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  2. Fortunately, I've never found myself in a shit like the one in the video, but I've seen enough fucking scenarios; the closer the party is to the city, so the easier it is to reach, the more colorful fauna it becomes. Slow motion stabbings, vans set on fire, calves in the mouth of a pit bull, snatching with sticks on the head: I'm not Snake Plissken, nope, and if I want to burn some synapses, specially today that I'm an old stoned, I get much better on the sofa but I also remember cool situations. Things that wouldn't really happen on the sofa.
  3. central part of Lukas solo could fit as a split with arsedestryer second phase
  4. what I did not know, and that only today I come to discover, is that Ligeti has put around a son, and that this has taken over from his father the urgency to push the music to the limit of its possibilities. Here is Lukas Ligeti, in a sort of 20-minute long polymetric blastbeat: here a composition for xylophone that must have given Ji Hie Jung some serious headache (the first piece has points of contact with Plaid) Jazz with confield infection: gorgeus marsma and here he is, full of enthusiasm, obsessed with pushing the boundaries:
  5. Draft78

    elseq 1-5

    ps: I feel this fact more in elseq than in NTS: in the second, are dilated those pieces that tend to ecstatic, therefore conditions that make indefinite duration a strong point. Obviously the first example is all end: it does not matter whether it lasts 20 minutes or an hour or more: when you are in, time stops. And my will too. But also Turbile epic casual or shimpril air could extend to eternity
  6. Draft78

    elseq 1-5

    personally I find in eleseq and NTS some very high moments, eleseq 4 and 5, for example, are peaks in the discography, but in the other chapters there are also areas that I perceive as accessory ... I think the reason is this: those albums were designed to fit exactly that length, this means that, if in the previous, every note was necessary for the structure of the track, in the latter there may be cases in which the need to reach the desired minute overrides the structural rigor... it's not a criticism of the length (i mean, the more the better), but how a practical necessity may have influenced the arrangement. Do not the final 7 minutes of elyc6 0nset exceed a little in self-indulgence? I'm quite sure that if there had not been a duration constraint, the ideas would have been condensed. having said that, these are huge events, eruptions of ideas and the imposing affirmation of a style, of a vision for sound, which do not exist elsewhere, and like all Autechre's output, they change over time along with my perception
  7. Uochi Toki (again) "Uochi Toki play electronics and draw in VR broadcasting from home during the quarantine."
  8. there is a huge oversteps_tour vibe there... this collapsing Bergman takes me immediately to those areas ps: 2010's sounboards: autechre please
  9. The related vimeo channel is amazing too : https://vimeo.com/titled
  10. nah, i mean "take off irlite from exai because it's a flat song is like to say ..."
  11. I have an obsession with 2001 started hard 37 years ago (i mean "AE35unit" is not by chance)
  12. it's like removing 2001 ASO from Kubrick's filmography because it's his least dense film in meanings
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