Good stuff
  16. that was really bad and not in a good way
  17. I recieved Squarewindow CD3" when I ordered a copy of Surfing On Sine Waves from Warp, I guess it's actually by Richard D. James then ...
  18. Yeah ugly women thread, not disabled children ! This is one of Amys better pictures though
  19. I once worked in a institution for disabled kids and there was this girl who had been born without a face ! That's right, she had no nose, lips, eyes or anything. She had surgery done but it almost made it look worse and she scared the other kids when she put her glass eyes in her mouth. I wish I had a picture of her I could post now
  20. I'll start with this ugly one, both ugly AND disgusting !
  21. The Ruins Not a good movie, Avoid !
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