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  1. true, this media silence is the "promotional" transposition of who plays in the dark: they have removed any frills intended for visibility
  2. Instead I find it likely that at some point they give us a gift, freeing the download of the entire album a few days before
  3. I too was trying to understand the warp moves. Generally before a release there is an advertising phase, but with Ae this happens less and less, although they are still the most influential name in the catalog. In the case of soundboards practically nothing has been done. The only answer I give is that, aware of the target that will be interested in the release, they realized that they can afford a minimal line, as cryptic as ae themselves. It is probably music that, although it has created a significant space, is aimed at a niche that does not need an advertising campaign, especially now that a lot of expectation has been created thanks to revamped system, with a possible stylistic change. After all, a prewiev finds reason in its being representative of an album, and in the case of pop it's for sure, but with autechre it could only be misleading, since usually each piece is a world in itself, and at the same time is something that needs to be assimilated slowly: they are certainly not known for immediacy (and in the perspective of a promotion, immediacy is essential), so I believe that leaving the total mystery on the impending album is perhaps more strategic than disclosing a single passage. How else can we explain all the singularities that happen only with them?
  4. ...Ae have reached a status that does not need prew, an announcement seems to be enough, a little to place orders, a little to drag us into a lusty spiral of dementia for 2 months
  5. robert, do you really want 46 more pages? Is October 16 really necessary?
  6. there is the suspicion that such a long time of waiting has precisely the purpose of watching us regress Warp, c'mon
  7. I was prepared for the knockout: in writing the encyclical I had put a mattress on the ground to cushion the fall
  8. so... the beauty of Ae graphics lies essentially in the idea and the ability to synthesize that captures in an elementary sign that extremely vast set of characters found in sound. For example, exai's graphics are not "beautiful" in themselves (a seemingly occasional set of dark squares and rectangles on a little more clear background), but it's fascinating, it has a cryptic feel, and one lets oneself be seduced by the suspicion that there both a deeper reference behind (which eventually resulted in the game of life hypothesis, which is fairly confirmed since Sean streamed his voice the day he died). Elseq is interesting because it combines circles and squares, but arranged in such an irregular way that it gives a sense of imbalance, although the circle and square are the regular geometric figures par excellence. I like the graphic for Sign, it has a breaking role with the line of recent years, introducing warm colors and harmonious shapes (yes, like all, I hope there is a relationship with the new sound route), but maintaining that essentiality that give back something enigmatic ( however, I must say that the original shape has given its best in the screen prints for Onesix: there is something Kubrickian in that image). On the contrary, I find the incunabula cover totally wrong, those hasty glitches just to associate themselves with a consolidated and generic aesthetic. The same is true of Anvil Vapre. Confield seems to me to lack any personality, my eye wouldn't be caught if I didn't know that it covers music written to evoke Pazuzu. I must confess that even draft art leaves me very perplexed: the black streaks that create three-dimensional fantasies and the digital fades remind me demos for graphics softwares of 2000. On the other hand, I like Untilted, the combination of colors, the (almost) loss of three-dimensionality of geometries for a completely abstract aesthetic, and in general the shapes.. seems to me that they center the mood of untilted. For now, however, my favorite image is Oversteps. Here too there is a break with the past: an expressly manual gesture that tries to get closer to the perfection of the circle. In its elementary nature it strikes me, i just surprised myself interested in something as common as a circle, like if it hide something archetypal (for the same reason I find Richard Serra's works attractive ). in any case I find it impossible to separate those graphics from the music they echo: it is through cognition that they represent that specific music, which are enriched with charm: once again, it is a mental fact, not of universal immediacy.
  9. Bambi's death was a tragic but necessary event: without his sacrifice today we would not have David
  10. sorry that sad events have ruined newbound. The second part of notwotwo is affecting too
  11. unfortunately my tear glands are not so generous to activate trough sound, but for some reason I find a balmy sadness in M62 ... and it's like a trick by Ae: it deceives because it has funky sounds, and a very lively rhythm yet in the combination of harmonies they manages to arouse a sense of placid, languid resignation
  12. have you seen? nothing else can stop them now
  13. thank you! beautiful ! I listened to the whole album, when it seems to go to a known place, something unexpected always comes
  14. from here to a year I hope that, if we are not all extinct by then, we will have learned to manage this thing a little less clumsily than now: maybe the number of spectators will be limited, and we will have to wear anthropomorphic condoms, but that the concert take place is not a utopia
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