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  1. Draft78

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Friends, colleagues, whenever I see this tread active, I am seized by a moment of anxiety. Anxiety, according to the specialist, is the primary cause of dermatitis that does not give peace to most of my facial region. I find myself forced to ask you to be very careful and motivated before writing here. Especially in the winter months, when the phenomenon worsens. Your affectionate AE35unit
  2. almost unable to find the start button to turn on the computer, all I can do is thank, once again, all of you who are investing energy in something that I await with that enchanted exaltation that I thought I had lost along with innocence, at the time in which, waiting for Christmas, I did not yet know that Santa Claus does not exist and that all of us, one day, will have to die.
  3. forgive the insistence, but I'm listening to Bifurca now. It is very particular, has a personality of its own, and often seems to explore something that recalls the ending of AE_Domino_2010 ...It deserve attention
  4. https://lowemarklund.bandcamp.com/album/protoment
  5. lowe markiund is a guitarrist, but are S&R to come out when it gets its hands on max https://lowemarklund.bandcamp.com/album/bifurca?fbclid=IwAR2TTNSXqeydwyYYv8zjwCFLI5wXPRnMlTKYtXNlKUphnRemHOyr1fIRHyA
  6. I had forgotten this, which, meanwhile, came out
  7. Draft78

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Oversteps came out, my ex was eating and, absenttly, she said: "the therapy must have been successful"
  8. so, I2DM causes progeria... there is to be careful
  9. Draft78

    Warp Tapes WAV

    I also hope that AE will free from IDM, and in general from gender definitions. I count on the fact that these tapes (which in any case surprised me for a complexity that I would have said unthinkable for those times) and the fact that are a free download, are the forerunner for onesix: Autechre, we would be ready for the instant buy ... ps: darreinchungsform: Nvunk is fucking great
  10. Draft78

    autechre coubs

    the serious fact is that I realize that I could continue to watch it for every single piece of the entire discography
  11. Draft78


    what could make this "autechre special" interesting are the old interviews that, according to what is written, should be distributed here and there in the mix:
  12. Draft78


    I don't know ... so, if I receive onesix I will do my best to be better
  13. Draft78

    Warp Tapes WAV

    it's possible ... but being such a representative thing, I can also imagine Rob Booth working in person at the mix. Among other things, I believe that the individual tracks, as them are in the demos, do not have this imposing rate of polyrhythm: it is a fact that has developed subsequently, and I imagine it can be justified by the overlapping of several pieces together. Anyway, I feel full like this: I don't think that the demos, individually, can reach this level of involvement
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