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  1. Purchased right away. edit: Locus
  2. Give me a mastered version of their Lyon gig, and I'll be happy. Oh and Bruxelles, Paris, Lisbon... I guess I just want a batch of their current live sets.
  3. Haha ! Poor temp internet connection as I’ve just moved to a new flat so upload has to wait. Also, not my recording.
  4. I’ll say it again, Digilords pls. Or the lush unreleased live tunes like Bliss 2d G-major and the fat AF cowbell banger.
  5. A friend sent me his own recording of the set, surprisingly clean given it was just recorded from his phone... and it's fucking amazing. I can't get over how fucking amazing that show was. I can hear the yuuuuhuuuus (probably a few by me too hah)). Fucking amazing (fucking amazing (fucking amazing)).
  6. Man we were super close ! We driffted away towards the stage because of crowd movements. Many friends (hi Flore ! :)) and familiar faces in the audience indeed, which was to be expected. Such a rejuvinating experience too, the sheer love for music that radiates from their set is super contagious.
  7. Tried to spot @d-a-m-o but unfortunately I couldn't, where were you mate ? 5th time I saw them, and it was probably the best concert I've ever attended. And probably my fav thing I've heard from them (oui). It was so direct and devoided of non-sense, groovy AF, smart and playful. I want the official soundboard.
  8. My beige K-Way rain coat has become my uniform too heh. I might be arriving not long before their set.
  9. So, doors opening at 7 and ae plays at 8:30, right ? @d-a-m-o see you tonight pal ! Who’s there too ? I’ll be wearing my 3OP T-shirt (should be distinctive enough) and my Lady has planned to steal either my Computer Music or AE T. I’m a massive introvert but eh say hello !
  10. While my mind hasn't changed one bit wrt Bazille, I've rediscovered Live's Operator and that it's quite a brillant synth IMO. I've patched (and still am) a Drum Rack halfway between my ideal version of a TR whatever and an imaginary Soulpride-inspired snare drum with and it's the most inspiring drum machine I've used.
  11. These. On the top of my head : Barker - Debiasing Nebulo - Parallaxes Hiele - Ritmische Bezinning / Essential Oil the 'chre the 'phex 3OP Conditional Rrose Mosca
  12. Wondering if there'll be an opening act in Lyon.
  13. I've used phasor~ driven sequencers a lot, it's a marvelous, flexible clock. I find it super handy to parse any sort of list of events too. [phasor~] > [subdiv~] > [zl.lookup] is an insanely powerful combo. A stupidly fun thing to do is to [function] [shape~] the [phasor~] before it hits [subdiv~]. IIRC, [swing~] works pretty nicely there too. These last six months I've spent tons of time trying to figure out how [dict] and LOM work. Tedious, frustrating at times but eventually pretty useful. cool stuff @logakght
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/C6LtGaeNaEU/ Not much info so far aside from that Instagram post, but considering how brillant his Carrier output, I can't wait. FATHOM is some of the coolest, boldest yet stuff I've heard lately.
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