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  1. Another new one - quite happy with how it's turned out. Would like to know what you people think! Trying to get tracks mostly laid down in one session now - which I think is helping me finish them faster, and get less obsessive and perfectionist about things :)
  2. Water Bottle Meets Face is a delightful ambient piece. Maybe reign in the panning effects a little, especially on the low end? Kinda dizzying with headphones I like the field recordings thrown over the top too.... nice one man!
  3. The section at the start is a proper head nodder, with that low end bass groove - like! Enjoy how the mix works, and all the synth sounds in the background & sitting around the drums. Nice one. If it were mine, for the majority of the song I'd keep that bassline how it is in the first minute, and just have a short jam out at the end. No need change it much, just play with the sounds around it & keep the dancefloor going.
  4. This is really nice... I especially like the ambient section at the end! I do feel that the mix could have some more dynamic range, and a little bit more space in the midrange. Sounds in the low and high range seem to be overcome a bit by synths sitting in the middle.
  5. Very nice - attention to detail is impressive, but it isn't overworked & soulless. Really like the overall feeling of the piece too. Unique!
  6. Love the control over the bassline, and how it interacts so well with the drums. Just three sounds, but it doesn't get boring! Perhaps could do with adding some extra percussion elements / FX sounds to take it to the next level
  7. Really nice production here, all sits together very well. To justify the full 7-minute long track length, all it needs is some progression, feeding your sounds in and out. Do that, and you're onto a winner :)
  8. Thanks! Majority of sounds are coming from my collection of tabletop outboard gear, then with plenty of processing done inside Renoise ;-)
  9. Slower, but more dancefloor focused & low-end heavy. Let me know what you guys think -
  10. Sounds like arctic ice sheets crawling along the seafloor.... has that level of epicness to it :) To my taste I would strip back the rumbly low end and add some more high end details. Filtered white noise textures and the like - but I guess it's sposed to be stripped back and bassy. Nice work.
  11. Lovely layering of melodies, I really like how they build on top of each other without fighting. Non 4/4 time signature? it's nice how you've arranged the percussion sounds in such a way that there's only a few, but the loop doesn't get boring. Like :)
  12. Hi-tempo electro made with some new gear - Free high-quality download.
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