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  1. there is a difference between these tracks from manchester & london vinyls with others same tracks from orphans & orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 except for Soundlab20?
  2. I sell my caustic window cd-r in person in the middle of an ocean or desert for $300
  3. don't understand but don't care because u do : AFX - Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix) 5:55 released in 2003 from Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance! Aphex Twin - Mangle 11 5:55 released in 2018 from drukQs released in 2001... no difference, but this track is supposed to have been made for drukQs as if it had been removed...
  4. i prefer cheetah & syro & CCAI than collapse... but it's at the moment... maybe later I'll like it more than the album and eps cited...
  5. no, it's fucking boring & looks like The Alan Parson's Project in Funky/Goovy... sorry... no, it's fucking awful
  6. Un conseil, surveillez les rues de Paris dans les prochains jours. <---- mais oui, mais oui, bien-sûr! C'est beau de rêver! Pourquoi pas au Canada pendant qu'il y est...
  7. LOL who made this connection? who made this connection? Edit: well, who?
  8. I'm trying to do that, it's just a rough draft, if someone does it better than me, share it!
  9. Thanks 4 the 1rst pic, but want the second, don't care the third... Please, thanks! ;-) no please & thanks anyway! i've them now.
  10. Thanks 4 the 1rst pic, but want the second, don't care the third... Please, thanks! ;-)
  11. i want these photos, beautiful logo in 3D... how can i download them? i tried with no success... :-(
  12. please, reupload the link of this live, link is down... thanks! ;-) this ;-)
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