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  1. The fluidity of this Interstellar Space (John Coltrane) has something hypnotic and modern to the point of being outside time and genre. The rhythmic and melodic metamorphoses (yes, the sax improvisations carry a trace, perhaps not very visible, of something that we can recognize as harmony in the common sense) go into fragments that are recognizable only if we reach them by listening to the previous notes, and in this we can find the "ah, ok, i get it" factor, which is dominant in autechre. I find a lot about AE_LIVE in this piece, Mars: I recommend listening to everything that happens after five minutes
  2. well, waiting for onesix, now I have 24 hours of work: a climb on Golgotha
  3. This catch is worthy of the most extreme of the quizzes with prizes
  4. in short ... definitely not my business, but if this is necessary as a Trojan horse for Stuff, then also vaporwave hip hop is welcome. I didn't think I'd ever write it. So I can say I have the proof: I'm a fanboy.
  5. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    mine pushed something beyond the absolute
  6. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Anthony, John ... I have to tell you that the heat wave would certainly be more bearable with your help. Maybe now you are in the shade of a palm tree, I can understand, but ...
  7. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Didn't you even listen to a single live to stick to the purpose of listening to the entire record collection of the past? it cannot be said that you lack method
  8. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    What the fuck is going on? Right now that I needed peace of mind!
  9. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Friends, colleagues, whenever I see this tread active, I am seized by a moment of anxiety. Anxiety, according to the specialist, is the primary cause of dermatitis that does not give peace to most of my facial region. I find myself forced to ask you to be very careful and motivated before writing here. Especially in the winter months, when the phenomenon worsens. Your affectionate AE35unit
  10. almost unable to find the start button to turn on the computer, all I can do is thank, once again, all of you who are investing energy in something that I await with that enchanted exaltation that I thought I had lost along with innocence, at the time in which, waiting for Christmas, I did not yet know that Santa Claus does not exist and that all of us, one day, will have to die.
  11. forgive the insistence, but I'm listening to Bifurca now. It is very particular, has a personality of its own, and often seems to explore something that recalls the ending of AE_Domino_2010 ...It deserve attention
  12. https://lowemarklund.bandcamp.com/album/protoment
  13. lowe markiund is a guitarrist, but are S&R to come out when it gets its hands on max https://lowemarklund.bandcamp.com/album/bifurca?fbclid=IwAR2TTNSXqeydwyYYv8zjwCFLI5wXPRnMlTKYtXNlKUphnRemHOyr1fIRHyA
  14. I had forgotten this, which, meanwhile, came out
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