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  1. I really like the previews, but no digitals... yet ? ps: and now they're available.
  2. Kindohm's music is amazingly amazing, proper livecoding wizard.
  3. Only used it for a short period of time last year, liked it a lot, but stopped using it because of the permanent bug with Mojave and AUs... It helped me definitely quit piano rolls and led me to TidalCycles. Can't help thinking trackers and music coding are quite similar. Will certainly give it another go someday.
  4. If it’s half as goid as Pattern of Consciousness then I’m drooling already.
  5. The new support for Link has made it even more reliable and useful : https://toplap.lurk.org/t/link-support-preview/418 These custom functions of mine, even if quite rudimentary, might come handy if anyone's using TC similarly : I also have set a simple Automator app to launch SC3 (and a MIDI.scd file), Atom, Carabiner and Live all at once if anyone's interested.
  6. Quite a grower too, definitely the finest music I’ve heard this year along the exclusive Gabor Lazar tracks in his Boiler Room set.
  7. Nil

    Game of Thrones

    Indeed, wow. Amazing. Won’t say anything yet, don’t want to spoil anything.
  8. Recommended indeed. I especially like their Lanark Artefax and Minor Science releases.
  9. Waiting for Superbooth... then will probably go for a Digitone. All the vids/audio exemples I've heard are great, and the more I jam with TidalCycles the more I want to keep everything real-time (and need to free up CPU), and a Digitone definitely looks like the perfect contender.
  10. The new ValhallaDelay sounds glorious. Having u-he ColorCopy and Sonic Charge Permut8 (as well as Valhalla Ubermod) I thought I was well covered, but I had to hit the purchase button as soon as I tried the Digital. Mega lush.
  11. Just wanted to emphasize of the few unreleased bits are beyond incredible. He seems to have found the perfect balance between sharp and inventive sound-design and melodic / dancefloor efficiency.
  12. I teach (electronic) music composition and production.
  13. Already on my wishlist. Release is tomorrow, right ?
  14. Interesting how you set that sin a b c d function, will try something similar : thanks !
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