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  1. Rewatching Veep too, still in s02 though (and you can already see the pace and dynamic working their magic, no matter how great s01 is). I'm just dreading the cruel / unfair final plot : amazingly written / acted / captured, but damn, so freaking painfully immoral (yet perfect for the show). s02 is pretty awesome with the introduction of Kent and Ben, I love what they bring. So many incredible characters in this show. And I know it only gets better. Amazing series yeah
  2. And still his finest record to my ears.
  3. Releases January 20, 2023, via https://threeop.bandcamp.com/ & https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/vale Lost in a wooden thicket Surrounded by mist and fog The foliage is dense Reflections glimmer on the pool In this realm there is ebb and flow Echoes of all that has come to pass Premonitions of what is yet to be At the intersection of then, now, and beyond You are in the vale We are all in the vale --- I've had the pleasure to listen to tsrono's work for years now. It's the work of a kindred spirit that constantly inspires me. And it's some of the lushest, most atmospheric, and skillfully varied electronic music you will hear. Vale is the latest entry in this rich body of work, and within it you will find a delicately honed soundcraft that eschews nostalgia for raw originality. And it's with nothing but joy that we get to release vale on 3OP. In addition to an extensive self-released catalog, tsrono has released with various outlets such as allosst on Point Source Electronic Arts, n-v center on Not Yet Remembered, arche on 1834; remixed for Temp-Illusion on Pend Reworks; and collaborated as 0.syx, releasing Radials on Schematic. For the sonic construction of vale, tsrono cultivated rhythms, textures, and drones from analog & digital hardware. Included with both the digital and physical release are four select bonus tracks from the vale sessions at cross shores. We know vale will envelop and enchant you like it has us. Enjoy. -E Written & recorded at cross shores 2020-2022 Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Written & recorded at cross shores 2020-2022 Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates Preview : vale is a huge, huge grower. Eerie, ethereal and lush.
  4. For a different take on Max by another patch virtuoso, I recommend checking Iftah Gabbai's work https://www.instagram.com/iftah.gabbai/
  5. Tom's a proper Max don, working for c74 providing fantastic educational content and delivering stellar music. Ben's setup is Max + hardware synths. Noxin's pure Max AFAIK, same goes for IKTS. Synalegg's just switched from PD to Max. Kindohm has a few Max jams online which are just killer. Eczem released some Max LPs in the past and is incorporating it back in his set-up (incredible WIPs up his sleeves I must add). I for one am embracing the Live + Max / M4L combo and am currently patching my own variably generative sequencer. ps: Calum also works for c74 and told me about his Max tunes, I haven't listened to these yet but from what he told me I just can't wait.
  6. Indeed he is. His EVEL release is rad as well.
  7. Pretty sure Chrysalis Publishing would tell you the Analords aren't public domain at all, nor copyright free.
  8. adding 2 obvious entries (don't know why I forgot to mention these) : Mosca - You Smell That, Marsha / Footclan Logos - North Vol 02
  9. Deliberately omitting 3OP releases, from memory : Synalegg - harm0nii tanD3m Nebulo - Parallaxes Réinterprétations WEȽ∝KER - ENHANCER Gabor Lazar - Boundary Objects to be augmented (I guess ?)
  10. Listening to this for the first time : wow. Brillant work.
  11. It was a pretty weird venue actually, wild bouncers at the doors. At least in its pre-2010ish incarnation. WATMM Lyon meetup whenever's Ae's back in town @d-a-m-o @milkface ?
  12. Nope, nothing planned, pure wishful thinking from me. But, as they've played here quite a few times (from memory, at DV1, Epicerie Moderne, Plateforme and Le Sucre... and a fifth place ? not sure on. that last one) over the last two decades, I suppose there are local promoters likely to book them.
  13. Aren't all festivals / concerts like that ? No matter who's playing, the music is - alas - a sonic tapestry to most in such context. btw, Lyon gig pls.
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