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  1. So, several videos appear on youtube with the Ride Liner, a gentleman in a sled who, harmoniously, lavishes himself on acrobatics of the most illustrious composers. Everything was fine until the Ride Liner decided to take a ride on Ligeti's piano etudes. On the first attempt, he will die. In this way we will follow his corpse, and the sled, bouncing dizzily throughout Désordre, perhaps the most beautiful piano score of Ligeti. But the thing is carefully studied: the corpse of the Ride Liner and the sled will follow two separate paths, which indicate how the melody splits between left and right hand, with complex evolutions up to the inconceivable. Ultimately the video helped me to better visualize the nature of the score. And the Autechre? Well, these are things that I find a lot in our two, especially in the decade of 2000. For example, I find a close relationship between The devil Staircase and Dial.
  2. it seems to me that the paths of Plaid and Ae have approached with Chirality / can't kill us remixes and syptixed ...at least rhythmically
  3. the new works of Sir Plotkin are fucking full of ae : https://jamesplotkin.bandcamp.com/album/mvmnt-ep https://jamesplotkin.bandcamp.com/album/soulless-ep?fbclid=IwAR2WByTgcc-_pzpL5mrJZbGhyvxXMCUWS4sb_qjzjpctTRiPZCzQm-t1Idg
  4. Draft78


    mmh ... I don't know. They played very little Onesix live. In my opinion they are still working on an updated version of this set, and as long as they intend to play it live, they will not publish the soundboards. I would be wrong, but...
  5. Draft78

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Thanks to killabyte11 I am discovering a second youth. I believed myself on the avenue of autumn, and instead, thanks to a small tribute (listen obsessively to dilankeks remix) I am once again welcomed in the youth category. Young and inexperienced, I finally regain the primitive condition of those who have all their lives ahead. Tanks dude!
  6. Draft78

    Warp Tapes WAV

    yes yes... the youngest. Like me! (42)
  7. I agree with what you wrote: I find exai perfect, it is impossible to establish a priority between the first and second disc, yet bladelores is the song that less won me over, and the thing is all the more strange if I take into consideration the fact that All End, which extends the final of bladelores for an hour, click for me more and more, listening by listening (where before I heard a drone, now I sense a series of repeated notes in a texture so dense as to create a single sound beam). Anyway, in my case is Irlite get (0) one of the highest points of the entire album.
  8. ok, as always, I misunderstood the meaning of the post thanks to my fucking maccaronic English
  9. ...and to think that I thought they always called my name, in aklo
  10. well... I listened to reek trpping: a disorienting experience
  11. Draft78

    AE Tour 2020

    Mine must have been a hasty judgment: the date under the Letna monolith (Prague) could end with a ritual sacrifice, so that Zdeněk Sýkora can reincarnate. https://www.horydoly.cz/turiste/ctyri-sykorovy-kominy-nad-letnou.html?galerie=145753&image=64674#topgallery
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