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  1. Conditional and William are on fire ! Not much to add yet, it’ll include remixes by Kindohm, Renick Bell, Vytear and {arsonist} though. Source : WF’s Instagram. Can’t wait !
  2. Kindohm, Renick Bell, Nancy Drone, William Fields... computer music kings and queen 🙂
  3. New 4-tracker by Conditional Records (which is an amazing inprint BTW) boss Calum Gunn. Sounds killer. Previews of the whole EP on SC :
  4. Isn't he using his live "template" ? Builidng something from scratch using his usual sound-palette. Doesn't really matter to me anyway, I'm a huge fan of his stuff and that ATC is pretty amazing. Oh and just for the record I'm seriously considering saving for a little Serge Modular system. I have no clue when I'll be able to buy one but I think that's the right (modular) synth for me.
  5. Leafcutter John's ATC is pretty amazing as well.
  6. @d-a-m-o I sure did, seems like I was the 2nd one to purchase one off Bandcamp (if considering buyers avatar on the release page when i hit the Buy button). The previews are pretty amazing, William is a super talented chap. edit : oh, just realized there's a third track up, yay !
  7. Can't properly listen to it yet, am currently forced to just play bits here and there... isn't most of the first 20ish minutes live ? So are most of the 909*synths parts ?
  8. My GF and I are binging Succession, what a captivating show. The characters are beyond loathsome and yet we’re begging for more. It feels like a mix between GOT (or its imaginary Lannister centered spin-off), House of Cards and bizarro Arrested Development ^^ Tried to watch The Witcher but stopped after a few minutes : acting was hideous, so were the music and overall direction/esthetics. Am I missing something ?
  9. I don't get it either, and yet I highly value their imprint.
  10. ... and it sounds wicked. Oh boy I can't wait for anything new from him to drop, I 'm a total fanboy. His exclusive live material is mental.
  11. Newly released Peter van Hoesen's 2008-2018 Uncovered Vol 1-2-3 might totally end in my list Obviously I haven't listened to all the 52 (!) tracks yet but the bits I've heard are stellar.
  12. He's played live regularly this year, so maybe we'll be lucky. Few months ago he posted about his studio and the (listening ?) bar he's opened in Antwerp. I guess he's busy 😉 Huge fan of his music, would LOVE anything new from him.
  13. Adding : Lanark Artefax’s Live - No Bounds Festival 2019. Stellar set, I can’t help considering it as a sort of LP in disguise.... and it’s stunningly good. I’m even more gutted than I was already that I couldn’t make it to No Bounds (it’s not that easy nor affordable to travel to Sheffield from abroad) while I had tickets. re: Æ Live: bought the US sets right after posting, I was quite familiar with the previously released ones, but this time I feel equally overwhelmed by the amount of new material to discover as I’m eager to discover it all.
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