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    That photo

    What, as in Squarepusher? He looks more like Jon Belushi in the second picture. And Mr. NOW really wasn't getting to it, was he?
  2. Good luck! Man, that's weird and no shit! Last week I had surgery for the second time, and also prepared a playlist. However, I felt so shitty last time that even images of naked women were too much to bear, so I reckon SAWII is a damn fine choice. The electronic music mishmash I put together last week seemed a good idea at the time, but I think it to brought me round quicker and I felt a little cheated. I reckon you'll do better with some anaesthetic induced lucid dreaming. Enjoy.
  3. Yeah, fair play, it was a fatuous comment, and if I'm perfectly honest it was just a fit of pique because I was pissed off when I got the t-shirts (very childish, I know). And 'non-profit' was about as inappropriate a comment as I could have made. I just had in mind the blurb quoted on Discogs about Music 70 not being commercially orientated, and it was that rather than their Warp activities I was thinking of. And that, to my shame, was about as rational as I was being at the time, as in hindsight what I posted last week doesn't fit into any kind of actual context. Like I said, very immature! And I certainly don't have any qualms about BoC or any other artists making money out of what they do, otherwise I wouldn't put more money in their coffers. So, pwned? Most definitely! Hands up to that. Oh, and I changed my mind about the t-shirts, and after a spin in the Hotpoint 'House and Trees' now has much better proportions. And I also ordered the two new designs today as well. I'll never sulk in public again.
  4. I think you're right. And they're both incredible videos.
  5. 'Amo Bishop Roden' is irritating as hell, whilst 'Rue The Whirl' is just shit. I hate them both.
  6. Well, if it's any help I was one of those moaning about the size of the BoC shirts. I also bought the Large size black AFX logo shirt from WarpMart a while ago, and that was perfectly OK for me. I'm 5' 7" but it's still spacey around my modest paunch. That's why I was banging on about the size of the BoC shirts, but it's probably more my own fault anyway for being a bit of a fat cunt.
  7. I thought this had already been done recently? Oh well, it's still fun anyway, plus my list now'll be different from last time. OTV1 - Side B, Track 19 OTV2 - On A Rolling Sea A Few Old Tunes - Rodox Video Boc Maxima - Whitewater Twoism - Sixtyniner Hi Scores - Everything You Do Is A Balloon MHTRTC - Olson Peel Session - Happy Cycling IABPOITC - Kid For Today Geogaddi - 1969 TCH - Tears From The Compound Eye TCHighway - Left Side Drive and Heard From Telegraph Lines (can't split them) Compilations etc - Korona Remix - Poppy Seed (Reprise)
  8. Bollocks, I accidentally skimmed over the 'originals only' bit. Most of my MP3s are legit though, apart from the Skam stuff. Suppose that still doesn't count.
  9. It was on Volume Eight (released September 1993 according to Discogs). 'Volume...' was a series of book/CD combos released in the UK that featured various artists with corresponding articles/interviews and songs. I used to collect them but stopped at 'Volume Six', I think it was. Typical. Plus, I'd never heard of Autechre then. There was often some good exclusive and rare tracks on them (also, I've got 'Entrance To Exit' on one of them). Never even heard the song, in fact I only found out that it even existed a few months ago. http://www.discogs.com/release/115269
  10. Raddcliff, I want your records. And your cat.
  11. All on CD: Incunabula Amber Tri Repetae Tri Repetae++ Chiastic Slide Confield Draft 7.30 Untilted Basscad Anti Garbage Anvil Vapre Envane Cichlisuite Peel Session 1 Peel Session 2 EP7 Gantz Graf (CD Only) Gantz Graf (CD & DVD) All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0 Artificial Intelligence I Artificial Intelligence II WAP 100 Wap 10+3 Remixes MP3: Routine Gescom CD: Key Nell 25 Years Of Rough Trade Shops (includes Sciew Spoc) MD: Minidisc (Black cover) MP3: ISS:SA Keynell (Ae Remixes) Sounds Of The Machines Our Parents Used Mask 400 Skampler Unable to find Why Are We Thingy and Lanx 3. Just about given up.
