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  1. 2 tips if I may. I've never dared to use (analogue) limiting nor soft-clipping. How foolish of me. 2 recent purchases have really changed my mind : - https://korneffaudio.com/product/talkback-limiter/ : even if it's an emulation of the talkback circuit you'd find in an SSL desk, it's basically a barebone FET design, surprisingly reminiscent of what you'd find in a 1176, all buttons in. And man it sounds fucking amazing on drums (it can be also some of the finest distortion box I've heard ITB). Threshold is fixed at -24, ratio is 100:1, there's a hidden panel (click on the dev's logo) to expand the sound palette quite a bit, no attack nor release (but eh, doesn't matter at all here really). 2 possible workflows : push it and then use it parallel... or under-drive it (upcoming update will add a padding option) so that the signal is far from approaching the threshold, and it becomes a marvelous de-digitizer. Adds tons of weight and realism. Amazing set and forget tool. - https://www.voxengo.com/product/ovc128/ glorious on the mixbus pre-dither (soft-clipping), glorious on the drum bus too (any hardness you desire). Hard-clipping is almost transparent, soft-clipping sounds super nice. Mega-clean aliasing-wise (it operates at ~ 5.2 megahertz eh)
  2. 2 new releases by our favorite live-coding wizard Composed and recorded at home between May and October 2019. 100% of sales will be donated to the ACLU of Minnesota. Mastered by Calum Gunn. + Recording of a live performance from the Euler Room Equinox streaming event, March 19 2020. 100% of sales will be donated to the ACLU of Minnesota. 🤘
  3. Now that I've found "my" sound, and that I get it ITB, I feel like I just need a computer and my monitors. The issue is, I need a damn fast CPU. Considering building a super compact, super fast mini-ITX computer to run https://github.com/apohl79/audiogridder to supplement the laptop, so that I can eventually play my tunes live. Even my desktop is struggling. Gonna sell my 3 Boutiques (SH-01A, SE-02, TR-08), all in mint condition. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM.
  4. Yes ! So is Engineer, and the 5 other tracks hehe. Definitely some of the very finest music I've heard this year. I love the conciseness of the tunes and album, it begs to be played on repeat.
  5. I don't have a video, yet I remember being absolutely floored by Christian Vander's solo during a Magma concert. IIRC it was right in the middle of Mekanik Desrtuktiw Kommandoh. The guy is a beast. It was during their 30th anniversary tour, went there with my dad, they played for 3h30 and it was totally awesome. Fuck I just googled it and it was 20 years ago, ah !!
  6. I just listened to your tune (pretty nice one by the way) and (hopefully) reacted accordingly with the sound processors at my disposal 😉 Compression to emphasize / lock movement (no need for more than 2:1 ration, Unisum is a wonderful processor I must say), EQ to balance the spectrum and to make the music pop, a lil bit of stereo imaging to complement what was done previously and finally gentle limiting to shave the peaks. It wouldn't have fit here IMO to process the mix too much. Glad you like it !
  7. Hydra can process cam RT input (~ 18 minutes in), so maybe it can work with video clips ? https://chat.toplap.org/channel/visualists might be a nice place to visit too 😉
  8. @Leon Sumbitches : I gave it a quick try too. Whenever possible, I favor keeping the tone as close as possible to the mix (while fixing / enhancing what's needed / if needed). I'm not sure louder would make more sense here (and as you can see, streaming platforms would play it without altering its overall volume). I suppose the volume could be pushed further though, if really needed. Chain was Tone Project Unisum (compressor) > Crave EQ > Leapwing StageOne (a bit of stereo enhancing > Pro-L2 > Airwindows Dark (dithering). Letter_MAST27062020.wav
  9. Am late to the party but it's pretty excellent indeed, retro yet fresh and modern.
  10. The standout tracks are still outstanding.
  11. Disappointed as well. As much as I love the 3 preview tracks, the rest of the LP sounds super samey on first listen. For instance, the live version of Focus had those pads that made the track super lush : where are they ?
  12. Have you tried to limit yourself to one instance of each processor ? Often I get much, much, much better results that way. I've also found that most of the times, compression > EQ works perfectly : the comp to control dynamics, density and movement (as well as some subtle tone shaping if going for a colored), then EQ to rebalance / fix spectrum (also stereo image if working in M/S) and finally limiting / clipping. Saturation, when needed, can go anywhere in the chain, it really depends on what it's supposed to address / enhance : for instance, before a compressor to tame peaks and ease the compressor, or after an EQ so that they complement each other, or to shave peaks before a limiter. -12LUFS is a healthy loudness target, if only it was standard! I can't wait for Soundcloud to implement loudness normalisation like most streaming services, I've had to push masters into absurd loudness just for SC way too often, to rival all the other squashed to death DIY masters on that platform 😕
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