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  1. Powell x Éditions Mego = genuinely curious.
  2. Instabought, just like anything William releases.
  3. I have a Griffin Powermate gathering dust somewhere, quite similar to the nOb. I've found that the scroll wheel of my Kensington Expert Mouse trackball to do the task extremely well.
  4. Awesome news, thanks @andrd ! I Now that you've somehow mentioned Sebastian Camens : https://nadarecs.bandcamp.com/album/asymmetry What a wonderful scene really.
  5. Meme Booth is truly fantastic, one of my very favorite Conditional releases too. I wonder if Mike has done other tracks like his Outlines EP ? Damn I still need time to blast that new one loud 🙂 By the way, don,t sleep on Synalegg's release for internationalwinners too.
  6. Can’t wait to properly listen to it !
  7. On a Institubes binge ? 😉
  8. Big fan too. I believe I have a cassette or two, maybe a CD ? Exactly this.
  9. That’d be my very favorite label.
  10. I suppose I’ve expressed myself way too succinctly. The lack of visits was surprisingly beneficial for all the mothers and newborns in the department : imagine the calm and subsequent rest for them. Only fathers allowed to visit, though not allowed to spend the night there, which is stupid as it would reduce workload for midwives and nurses during nightshifts. Lots of non-medical stuffs fathers can help with in such context. It’s my first kid but the 2nd one for my wife, and she really appreciated the silence in the maternity hospital compared to the environing agitation and noise for the birth if her son 7 years ago. On the other hand, they’ve reduced the stay at the hospital at its minimum, which is 2 nights after birth.
  11. During pregnancy, our daughter codename was : For a minute, we considered using it as her middle-name. Congrats to all the baby makers and parents around!
  12. Thank you ! Part of the logic behind the official recommandation is also to avoid being infected by Covid-19 while at the hospital. One of the benefits of the pandemic is that visits at the hospital are suspended here in France, so the overall atmosphere is super serene, which is truly wonderful.
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