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  1. Lovely mixer you’re selling, somehow similar to the small Studer / Revox I’ve always drooled for. Quality ADC + a selection of great outboard seems the wisest choice indeed. I’m an ITB guy, but I’d happily make room for a Synthi hehe. The raw tone is sublime.
  2. Re: Zebra 3 (not my pic, found it on KVR)
  3. U-he will show glimpses of Zebra 3 tech at Superbooth. Given most recent KVR posts by Urs mentioning what will be in the final version, I can't wait. Exciting times really. "Anyhow, there is so much stuff. For instance, I spent the past week writing an alternative rendering module for Z3 oscillators which uses 1000+ sine oscillators instead of wavetables. I got it down to about half the CPU of a plug-in with a similar method which I like a lot. This method allows for some elaborate and dynamic drums and mallets, all without any physical model at all." "I'm actually prepared to show a glimpse at the curve based editor for 3rd gen Z3 oscillators during Superbooth. I am slightly afraid that it'll keep me from work for a few weeks though, because people will have questions (and some will be afraid it's over their head). It is a similarly complex piece of software engineering as our preset browser or Bazille's synthesis core, if not the most complex one of all. It currently offers just over 100 tools and settings for what I'd call "Waveform CAD" (rather than "WaveShop", because it isn't sample/pixel based). Sample import is not yet implemented because another developer is reworking drag'n'drop and copy/paste on another branch. This is shaping up nicely though, and one of my next projects is about dropping .wav files on the curve editor, where - if all goes well - waveforms will be vectorised and ready for further treatments. In addition there are something in the vicinity of 15 novel and reworked OscFX as of now. These also have individual options so one can get a lot more out of them than what Z2 used to offer, and I feel our work has just begun here. Exciting times ahead! (I really have to think about unveiling this though... there'll be endless threads...)" Source : https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=579452 (and that's just 2 of the numerous aforementioned post Live x Max x Push 2 + Z3 = my next set-up... once I've finished my upcoming 2 releases and liveset.
  4. Bandcamp Friday bump ! It's such a gorgeous collection of tunes, treat yourself with a digital / physical copy !
  5. Watching Foundation, 2 episodes left. While not mind-bending, it's fantastically well executed / acted / directed etc. I can't even imagine the budget needed, the series look like something many huge blockbuster movies could be jealous of. Never thought "television" could look that expensive.
  6. s01 was horrendous, s02 was indeed actually pretty good !
  7. Just got the prints from the labs, they look super sharp. It's a stunning release, don't sleep on it !
  8. It’s now out, and I’m convinced many fellow WATMMers will love that one. I sure do !
  9. No deep-learning in Bill’s stuff. Super clever algorithms at work though, and « curated » with fantastic taste. I love FieldsOS but I have a soft spot for Fluidity.
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