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  1. where's the link? Well, seems like i haven't gotten the hang of soundcloud embedding, does this link work? https://soundcloud.com/donrafaeli/c-on-c
  2. I was twiddling around yesterday and recorded a little "see on see" remake. Thought you guys might like it :) [sc5][/sc5] I would be interested in hearing any remixes/ remakes you guys did. I've heard lots of Aphex Twin remixes and they always give me a fresh outlook on the original track, but i haven't found anything for AE.
  3. Thanks for the files. Beskhu3epnm is one of my favourites off Drukqs. I started twiddling with it right away :) Maybe i'll upload if i do something interesting
  4. Well since this is bumped i thought i would share some .MID files of a bunch of aphex songs. These weren't made by me, they were made by reddit user "zoltanish". I just zipped them and uploaded so i can share here. Here are the songs I have to admit it's quite fun opening them up in a daw and messing with the instruments. Here's the link for the download
  5. Would love to contribute just to bump, as i think this thread is super awesome, but i'm not much of a synth patcher. I use my microkorg for noodling with the arpeggiator and the alpha juno just sits in my room. But if anyone has some requests or anything, i'll be glad to fulfill anything that's in my synth programming power. I do have a buddy who is a synth master and i could get him to program me some nifty stuff on the jx8p and the jx3p. On a semi- unrelated note, Legowelt did basically the same thing as you guys in this thread and sampled some of his synths and drum machines, all free on his website. Quality stuff
  6. It's this :) got one that needed fixing from a friend. Ripped that from the service manual There's also a mangled vectorised version that changes every 30 min
  7. [youtubehd]JM6lRdPO7So[/youtubehd] Managed to miss this. Abusing the hell out of it now tho :)
  8. new Rod Whitters is awesome. Especially like the bit at the end :) Would be cool to see Monolith release something under the pseudonym.
  9. lol Got beef, yo? You seem to be mad at my posts lately, this makes me sad. I'm sorry. I am not mad at you nor have I any beef. I just made this thread to start a conversation, and one of the best ways to do so is to make a controversial statement. I also wanted to tease the Aphex Twin so he might feel the need to release something due to fearing his contemporaries were getting the better of him. Called it
  10. Yeah dunno what's the deal with that guy, he seems to have two SC accounts, mainly hg, steinvord etc. Thinking about it now, it looks like he did that "Wheatpin_x" vocaroo track that was on reddit a while ago. Top track, i still listen to it every once in a while :) I can't say i'm into the whole mysterious vibes/ impersonation that a lot of people on SC are trying to pull off. If the music is good, you could be britney spears for all i care
  11. I'm buying when i save up. Looks like a nice intro to modulars.
  12. Gotovo


    for the fact that it's a joke, it's done pretty good i know some people hate this type of thing, but it always puts a grin on my face
  13. Seems quite open to interpretation, vacation / camping, festivals, Cornish pasties bakery maybe? I'm still new to the forum format, when i see 50 pages i get discouraged :P you can remove the post it if you want.
  14. Found a normal quote: Wilson-Claridge says of their invention: “Instead of dividing the keyboard into octaves with semitones, we have chosen specific frequencies to work around... The scale is 128 resonant frequencies chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, chemistry.” So i assume all the songs were composed in that scale. also found a cool pic of the keyboard
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