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  1. Final conclusion of this album is that it's a good modern classical album but it's not anything revolutionary. It's just more ambient Clark. I want some new bangers clark plzz He still doesn't deserve the dislike he's getting here
  2. Justice bought his on cd bc I figured out I didn't have it yet. It was stock on order on bleep, never seen that before
  3. This album is simply beautiful, biosphere always does it for me
  4. Yeah nobody ever talks about this guy, his albums are interesting to say the least
  5. Been out for a month, went completely under the radar. I thought I'd share it here (help guys I don't know how to embed bandcamp lol))))) https://antwood.bandcamp.com/album/delphi I personally don't know what to think of it yet. I liked Virtuous.scr and I thought sponsored content was okay
  6. Ik guess i havent been on watmm long enough tot notice any arguments or whatever other than that one in the ridge thread🤺👼
  7. It sounds exactly like his last album and I'd rather listen to that
  8. I think hes releaseing something new soon, the description of flangeslab says so anyway
  9. Nice Sorry its been years since i listened to that album, have to return tot that one after POV
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