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  1. Alice in wonderland ---> cube + battle royale Pretty meh... Main protagonists are annoying af... +1... Sadly...
  2. coffee here is shit, it's basically brown water... anyway I'm used to espresso so my threshold is probably to high... I usually mix an espresso cup with a full glass of milk... that's how I like it, that, with some butter toast... there's days that I only eat that, my 3 meals per day...
  3. if I did you wouldn't understand which productivism I lost 1 hour reading about... soz if my English doesn't meet your expectations Mr.🐸 kindly yours Mr.🍔
  4. what part of just to find out that it's actually an art movement didn't you understand Mr.🐸 ?
  5. u guys just got hacked... the file is entirely in 128kbps...
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