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  1. And finished S03 a couple of days ago. Absolutely fantastic show.
  2. Nope 😉 To be honest I have no clue how I'd do it, I'm too much of a novice. But you just gave me tons of ideas and I now have to figure that out , so thank you !
  3. Thanks friend ! I'm learning as I patch, and make some nice progress everyday so I'm thrilled. I'm now getting satisfying melodies with generative sequencers I can freeze/unfreeze on the fly, totally or partially, which is something I've been dreaming of for 2 decades now. I rely a lot on some of the new 8.3 objects, lovely stuff : audio rate sequencing is awesome, so sharp and flexible. While I loved my monomes, I don't regret selling them one bit. All my gear is easily replaceable if needed, I appreciate that. I was getting paranoid touring with my then super rare / hard to replace monomer(s).
  4. I hope she's teamed with Jam City again for that new record. I love Hallucinogen and LMK, so of course I'm thrilled she's sharing tunes again.
  5. What did you GAS a bit over and it ended up amazing? I've been wishing to learn Max for 2 decades, dreaded the learning curve and now that I've dived in (with v8.3) I'm astounded by its ergonomics and pedagogical value. Not to mention the possibilities. Needless to say though that I know now exactly what I want to do with it (a algorithmic / generative sequencer), which obviously makes a world of difference. What did you GAS hard over and it ended up a major disappointment? Each and every hardware synths I've bought, without any exception. I'm a software guy. What do you regret selling? Nothing I guess.
  6. Finished S02 yesterday night. One of the very best shows I've watched the last few years, incredible grower.
  7. 100% PureData with 100% custom built... everything (from sequencers to sound generators and processors) . Depending on the project either full raw generative (Computer Series), curated generative (Violynt Tropiqs) or a mix of algorithmic / generative / more traditional workflows (hArm0nii tandD3m). Beating the Odds was first generated algorithmically then heavily edited IIRC. Absolutely fascinating and diverse creative process, and outstandingly musical result. I hope we'll get to release countless Synalegg records via 3OP, and that I'll be lucky enough to master whatever he asks me to (his mixdowns sound fantastic already, pure bliss to engineer these). If you haven't already, I urge you to listen to CS, VT and ht as a whole, it's a marvelous ride.
  8. I'll give it a try, I've yet to find a good comedy on Apple TV (I like Loot as I love Maya Rudolph, but still). Haven't watched Ted Lasso yet though. The service's totally worth it for Severance, For all mankind and Foundation IMO.
  9. That first season is fantastic. Can't wait for a new Sam Esmail series.
  10. I want a full album of Umil 25-01-like tracks. Digilords please.
  11. I'm currently binging For All Mankind and loving it.
  12. everything 3OP, obviously Synalegg - Vyolynt Tropiqs / hArm0nii tanD3m Othello Aubern - Pace Serpente Gabor Lazar - Boundary Objects William Fields - Fire I still have loads of recently released records to listen to (Caterina Barbieri, Kode 9, Kuedo...)
  13. It can be brutal at times (especially the first season, from memory) but it's a fav of mine. Still, I don't know when I'll watch it again (it's been years).
  14. Oh ! Now that’s quite interesting and makes that remaster pretty appealing to me… Now I need Empty the bones of you remastered the same way. It’s always been my fav Clark album.
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