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  1. The 3 Chipsynths (MD, PortaFM and OPS7) by Plogue ooze attitude and sound fantastic. Still, Bazille by u-he is my very favorite (FM) synth : the way you can blend Yamaha FM (phase modulation) and Casio phase distorsion is beyond stellar. So many tricks up its sleeve, and such a gloriously lush tone. FM8 is just plain boring.
  2. I’d love a club æ record.
  3. I see that Partials slider : additive ?
  4. (same track as Blir, with super cool Lissajous visuals)
  5. Nil


    Still need to watch this, despite the desire to read the book once again for the Nth time before.
  6. https://noiseengineering.us/products/virt-vereor https://noiseengineering.us/products/sinc-vereor https://noiseengineering.us/products/ruina
  7. I like his previous work, I’ll check it. Thanks for the heads up !
  8. also, Fluidity Archive edition is sold out. You can still buy the digital version !
  9. Yes, out now !!! It sounds (and looks) phenomenal. Fluidity is a an astonishing grower.
  10. Can’t wait to check the previews, new Alva Noto is always welcome ! The artwork looks phenomenal.
  11. Just like with Core Alter's fantastic m-Realizable, Fluidity will be available in hi-res digital files and limited USB archive edition. Oh and it's beyond incredible, my fav WF release to date. Yes, I'm 100% biased here.
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