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  1. let's see if I'll be able to fall for it again, next year
  2. this piece by John Gibson also brings me back to n Cur I have never delved into J. Gibson in the past, so now I discover amazing scenarios. in this case the repetition is insisted up to the addiction, and a bit like it happens with bqbqbq, it is the sum of intervals in the same beat that creates quantity of melodies and mesmerizing moments galore
  3. but I'm a poor lazy dude who writes with google, if I don't capitalize the algorithm corrects me with chronic
  4. Look, Chronical! You just smashed my encounter with TMA-1
  5. yep, poor guys.. those who come with me to Ae live know it: an hour before I disappear, to be found two or three hours later somewhere in fetal position: at this point they pick me up and take me home
  6. Personally, I find it almost necessary that the live material is unheard: in Ae case it's not exactly as if I were at a live, it's more an essential fact of loss of coordinates, a sort of radical event destined to occur a few times in the vital arc. Pathetic as it may seem, I need to have no one I know by my side, and possibly already be alone at least an hour before the lights go out. If during the live I listened to something that already belonged to my domestic experience, I would be abruptly torn out of that state of suspension of identity, I would think in analytical terms, and my encounter with TMA-1 would be irremediably smashed... maybe I took this Autechre thing a little too existentially?
  7. ..here is all the stuff from Mixlr that I have. The links will expire on March 21st https://sendgb.com/MiFEkvlySXu https://sendgb.com/fXwH7DFVOWh
  8. I haven't been to the previous editions of the Terraforma, but friends have told me it's an absolutely cool situation. Well, in the case of Ae, being something I can consider a sort of personal illness, I would definitely prefer a fully dedicated situation (the auric condition for onesix and - probably - this new tour, would actually be a theater), but yep, I'm sure it will be a great time (i mean... autechre in the woods!) single nights tickets... this is something I really hope for... i'm from La Spezia, you?
  9. Hola GAK, don't worry: i will upload again in the next days
  10. in the meantime... I'm waiting in the hope that terraforma will put out the one day only tickets, with the fear that this option will never appear and even the 3-days-ticket (150-fucking-euros) will run out. This, looking with sovereign resignation at Barbican and Helsinki M.C. pics. Lucky you northern people.
  11. in Italy we have two gigs ... but if it can be any consolation, I would save money if I went to the London date, and I would also take a trip
  12. Draft78


    this was before Pallas found out about the cost of the ticket,way higher than the cost of the camera
  13. Draft78


    ae confirmed for terraforma fest 💦
  14. Draft78


    Yeah, especially Rolph, with that boldy manner, always beyond the margins of common sense. Born to sin.
  15. yep, it's not entirely wrong ... but if we didn't find at least a little relief to digress about it, I'm afraid the ultimate meaning of the forum itself would vanish
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