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  1. I find out now that he also collaborated with daniel lopatine in Age of. Any way, happy friday to me too for the same reason majestic evolution/entropy here ^^^^ !!
  2. Sir Brown that rises like a mischievous moon is the work of genius
  3. we have to sabotage it before the "open the pod by doors" day arrives
  4. max play seanic (2 clips) https://we.tl/t-XiLnCWU1oC
  5. Draft78

    Autechre Cover?

    this time is Carefree Counter Dronal turn:
  6. Draft78


    in all honesty, this worries me a little: they will return to play in the big festivals, which means that, in Italy, they will play at Club2Club: the worst thinkable place, but also the only Italian festival that can host them. Not to mention the expense: the festival ticket costs at least three times what you would spend if they played alone in a theater. this guy made this video just to complain about the painful condition in which the live at club2club took place Autechre, avoid festivals pls, they are a pain in the ass for those who come to listen only to you
  7. well, I also believe that this thread was born as a joke, anyway, I agree that the fact that something is or is not relevant to others is totally irrelevant to me. Having said that, beyond the comparison with other things in terms of "better or worse", it is not even wrong to try to frame a phenomenon in its context. Wondering about the role or relevance that Ae (or anything else) have in the music scene today, and in what context, it can still be interesting and legitimate. Yes yes, I know, I was pompous and formally rigid. When it happens I can't suppress myself
  8. well, actually, albeit as a joke, you raised a question that I asked myself first. Where does the limit lie between legitimacy and excess? Well, I said to myself that twitch chat is almost an extension of watmm's AAA-Ask Autechre Enything thread, with the difference that what is written ends up being lost. From this perspective it seemed acceptable to "steal" some conversation fragments and post it here as long as the fragments contained information of collective interest
  9. clips 17-5-20 https://we.tl/t-662EWnhOj4
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