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  1. that sounds good right now, thanks for the reminder A pleasure, old chap.
  2. The Breeders, 'Glorious'. Been having a bit of a nostalgia trip today, may yet dig out Pale Saints before the night is through.
  3. Alder and Elius, 'Unriddled Allude'.
  4. Siouxsie and The Banshees, 'Drop Dead/Celebration'.
  5. I resisted buying a copy of the regular CD in HMV today, as I've already preordered the Special Edition and Japanese release, and bought the MP3s from bleep. But I still may go and pick up a copy of the fucker in Norwich tomorrow. I can ill afford it, but it just looks so damn sexy... Listened to it all day today, and I really do fucking love Quaristice. The only track I've yet to get into is Theswere. Not bad for a 20/21 track album.
  6. Reverbaphon, 'Sea Minor Grave'. Got the 'Here Comes Everyone' CD bloody ages ago as part of my Minerals subscription, only now getting round to giving it a spin. Not bad at all...
  7. Fucking cunting thing still won't zip. Fucking bollocks.
  8. WHAT THE FRIGGING FUCK I JUST GOT HOME AND GOT THE EMAIL IT'S ON BLEEP CUNTING FUCKING FUCK ME!!! FUUUCK!!!!!! Sorry, just catching up. Preordered the 2 X CD version, so Ae will have done alright out of me from this release as well. Mine's taking fucking forever to zip as well, come on you cunts, I WANT IT!!! *drowns in own uncontrollable jizz*
  9. Caretstik

    Second Peng

    I can't remember where I read it online a good few years ago, but somebody once described Second Peng as the sound of the Sheffield steel industry rising from the dead, or words to that effect. Sums it up quite well. Second Peng is genuinely awesome.
  10. leak or stfu I leaked just thinking about the Japanese CD. how dare you fuckstick! just the postings of thoughts outloud about wanting to have the japanese cd when misread as i havea promo really irk the fuck out of all of us stop Just reread my post sober. I did of course mean I've preordered the Japanese CD and will be doing the same for the UK CD when it's available. I don't want a leaked copy before I get those. Sorry, wasn't trying to wind anyone up.
  11. leak or stfu I leaked just thinking about the Japanese CD.
  12. I'm glad that I'm old and decrepit enough to remember a time when I had to wait for records to actually be released in order to listen to them. And as regards whoever was on about wanting to get your money's worth from buying an original copy, I couldn't agree more. I've ordered the Japanese CD as well, so I'm fucked if I'd ruin all that by downleading a shitty leak even if I could. Don't mean to come across as self-righteous or anything, I just want my first time with Quaristice to be special, you know?
  13. The tracks sound really good. Mary Anne Hobbs does not.
  14. You're that riled about such a flippant comment?
  15. I don't think the artwork is that bad, and I'm just pleased to see DR doing it again. And all of the titles are better than The Trees or Fermium, which I thought were shit and lazy. I've a new found love of italics.
  16. The bar-code makes it possible that it could be the back cover, unless DR are being really arty-farty. I still think this'll mutate into a promo sleeve though.
  17. Rook, you need to take some, slow deep breaths. Then emigrate to the UK.
  18. I thought they did as well. Checked back on the AFX section in Warp and it was indeed announced in July 2001 as a double CD. If Quaristice turns out to be a double CD, what will the vinyl release be like...?
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