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  1. This is catching my ears realllly well and i am glad that im enjoying it so much
  2. Ahh well i might have been too agressive in my last two posts. Everyone has their opinion of course, no hate.
  3. Lol im not butthurt about the art? You are the one complaining about itm And btw even though they didn't make it they approved of the artwork since it ended up as the album cover
  4. Y'all need to shut your asses about the design LOL. IMO this shit is way better than the fucking blocks and circles of elseq, the boring text "design" of NTS and the QR code ass looking thing on exai. What did you guys want? Some blocks wouldn't do the sound and feel of these albums justice, neither would some spastic fucken computer thingy on the cover a la draft/ untilted. This artwork encaptures the moods of both albums very well. Rant over lol
  5. Wasn't into dimensional people, this seems to catch my ears a bit better judging by the preview track
  6. And we never saw the promotional track ever again...
  7. Allright, thanks! I have been wondering what it meant for a while so my curiousity got the better of me lol
  8. What does the members sovled count mean?????
  9. I listen to a lot of weird shit but i truly dont understand the appeal of this lol
  10. This is so motherfucking good man. Pain everyday is a BANGER
  11. This is clicking with me less than sign did on the first couple of listens, need more time with it. Right now, i'd probably be in the minority who'd defend sign over this
  12. omg he genuinely deleted his account I completely missed that
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