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  1. I bought this recently and it’s very nice, one of my releases of the year.
  2. thanks to covid i've plugged in my traktor gear and started doing lots of mixes. i'm up to mix 40+ , its mostly stuff most people on here might like (autechre, plaid, black dog, moderat, gaming, skee mask, pushkin, bomb the bass, global communications, lots of 90's electronica and modern dub techno) ..... with a few oddities mixed together. e.g. mathew, jimmy cliff , janet jackson VS portishead, duran duran VS rote. and even one or two of my own things.. most things are on here. any feedback would be great..
  3. a few tracklists are appearing heres the hudson mohawke one , grabbed from residentadvisor a fwe are also appeariing on the nts/mixcloud archive pages Tracklist Hudson Mohawke - Hotcue Hudson Mohawke - Companny Hudson Mohawke - Anchor SOPHIE - Is It Cold In The Water (Mohawke Reflip) Hudson Mohawke - Nothing Ever Turns Out Hudson Mohawke - Run It Up Hudson Mohawke - Clarky Cat Hudson Mohawke - Lace Panties Hudson Mohawke + Ducky - Infinity Hudson Mohawke - Bring Me Up Hudson Mohawke - Wawawawawawa Hudson Mohawke - Entre Hudson Mohawke - GUC2 Hudson Mohawke - AMEK Hudson M
  4. the streams are starting to appear on nts , so hopefully we can re listen to everything without needing the downloads/rips. listening to mark pritchard now , starting with a dancehall remix of LFO .
  5. does anyone know the track id for a really nice orchestral/string track at about the 45minutes mark in darkstart - sods and odds. it sounded great..strings , plucks , swells , all that feels stuff. its the one just before a pop/soul/r&b track 'escalators' and the one that sounds like global communications . thanks.
  6. bimbom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    thank you mr autechre's
  7. highlights for me (of the new streams , i'd heard the b12 one before). autechre part 1 and 2 dark star sods and odds lfo tribute mix by special request. bjork remixed. need to listen to mark pritchard , squarepusher , plaid mix and catch up with dark star , and then slowly go through the rest.
  8. this has a few 808 state elements in it (the metronome plink). overall , another nice collection , definitely from that era in terms of structure and sounds , but still a good listen .
  9. back to nice 90's era autechre... and that nice juno preset .. its the main reason i bought a juno in 90's , along with R8 , 202 .
  10. i wouldnt normally listen to this type of thing... i doubt i will again after this , but its interesting i guess. its gone a bit 60's
  11. even on the 1st chord stab i spotted slave to the rhythm. with a bit of imagination thrown in..
  12. this current track is probably the most normal , arps / rave stabs etc. a bit normal compared to early 'proper' stuff.
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