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    Ted must be a complicated guy
  2. ok, i'm a conservative, but I will not feel at peace with my destiny until I will have at least one soundboard of the Overteps Tour. If in the long wait for the day they can make a new live and publish a new album, the two officers of the absurd wanted to fill this - sublime - missing link, I would find meaning to my days again
  3. no matter how obvious it may be, I've never realized that plus is the sign. I had to see it written I should get banned
  4. https://detunedrecords.bandcamp.com/track/st8818r-a664-mix-by-autechre
  5. ahhhh... that thing to put the ears on a new ae for the first time: the condition of the child at christmas, otherwise no more knowable the preview : https://bleep.com/release/250678-humanoid-st8818r-humanoid
  6. ..if you log into twitch just for the Rochdale Sonic Torment, I think the "social" aspect is very relative. .. well I realize right now that twitch is actually a social lol
  7. same here: since twitch is a pain in the ass with the pass (it never goes well, always weak according to it), when I made the account I had to add numbers and letters to the pass until it was impossible to memorize. So now I had to create a new account with a new email. I mean, they are right to be so demanding, it's not small thing, like a stupid bank account, it's twitch ps: I really hope something is moving... it's therapeutic 💊
  8. I am even more fetishist, I still haven't buy it
  9. lp5 is under sharia
  10. Yes! Amen Lare posted the code on the previous page: Damirat Istant Buy The unusual thing with Damirat is that it captures authentically attention, without the "try to be autechre" effect that generally creates a veil of preconception Even the individual works of the two are awesome: Shin Sung Hoon https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/one-atove Changhee Kim https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/mptof
  11. ... it's enough that I read NTS, that a prehistoric compulsion drive me to put it up ... it's not an easy thing to manage. 8 hours, I mean
  12. I'm exploring the other Ding / Dents releases: South Korea seems to have an unrivaled concentration of minds: I haven't heard such cool stuff in a long time. This pixcurve by Damirat has no respite, lushness a gogo: https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/pixcurve
  13. I don't know if this story can fall into the "funny" category, but it sure has its place in the WTF one. So, nine years ago my mother was affected by a cerebral effusion, which cost her 3 months of coma, 1 year of hospitalization, full left hemiplegia and a cognitive condition very similar to that of a child, but lacking in short memory. Every now and then I play music and ask her to associate emotions. It is an exercise that gives basic answers, such as "happy", "sad", "i don't know". Mainly it is about music connected to her youthful experience, like Pablo Milanes, and sometimes, something that is alien to her but quite immediate (boc). Today I played r catz. At first she was silent, so I helped her, asking for a figurative image, a landscape. She thought about it for a while, and at a certain point, out of nowhere, she said: "Calatrava". How this was possible remains an absolute mystery.
  14. Same here: I was initially thought about the psychedelic genesis of the bats, then the twist: the bats are already included in the world, and I am looking at a gloomy apology to conformism
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