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  1. Downloading. Most likely to end in my 2020 AOTY list.
  2. Pre-ordered as soon as it was announced. Flawless output so far by Client_03.
  3. Yes, Client_03's tunes are fantastic. Any news on the Cybotron 2020 LP ? This live extract is so freaking amazing :
  4. Never heard such playfulness / warmth / humour in MF's work (I love his work btw).
  5. Now available on Bandcamp (edited OP). Grabbed a copy (#3 it seems). The 2 tracks already available are phenomenal.
  6. Nil

    Now Reading

    Just started reading it, thanks for mentioning it here ! Liking it a lot so far. I'm currently a tad too tired to dive into a novel written in English, but will grab a copy and will most certainly read it right when / if finishing the whole Three Body Problem saga. I'm also appeal by the typographic experimentations it seems to offer, reminds me of Nicola Barker's H(a)ppy.
  7. Listening to the whole album for the first time (digitals just got released today, waiting for the MD to show in my mailbox) and it's tremendously enjoyable to say the least. It's as cleverly written as the best computer msuic, sharp and all... yet with unusual playfulness and warmth to it. Awesome !
  8. Still have some records to listen to, so for now : Synalegg - Beating the Odds SIGN / PLUS William Fields - Traction Kindohm - Desrted / Reclaimed Jam City - Pillowland EVOL - Goofy Tape On the fence regarding Rian Treanor and Gabor Lazar LPs, I guess my expectations were absurdly high.
  9. https://kaer-uiks.com/core-alter-voice-array From what I've heard it's aboslutely fantastic (that's an understatement), congrats mates ! Will instabuy as soon as it's available for purchase.
  10. Spontaneous reaction on first listen : now that is a tremendously enjoyable pop record, with all the trademark Jam City bits you'd expect from him. Catchy as fuck, equally as emotional and amazingly crafted. I somehow miss the way he sang on Dream A Garden though ?!
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