  12. que? Nothing particularly exciting, it was a mix of songs used on a late-night show on Channel 4 a few years back, basically a semi-hallucinagenic collage of old NASA-type stock film - very BoCcy really. It's also got tracks by Mogwai, Leila and Caustic Window ('AFX 114', original version again). Just me clutching at straws. And I wish folk hadn't posted pictures of their collections. Now I feel really inadequate.
  13. Mine's pretty bland: Twoism (Warp reissue of course) Hi Scores Music Has The Right To Children (both British CD issues, with and without 'Happy Cycling). The Trip (Soundtrack) Peel Session WAP 100 Warp 10+3 Remixes In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country Geogaddi (Book version, also got the Japanese issue on order but don't expect to get it any time soon). The Campfire Headphase (British and Japanese issues) The Campfire Headphase (+ DVD) The only vinyl I've got is the Geogaddi 12" Promo. MP3: Old Tunes Volume 1 & 2 A Few Old Tunes Boc Maxima MASK 100 to 400 Skampler Chinook (Single version) XYZ The music from the Nissan advert that was on that Chris Cunningham DVD (I don't know why I did it either) The two BoC tracks from 'So Soon' Demon 1 Broken Drum Remix I did have the cassette issue of 'Play By Numbers' but it got chewed up in my old Walkman.
  14. Well, they were worth the wait. They looked quite passable on Warp Mart, but the reality is that they're actually fucking shit. These are going straight back to Warp Mart. And these are supposed to be better than all of those 'cheap imitations'? I think I'd sooner take my chances on eBay. And just because I ordered a Large size doesn't automatically mean that I'm fucking nine feet tall. BoC are obviously having to compensate for the no-profit ethos of Music 70 by fleecing gullible cunts like me with shite like this through Warp Mart. Oh, and cheers for the wank sticker. Generous compensation for a month's delay. Warp, BoC, all of you can go and just FUCK YOURSELVES. Cunts.
  15. we could argue all day about 'who's better' but it is fair to say that most people here would not list prodigy at the top of their 'best electronic' artist list. i'm included. Too true. It'd take more than just Keith Flint acting like a knobhead to make anything by The Prodigy nearly as scary as something like 'Aphex Airlines'. I had no idea that RDJ had touched anything by them, but I do remember reading that he only remixed stuff that he didn't actually like. I know he's a notorious bullshitter, but looking at the some of the shite artists on '26 Mixes', I'd be tempted to believe that.
  16. At normal speed it sounds more like "I Want Your Slacks" in a Scottish accent - could be a more modest pre-cursor to 'Come To Daddy'. I wish he'd stick to instrumentals...
  17. Caretstik


    How the fucking hell can it possibly be 'night'?!!
  18. I hope it won't sound anything like Zero 7 at all because they're fucking shit. I reckon there'll be more ambience and no beats, and hopefully no more lame and unimaginative use of guitar. The biggest 'surprise' will be if it takes them less than three years to release it. Slack twats.
  19. I'm really pissed off at myself that I ever fell for this.
  20. I had a similar reply too, plus there's something up on the Warp site now as well. There'd better be some decent compensatory freebies in with them.
  21. I think you're reading into it a little heavily and projecting there Fredd-E. Someone on Twoism reckoned this track had more to do with Ae themselves. That sounds about right.
  22. It's not the first time they've done it. Remember how 'The Campfire Headphase' ripped off 'Music Has The Right To Children?' Fucking plagiarists.
  23. X) Kid For Today Y) 1969 Z) 1986 Summer Fire I'm going to miss these.
  24. I thought the first two t-shirts were due for shipping on the 4th of August? I pre-ordered mine mid-July but I've still heard fuckall from Warp.
  25. U) Everything You Do Is A Balloon V) Zander Two W) Open The Light
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