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  1. Adding acoustic treatment can feel like having a whole new monitoring system. A few standing traps / panel can make a world of difference. My panels are DIY but used the very same wool GIK used (and I wish I could buy a few pre-made ones off them too, but shipping is expensive for such packages). Now, some simple tricks can significantly improve your room response : for instance, don't close your doors (whenever possible). Monitor stands are also inexpensive and mandatory, having the monitors at the right heigh and width compared to your sitting spot is key. A bed / couch can also be an effective bass trap. Aside from the Amphions, I'd stil recommend a set of Klasik.
  2. I'd simply master all the tracks during one session, once I've settled on the right track selection and order. Having a global vision of where you want and can sonically take them is more crucial than the gear IMHO. Then I'd use whatever works, on a track basis. Now you can certainly do it all with a couple of units / plugins tops for each category of processor (a couple of EQs, a couple of compressors and a limiter should cover all your needs).
  3. Kate Bush gets thrown as a (huge) compliment I think 😉
  4. Really liked All Mirrors, reminiscent of Kate Bush somehow. Can't listen to the new single atm, looking forward to it though.
  5. Berlin was packed indeed. Anyway, once again, the line-up is banana. RDJ, Rian Treanor, Renick Bell, Aleksi Perala and Lee Gamble on the same night is already absurdly insane.
  6. @thawkins I got mine through Amazon.fr IIRC. eBay sellers offer some as well, I'll have a look when I'm back home @auxien it's hard if you try to do both writing and skimming at once. It's easier (not saying it's easy) when you dissociate both processes though. I tend to consider writing emotional / instinctive while editing is more of a rational thing, and I try to force myself not to intellectualize stuff when composition (and to let the brain kick in once I have enough raw material to sculpt from).
  7. Compartmenting can be liberating yeah. I was stuck in a huge creative block, came with a new alias I may not even use in the end (or not incognito as I first planned)... but that allowed me to try things that are more in phase with what I currently want to do, and the music I've been listening and aiming for for the last 5 years or so. Otherwise I became almost trapped of my own music (whatever that means), and of all the non-sense that came with that (absurd) feeling. Regarding "forcing minimalism", I'm in the same boat as you are. It's a struggle to keep things scarce. Now I really like the idea of reductionism, and stripping tunes until there's just the necessary core (and nothing else) there. If minimalism isn't something spontaneous, just skim what comes spontaneously. As far as I'm concerned, the transition from braindancish tunes to a more "techno" thingie is a bit of a challenge (but that's definitely where I need / want to go). Restraint is another idea / concept I consciously try to apply to my stuffs, and it can work wonders. Like letting empty spaces in melodies rather than fully completing the phrase. It's surprisingly powerful.
  8. Anything by Rrose Egyptrixx - A/B til Infinity (and everything else really) Anything by Ae Whatever RDJ releases Gabor Lazar - Unfold (and his Boiler Room set) Barker - Debiasing / Utility Ryan Treanor - Ataxia FKA Twigs - M3LL155X Kelela - Hallucinogen / Take Me Apart Anything by Jam City Kuedo - Severant OPN - Replica True Widow - Circumambulation / AVVOLGERE Patronen - A/B/C/D Donnacha Costello - Love From Dust Orval Carlos Sibelius - Super Forma Amnesia Scanner Caterina Barbieri - Patterns of Consciousness And last but not least, anything by Hiele and Ssaliva
  9. ValhallaVintageVerb is a fantastic, affordable all-rounder. You can't really go wrong with it. I especially love its Dirty and Chaotic modes. If I need anything gorgeously dirty, I'll go for Goodhertz Megaverb. They say they wanted to offer the best bad reverb they could, and they did. Seriously, it's pretty amazing. There's even a Polynomial C preset ❤️ I've recently added Relab Sonsig to my plugin folder. This one is absolutely stunning. It sounds expensive as fuck, and is basically an astonishing collection of sweet spots. Once you start using it, you realize that they fine-tuned it in the most tasteful way, it's impossible not to make it lush. I'm now using it 99% of time (otherwise I'll pick VVV or MV). Oh and it's so easy to mix. Stellar plugin really.
  10. Nil

    Studio Pics

    Either Relab Sonsig, ValhallaVintageVerb or Goodhertz Megaverb 😉
  11. Loving the LP really, I'm delighted. It has a unique sense of combined restraint and euphoria, sheer lushness. Potentially a future classic and certainly personal favorite. Just wish "Wireheading" was longer 😉
  12. No hate from me, just didn’t gel with its overall tone. It still is an amazing machine, a sound-design workhorse. I can’t help thinking that, consequently, the DN has to have a not-so-pronounced default sonic character (really talking about the tone of the oscillators and filters, how the envelopes behave, basic FM... not the possible end results) to be that versatile. I realize I prefer more limited synths with a stronger soundprint from the get-go, it’s more inspiring to me. Now the DN can be fantastic in the right hands : for instance, tracks by @modey and @Stickfigger convinced me to hit the « Buy » button. It appears the DN simply isn’t not for me. By the way, Plogue is working on a DX7 inspired synth, which should be stellar (based on their PortaFM and Chipsynth MD). Such a fascinating synth once you go past its presets.
  13. Potentially ex-aequo with Rrose’s upcoming LP. Rian Treanor’s Ataxia is also a strong contender. But yeah, might totally end my AOTY as well. Can’t wait to get my vinyle and flacs.
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