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  1. Man this was unexpected. Didn't know him that well of course but I remember seeing him in threads a lot. He seemed like a very nice guy with a passion for the music that gets discussed on here. It will be weird never seeing the owl in a thread again. Rest in peace my man
  2. It's very good and only 5 euros on bandcamp! Love Zuli's experimentation. Been a fan for years now. Sad that he doesnt get more recognition.
  3. Very curious as to what this is.
  4. New album from Zuli out on Nashazphone. I thought it was a live album but apparently it was recorded in the studio and captured live. It's pretty good! Listen: https://nashazphone.bandcamp.com/album/digla-dive-live
  5. I like sampled voices a lot a la UK Garage vocals. Other than that I listen to rap music pretty often too. I'm not that big into singing if I'm being honest so I don't think artists should do it more but if it works (like in Clark's case) then it works! It shouldn't be shoehorned in though.
  6. You know what, it's a mad grower. I might have to take back what I said. It really seems like he's finally found his footing.
  7. Banger first post, welcome to WATMM!
  8. I dont know what to make of it. On the one hand this is arguably the best new era Clark work. It's very well produced and I guess his vocals sound good for a newby. On the other hand, it's just not my thing. I have defended his works ever since most people started turning sour on him but I don't know. I really dislike Thom Yorke too so yeah. It could be a grower, well see.
  9. Gonna give this a spin later today.
  10. https://hudsonmohawke.bandcamp.com/album/set-the-roof Absolute bangin ep that got a surprise release today.
  11. I dont get this guys appeal tbh. I've never been able to get into his stuff.
  12. I like the new EP but I do think Woke Up Right Handed is better in its execution. Been big into his Peaches EP too lately.
  13. New stuff is great but I'm more of a fan of his older works. He got quite a bit of recognition back in the day. My favorite tracks would be: getting me down, medulla rheese, why they hide they bodies under my garage, potchla vee and both tracks of the hessle audio EP. It's more Garage-y stuff compared to the techno leaning EP's/ album he puts out now.
  14. Making an Ed Sheeran track actually listenable
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