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  1. it seems that Juno Downloads has previews up 🙂 I suppose other stores will follow soon (am a huge fan of Bandcamp myself).
  2. IMO it actually is, but it's all about the refinement of core features. But it really depends on how you use Live, if it makes a difference to your workflow or not.
  3. Hehe thanks pal. Don’t underestimate my inability to code elegantly though, don’t blame it on Tidal ;D @sTeh B L you can totally use Tidal and FL together, that’s Kindohm set-up (he’s a live-coding wizard and fantastic computer mudician). He shares a lot on info via YT. Feel free to PM me if you need any info.
  4. @sTeh B L thank you ! What’s your current DAW ?
  5. Many / most (?) audio functions can alter MIDI sequences as well. Here, for instance : d1 . jux (iter 4) $ s "bd(3,8<0 2>)" can be modified into (using the drum mapping you've set for ETR_002 jam.) : d1 . jux (iter 4) $ n "c5(3,8,<0 2>)" # s "midi" # midichan 4 And it can be quite fun : d1 . degradeBy "0 0.5!15" . jux (iter 16) $ n "[c5(3,8<0 2>) , b4(<1 2>,4,<2 1>) , e5*16?]" # s "midi" # midichan 4
  6. Thank you, it means a lot. I'm an IRL teacher / trainer, so it was quite intimidating to sit in front of a camera (rather than directly interacting with someone and cracking (poor) jokes while hopefully teaching something haha). It requires so much work, time and energy to shoot such a video. I don't know when, and I have no clue what it'll be about, but I'll make more, eventually. The tune, Vwls, was first sketched after Ellipses sessions, totally reworked with Live 11 beta. I considered going full algomindfuck, then opted for poppier material hehe. Super glad you like the video, thanks
  7. Spectral Resonator is super fun. If you understand le français, we French Ableton Certified Trainers shot a bunch of L11 vids, one per new features. Mine's (# 6/14) about Note probability and Velocity range. Here's the whole playlist
  8. Had some fun today with functions jux and iter. Mix of wavetable synthesis and comb filtering madness.
  9. It's more about the induced ear fatigue of "lo-quality streaming + in-ear headphones + noisy surrounding" than anything else. If at home I just listen to the lossless files (99% of times on monitors).
  10. Your code is perfectly fine 🙂 If you haven't yet, I recommend investing mini-notation, it makes sequencing even faster https://club.tidalcycles.org/c/course/week1/16. Excellent track by the way !
  11. I’ve been offered that gorgeous, glorious piece of recording history : a Nagra 4.2. It belonged to my father in law (very cool dude, former filmaker who’s always been fascinated by sound), he gave it to me yesterday. It’s a thing of beauty really. I can’t afford servicing it yet but it’s supposed to be working as is. It’s a mono device, so I’ve yet to figure out if I can reliably print full stereo mixes on it (like recording left/mid first then right/side to eventually rebuild the stereo mix ?), but I bet running synths through its signal path without hitting the tape can sound lush
  12. I didn’t know you were a fellow cyclist ! :D
  13. Reminds me of old Leafcutter John’s records. Granular + comb filtering might definitely get you there. Plus, the right recording to boot with :)
  14. @IOS I can record something yeah, though it'll be more of a proof of concept thingie than a proper piece of music. It's sheer curiosity really, I would see no point in doing a SND impersonation 😉 @xox genuinely asking : if you have a more precise example I'm all ears.
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