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  1. Nil


    Agreed 100%. Most of it is me switching from an algorithm to another, tweaking enveloppes and ratios. Plain innocent fun, so much more immediate than the Analog 4 mk1 I had a while ago.
  2. Nil


    Deliberately raw jam. Weirdly pleasing somehow. Nice box 🙂
  3. Not saying I don’t like their other records, just that their self-tilted one and Rated R are definitely my faves. I don’t know, the stoner vibe might be more pronounced to my ears on these, and I love that.
  4. Nil


    Thanks ! modey, still planning to release your presets packs ? Would love to take a peek at how you program it. I bought the DN based on its sonic, now I'm trying to warp my head around its workflow and architecture. I'm so used to u-he Bazille's modular nature whenever it comes to FM/PD synthesis that I have some things to yet figure out 🙂
  5. Ah, I was about to create the very same topic ! Most anticipated LP of the year as far as I'm concerned, Debiasing being an insane grower (and a personal favorite). Can't wait really.
  6. True Widow (their 2 last albums are fantastic) Queens of the Stone Age (I've always loved their first 2 LPs) Thee Oh Sees on some of their records (like Floating Coffin) And MBV and Sonic Youth have already been mentioned.
  7. Nil


    ... and there it is. Hopefully I'll soon succeed to dial the sorts of FM sounds I've been playing with for the last few months. Would bea nice way to get to understand the DN.
  8. Nil


    I think so indeed! Any advice ? I recall listening to some really, really nice DN pieces by you IIRC.
  9. RDJ x Gabor Lazar would be insane. Jokes aside, I bet on...
  10. Nil


    It seems to be a tad more verbose than Tidal but has nice potential. I'll stick with TC as I'm getting really comfortable with it and enjoy it tremendously. They plan Atom integration for Gibber 2, so maybe it'll reduce / prevent latency issues ? Would love to hear your SC bits anyway !
  11. Nil


    @sweepstakes on a somehow related note, have you seen https://forum.toplap.org/t/gibber-2-0-roadmap/203 ?
  12. Nil


    ... and I've just ordered one. Finally. Can't wait to livecode the shit out of it 😄
  13. I strongely recommend these synths, which deliver when it comes to eye-candiness... and quite amazing sonics as well. Soundslike some weird, unique take on FM. Particularly found of Nyquist and Radar. Can go into Gabar Lazaresque territories with Torus as well. https://www.soundemote.com/plugins/oscilloscope-music-bundle
  14. Will happily submit something. Now with all the talented chaps around, be ready to release a 4xLP.
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