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  1. there is a huge oversteps_tour vibe there... this collapsing Bergman takes me immediately to those areas ps: 2010's sounboards: autechre please
  2. The related vimeo channel is amazing too : https://vimeo.com/titled
  3. nah, i mean "take off irlite from exai because it's a flat song is like to say ..."
  4. I have an obsession with 2001 started hard 37 years ago (i mean "AE35unit" is not by chance)
  5. it's like removing 2001 ASO from Kubrick's filmography because it's his least dense film in meanings
  6. you raised a fundamental point: what we are looking for here. Personally I am not looking for music like Autechre, which, being like Ae, would consequently be good. If anything, I try to post music that seems good to me, as autechre is. The principle is this: my taste in music finds its apex in Ae, so, if something seems interesting to me, for some sort of transitive property, I find it possible that this may also apply to others who have a similar orientation, this even if the music in question is not necessarily similar to autechre. It must be said, then, that i never find somewhere what I
  7. I understand, but in the case of Autechre we all start with the precognition that we will have to dig repeatedly to get to the Holy Grail, with others instead we may not be willing to sacrifice, and stop at the first impact: an experimentation in lack of emotions. This also applies to me, it is not an ad personam "criticism", it is rather a possibility that haunts me.
  8. William Fields has already been reported, but I think not with this: https: //williamfields.bandcamp.com/album/bewilderment
  9. RB: No, there’s a better way – let them choose. Like, (singing as in a commercial) I believe in the children of the future! It’d be good to let them pick for themselves. done
  10. I agree, it's a music-focused interview and goes into their approach. After all, they answer the questions: it's not their fault if they are repeatedly asked to historicize the electronic music of the 90s, or how they met. However, it is curious to read their point of view on a specific scene, on the flows and influences in pop, they, who play something that is out of every category, even from the idm itself
  11. “We wanted to have something where we could change, at the last minute, any detail or any event.” https://www.tinymixtapes.com/features/autechre
  12. I will try to identify the interview, but it is not easy: 11 years have passed since Oversteps, and the interview could be from any of these ... I remember, however, that this stuck with me because that statement expressed, implicitly , that on the other albums the level of control would not have been total. However, it was a vague statement, it did not refer to a specific method (for example to the generative composition), but to the album as a whole, this therefore does not exclude that the generative aspect is also consistent in oversteps.
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