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  1. 2019 06 28 01. Middle Of Everywhere 4:47 02. BAZU / バズ 4:34 03. 37 Years Later 4:22 04. Das Tier 5:22 05. Con Un Cuchillo 5:37 06. After 88 Years 4:37 07. Mieko Loop 2:03 08. Anarchy / Joy 4:14 09. Profit Over People 10:22 10. Mystic 6:21 11. I Want Her (You) To Call Me Baby 3:53 12. Le… 3:47 ► 59:59 https://raster-raster.bandcamp.com/album/s-der-m-larstrand
  2. 2019 06 21 01. I Couldn't Shake The Dread 6:53 02. Kaelie 7:27 03. Pranging 5:56 04. Tanglsill 6:14 05. Usens 9:38 06. AIIFC 4:48 ► 40:56 https://opaltapes.com/album/iirc
  3. was that as an allusion to twoisms peepee?
  4. 2019 06 21 01. FI3AC1927010 07:21 02. FI3AC1927020 06:03 03. FI3AC1927030 07:33 04. FI3AC1927040 05:21 05. FI3AC1927050 06:10 06. FI3AC1927060 06:38 07. FI3AC1927070 04:10 08. FI3AC1927080 05:46 09. FI3AC1927090 05:13 10. FI3AC1927100 08:48 11. FI3AC1927110 05:29 12. FI3AC1927120 04:47 https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/presence
  5. Some LPs! Aleksi Perälä - Sunshine 3 (Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)) Another great set of colundi techno/electro and a lush drony outro. Amon Tobin - Fear in a Handful of Dust (Nomark Records) Beautiful ambient record full of shimmering synths, clickity bits and grainy textures. Anderson .Paak - Ventura (Aftermath Entertainment) Perfect blend of soul/hip hop/pop. Audiosport 8 - De Diepe Wereld (Nightwind Records) Raw electro/techno/ambient tracks from Legowelt and Animistic Beliefs. Basic Rhythm - On The Threshold (Planet Mu) Grimey, bass, rigid beats. Underrated Planet Mu release, released under East Man last year (no MC’s on this latest). Bjarki - Happy Earthday (!K7) Killer braindance/idm/ambient. Less fun than his 2016 releases, but undeniably pleasing/lush either way. The Black Dog - Conspiracy Tapes RMX Destruction Day (Dust Science Recordings) Beautiful drony ambient tracks with conspiracy theorists talking over them. Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego) Most blissful arpeggios in the game. Central - Om Dans (Help Recordings) Chill af house tracks. Chris Moss Acid - Channel 303 Cable 909 (Not On Label / Self-Released) ROUGH acid techno. Cosey Fanni Tutti - TUTTI (Conspiracy International) Throbbing dark industrial ambient. Cygnus - Voyager VII (Biosoft Records) Hands down the best melodic electro/techno out. DMX Krew - Glad to Be Sad (Hypercolour) Third one in the saga for Hypercolour, funky colourful melodic EDMX with crunchy drum machine electro beats. Classic. Efdemin - New Atlantis (Ostgut Ton) Incredibly mesmerizing techno record. Ekoplekz - Kirlian Visionz (Seagrave) Hazy industrial mechanoid dub tracks. Can never get bored of him. Helm - Chemical Flowers (PAN) Beautiful and eerie ambient/soundscapes. ilkae - formal format (Eerik Inpuj Sound) Classic IDMs. Jayda G - Significant Changes (Ninja Tune) Smooth and hot disco house. Lena Raine - Oneknowing (Local Action) Dreamy melodies, downtempo beats and distant vocaloid chants. The Caretaker - Everywhere, an empty bliss (History Always Favours The Winners) Mangled ballroom. Outtakes from the Everywhere At The End Of Time series. Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couché (Flexidisc) Impeccable braindance record, back once again. nachtzug - aux4416 (mindcolormusic) Ideal squiggly braindance/electro. Placid Angles - First Blue Sky (Magicwire) Classic jungle/drum and bass/techno by John Beltran. Pyramids of Space - FROM AtoM (Mordant Music) Jazzy freeform space beats from Cornwall. Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program - Dance of the Cosmos (Akashik Records) Ras G does four on the floor; lofi beats, thick basslines and housy stabs. Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch - The Other (Downwards) Grim sound design and ruthlessly hard beats along with some spoken word. Silk Road Assassins - State Of Ruin (Planet Mu) Tough grimy trap beats. Reminds me a lot of Kuedo’s Severant but colder and more spaced out. Sote - Parallel Persia (Diagonal) Brilliant merging of synthetic and traditional. Lightweight floating to being crushed by loads of granularly crunched up instruments. VC-118A - Inside (Delsin) Dark dubby electro/techno. Textured and well-crafted blirps and beats. Yagya - Stormur (A Strangely Isolated Place) Radiating melodical dubby techno. Yves De Mey - Exit Strategies Part 1 (Entr'acte) Mechanical soundscapes all carved out with one DSP synth, the Modor NF-1. Think Grischa, Oberman, Vainio,... Yves De Mey - Sueda (Line) Equally as fine as the other release, more layered.
  6. in before half a minute of static noise, 2 chords, a ringmodulated voice that says something semi-culty and then 5 years of twoism going WHAT DOES IT MEAN??
  7. 99 hours of new Autechre and a 1 hour compilation mix of other Warp artists
  8. tfw ur reading watmm while djing https://streamable.com/2o624
  9. 2019 07 05 1. Vencer Quad Cutt 2. Triangulated Sorminn Fifth 3. Skomlix 4. Egroscatchia 5. Quimteck Outaorto https://aperturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/remhex-coyles-ep
  10. What records released in 2019 have you been listening to? Reissues welcome as well
  11. done. totally forgot about it 🙂
  12. cear

    louis ck

    saw him in Bxl yesterday, laughed myself to death - best since Beacon easily I just checked the leak , what I saw was way more refined. more over the top, talking about the masturbation shit, etc. great crowd. hope he gets a special
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