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  1. beautiful : https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/album/glinting
  2. they dreamed of a future of sex and money, but something went wrong, and they fell in a nightmare of over 40s obsessed with white noise who spend their days deciphering black rectangles swearing to find Conway
  3. really need a from enslavement to obliteration remix: autechre pls
  4. Over the years they have made some mention of psychoactive substances, but it seems to me that this is the first time they have been so specific. Here in the forum the topic has never been addressed, at least since I frequented it, but it is an aspect close enough to the perception of music, that it might deserve a discussion, especially now that they have introduced the thing. In recent years I have significantly reduced the use of psychoactives for reasons of mere contingency, but it is true that it was a very significant chapter in my life, and that it was an influential component of my app
  5. ...the fact is that Ylm0 is on MOT not Overs... welcome senility!
  6. considering the reaction times for detected the interview posted, I'm the one who's scared: wtf !, the big brother ... I felt comfortable shooting bullshit here and there, but be careful: it's all put on the record 👁️
  7. I also believe that the intentionality of the bridge between the two is made evident by the graphics and format, in fact we are inclined to talk about the - huge - differences they have, which for the other albums is not necessary because it's radically explicit
  8. it could be that Ovesteps has opened the tradition of marking the beginning of each new decade with a transcendent act ... we have to wait ten years to verify it ... the substantial difference between Ovesteps and Sign, apart from the general atmosphere (Overs : glacial , Sign : warm), it seems to me that it is in the approach: the first was maximalist (there was talk of a return to the origins but I found the opposite: ok, Ovesteps is not aggressive but more things happen there than in gantz graf... it's an endless movement) while Sign works in subtraction. Strange the disappointment for
  9. it's true, untilted and oversteps represent the two opposite poles, yet they are the two albums apparently more dense with hidden ideas. Fermium, unlike the other Unt tracks, is perhaps a bit treacherous: he prepares this slow climb, moreover with fairly classic solutions, and then, where it could start playing hard, it simply ends. After the traveling in the absurd that augmatic is, the only piece that can stand up to it is sublimit. Oversteps ... probably the album I've listened to the most. Even now I can discover something new in the skein of fugues, and although each piece opens up a diff
  10. cep puiqMX is another magistral closing... and yes, i have an addiction for all end ⚰️
  11. in spite of any skepticism, we have the photos of all the pages ... but the curvature of the pages and the reflections of light have eaten away pieces of text ... more than an interview it has the thickness of an essay. For convenience I uploaded the pages here, but you can also find them in the thread on fb https://we.tl/t-bQW08KkvVq
  12. draft->exai was the era of micro details to be identified and related in matryoshkas of possibility, which is the cornerstone of "oh! i get it!" after a year of ear work... AE_LIVE is the eruption of Krakatoa, stop running and surrender to the lava river that is overwhelming you. I conceive Elseq and NTS as a rationalization, which presents a series of scenarios in which to be in contemplation, although this is clearly a simplification: there are many cases in which the evolving "narrative" plays a dominant role, such as 13ctrl or latentcall
  13. ..he answered 😊 "Scan upload soon. May be low qualty. Hold on. I promise"
  14. good! thanks joseph! at this point it would be enough to have the scan of the magazine .. I will ask the guy if he can post at least that ...
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