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  1. And there it went...
  2. Cool tracks! Nice tot see the man on Mu
  3. These tracks are all so amazing... I am okay with him going in a new direction, he's free to do whatever he wants of course. At least I'm thankful that he has such an amazing back catalogue that I can fall back on when his new releases don't cut it for me. Final verdict on the new album is that it's good, but definetely not something I consider to be more than that. It's fun to return to sometimes but I doubt I'll be listening to it regularly. It's nice revisit every now and then so I bought it on CD anyway.
  4. Love that it releases in a month and not in 7 like warp has been doing with their last couple of releases
  5. This is fucking awesome, had to make a thread for it
  6. 22 new tracks, a CD box set some EPs and reissues of their classic works all releasing May 14th! This is amazing news. pre-order all of it on https://seefeel.warp.net/ or https://seefeel.bandcamp.com/
  7. Wonder whats so interesting down there on the ground
  8. His older works have their own distinct sound and aren't Aphex impressions at all in my opinion.
  9. Interesting sound. Need tot listen to it more to see if it clicks, it sounds good but i need to see whether i actually like it or not.
  10. This would deserve it's own thread if it hadn't been out for a while already. You guy's need to check out the new album FP has made with saxophone player Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra. It's fucking beautiful.
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