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  1. Need to check this out. I'm not a fan of his Vault account and he was acting reallll corny on social media to promote "Thrown Around". He sometimes forgets he's a nerdy british ginger Iic , his last album WAS very good so i'll get one this one too.
  2. My original CD works just fine, It's an album I exclusively listen to in december anyway lol Love the design of the box set but 2 extra tracks ain't worth it
  3. October 4th though??? WTF
  4. aphextwin.warp.net has been updated So the bonus tracks are evnslower and rhubarb orc
  5. The Burial track is so smooth which is great because I think Dreamfear and his other recent tracks have been a little choppy. The way the song starts and then changes the beat around the minute mark to make it a bit punchier is incredible. The melody is beatiful, it gave me goosebumps which is something I haven't experienced from music in a while. Love the short section around the 5 minute mark too. This track ALSO has one of the best Burial endings I've ever heard. Overall i would say that this is the bestt thing Burial has released in ..... 11 years or something? Now on to the Kode9 track. I preferred the Kode9 track on the last split single. Imo Infirmary was waaaay better than Unknown Summer imo. but this time Burial wins. I must say that, although the breaks combined with the Footwork beat are really cool and original, I HATE the vocals. For some reason I can't stand 'em so that kind of diminishes the impact of the otherwise great track. It's nice and moody so it has potential but I just detest the damn screaming modulated vocals man..
  6. I know right! These tunes are awesome. Burial with beats?!?!?! Kode9 with breakbeats?!?!?!?! Count me in I can even excuses the tiktok ass cover
  7. Out now! https://burial.bandcamp.com/album/phoneglow-eyes-go-blank
  8. Don't expect anything other than a respress, you won't be dissapointed that way!
  9. Also the instagram story links to an aphextwin.afx instagram account, so I assume we have finally found the original afx insta.
  10. Favs are probably Imperial Crescent, Belvedere, Raver, WSP and Hastings. Theres only one track i really didn't like on first listen and that was Metaphonk
  11. Classic mu. Lightearted, fun, strong melodies and impeccable percussion. Not the deepest listen, but it doesn't need to be. Thanks Mike!
  12. A water themed actress album was the thing I didn't know I needed So lush and pretty
  13. Reminiscrmx, Daytime Gamer and BB Care are my favorites on first listen. Although this album sounds lovely as always, I do think Skee needs to update his sound a little bit from now on. It's honestly becoming harder to identify a track from his because it could have been released on any of his records. Although that does mean that he consistently puts out quality material, it's becoming less exciting to listen to. I don't think this tops Pool or Compro either tbh AND I'm not a fan of the artwork. Love you Skee, Thumbass out.
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