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  1. FUCk yes, great artist name, album title and a great single and the artwork is great to boot!
  2. I think Corbyn would lead the country into greater ruin than Boris could do.
  3. as a big fan of ghostbusters i think this looks shit
  4. This shit is Clark's best work this year imo! I'm pulling my face of/you're pulling my face of/tickling a nutter/volatile along with beautiful ambient tunes like spiral crackerjack and snowflake banger make for a beautiful set of tunes
  5. It's out and it's better than kiri.
  6. no way! you have got to be shitting me, I literally wanted to buy Rushup Edge tomorrow!
  7. thumbass

    draft 7.30

    I am actually supposed to get the CD of this album today but the shipment has been delayed -_-
  8. thumbass

    draft 7.30

    the most underrated ae album
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