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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Paule theme - I tried it and it's the first 3rd party theme that doesn't mess with basic functionality. Makes reaper look more like the "big boys" audio software, it's very nice, thanks : )
  2. Per-event effect chains are awesome! Just show FX Browser (View -> FX Browser; I have this set to Shift-F) Now you can drag any individual effect or FX Chain onto any event : ) Wow, thanks! Thank you! No need to be so formal though : ) Thanks - agree that its customizability (is that a word?) is also its Achilles heel, as it really requires some sort of system to learn, else all your carefully programmed key commands will be lost to the ether. I write down key commands on an index card - after a little while it becomes second nature and much faster. Also, I must have googled, "How do you X in Reaper" about a bazillion times....
  3. Rrose is phenomenal. I think it's some of the best techno being produced.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/llednamekaj Just getting started with soundcloud - lots of tracks uploaded, mainly releases from 20 years ago...
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been using Logic for well over 20 years, but bounced around between various DAWs once they stopped making the PC version ages ago. I've been using Reaper for the past three years or so and I really like it. I could never get comfortable with Ableton - despite it being excellent software. Main thing for me was lack of customization for key commands. Anyway, Reaper has so many advantages for electronic music production, especially those requiring flexibility in routing or microedits: Excellent bounce in place functionality, ability to have effect chains on a per EVENT (rather than per track) basis, sample-edit editing in the arrange window, plus about a million more things. I suppose some downsides could be the relatively "primitive" GUI and simple built-in effects. If anyone is curious, here's a DAW runthrough of a recent track in Reaper. Anyone else using it? Happy to hear all your tips and tricks... Thanks for listening, Jake
  6. Thanks for your support! : ) The album is much more techno-based than earlier stuff. I plan on revisiting the hyperedited beats style at some point in the future, but oftentimes I find more regular rhythms more conducive to concentration. Also a re-release of Parallel Processes as well as dusting off of several unreleased tracks from the same era is planned for the near horizon...
  7. I listen to techno all the time. It often flows better when there aren't so many changes fighting for your attention. There is a lot of innovation happening right now in techno music.
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