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  1. I bought the amp 4 years ago, and the Anaview modules were still in production back then. So I can't blame it on Amphion if the AMS0100-2300-D got discontinued since then : Amphion are now using different modules in their Amp 700. I'm upset they're selling the spare part for 3x the initial price (if you include VAT... and I have to pay VAT) though, for a module I would have replaced myself. I know that it's trade 101 yadda yadda yadda but eh, it's steep. I was 100% OK on the price when buying their products, because the combo with their speakers is beyond remarquable. No matter the unmode
  2. I had to replace my beloved but out of warranty monitoring amplifier (Amphion Amp 100). Its right channel amp fried. The spare module not being produced nor sold any longer (I could have bought one for 3x its original 150€ retail price... :S), I went for a similar amp. I want the sound of my monitors to remain the same. Still a class D amp, much, much more power, newer design, one stereo module instead of 2 monos (not sure how much of a difference it makes TBH) : I'm testing a Hypex NCore252MP based amp by Audiophonics. Costs the same as the aforementioned spare part. Can't A/B bo
  3. I have IG/FB/Twitter accounts I solely use for promotion and work. I post as little as possible. I hate it all.
  4. With FM ? Not close enough to my liking. With Razor ? Nailed it.
  5. Fuck, I had no clue BARKER001 got a digital release ! Grabbing both now. By the way... does it mean an LP is right around the corner ?
  6. I was on mu forum too (not sure about .net, can't remember) but didn't post much though. Welcome !
  7. It really depends on the purpose : sheer marketing to recash on old material, stupid loudness war or finally offering a proper mastering to a musical piece. But I hear you 100%, most of times I don’t want a record I’ve loved for a while to sound any different. There are some exceptions though : restored / remixed Whooshkie would drive me nuts. I’ve yet to dare listening to that 1st extract, Theme from Ernest Borgnine being one of my favorite tunes ever. Sames goes for Tundra. Because of Tom maybe ? As far as we can tell, he’s been sitting on some of his best material ever (W
  8. Tango all the way. But eh, I'd be delighted with something as timeless as Lunatic Harness or Brace Yourself EP.
  9. Juan pls. I need that tune.
  10. Additive synthesis most likely for all these recent releases. 2000~ SND is certainly FM though. You can get close-ish with FM, but it’s effortless with a synth like Razor or Harmor. With FM I’ve yet to nail that hyper-sharpness / definition. I’m all ears if anyone has cracked the code ;)
  11. If you climb up current computer music's genealogy, SND / Mark Fell are milestones. Super influential definitely. Just like Aphex with braindance, or Juan Atkins with techno.
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