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    https://www.nts.live/shows/wxaxrxp/episodes/autechre-warp-tapes-part-one-21st-june-2019 Holy shit.
  2. Very different album from Geir. I'm thinking about Kraftwerk, while listening to it. Clean and minimal. Simple melodies and beats. I like this record, need to listen more.
  3. "Murcof’s long-awaited third album marks a dramatic departure from previous works. Truly monumental in scale, Cosmos is composed almost entirely of recordings of classical instruments, a process which Corona describes as “expanding the possibilities of acoustic instruments through electronics.” It’s a move away from the micro-programmed sound he helped to pioneer, and his seamless integration of these apparently opposed forms is almost unprecedented." http://www.murcof.com/ Samples: http://www.dotshop.se/ds/release.php?code=BAY59CD
  4. From their website http://www.jester-records.com/ulver/ulver.html They have been making some interesting stuff... Let's hope this doesn't make an exception...
  5. http://shop.skam.co.uk/acatalog/Bola_Kroungrine.html Small, but it's something...
  6. Sorry if this has been here before, and if not... well... sorry anyways...
  7. http://www.electronicpm.co.uk/epm__press_r...elease_pick=696 Release date is 11/06/2007 apparently... "Musically, it follows a more ambient/soundscape/experimental/electronic course akin to the Der Zyklus ‘Biometry’ project or even Rephlex’s ‘Quantum Transposition’ produced by Arpanet in late 2005." Can't wait!
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