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  1. I now have a Push 2, and even though I’ve yet to write a tune with it I must say it’s a surprisingly awesome controller for mixing and for loads of utilitarian tasks.
  2. Can't wait to finally listen to it, I bet it's indeed phenomenal.
  3. John C Reilly is a fantastic actor. Fred Armissen can be as cringey as cringey Larry David imo. Not in the same way obviously but in equal proportion. And sometimes hilarious. YMMV of course.
  4. I'm now an Ableton Certified Trainer.
  5. More *abstract* (for the lack of a better word) than Meme Booth, pretty amazing still. I’d love to hear more in the same vein as his Groove 10 release.
  6. Cassette should arrive in my mailbox imminently, digitals were released today but haven't had time to listen to it yet. Mike is a fantastic musician, anything he releases is instabought.
  7. Nil


    I love the books and, no matter what, a movie can't rival with my imagination. I'm genuinely super curious to see how it'll eventually be though, how someone else pictures it all. Now, if only Jodorowski could have complete his version... and if Lynch could have directed and edited his Dune the way he wanted to. I believe there's a TV series about the Bene Gesserit to be aired soonish too ?
  8. Nil


    I guess I have to rerererereread the books for the Nth time before the movie's release.
  9. Not a BOC fan, but damn I'd love to have a copy of their Midas Touch Remix.
  10. Your Origami art looks amazing, bravo. And eh, cats ❤️
  11. I barely ever post but http://instagram.com/nil.hartman
  12. LP preordered. *Now impatiently waiting for the 24bit to be downloadable*
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