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  1. Second track is actually pretty nice. I still don't feel the first track though
  2. God the vocals are awful, his other albums are pretty good but I'm now into this yet. The tasters don't do it for me
  3. Mnestic pressure is good but Koch is on a different level imo
  4. This needs time to sit with me, I don't know what to think yet
  5. One on one is actually really nice, kinda has an Autechre feel going for it
  6. New album out November 5th. Pre-order: https://miracalix.ffm.to/absent-origin.oyd What is this warp, lol.
  7. Love Aquemini and ATLiens do much, don't get me wrong. Stankonia is just the album I grew up with, outkast was the first hiphop group I listened to when I was really young
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