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  1. I don't necessarily agree with this... I've seen 'true colors' of people I thought I never would... enormous frustrated rants and whatnot... sofa activism, written observations I'd swear would never come out of that person's mouth irl... once in a while I check my friends feed on Facebook and I can't help but cringe... some ppl just make fools out of themselves unfortunately, me included probably that's why I only post on WATMM, nobody knows me irl
  2. what about the spiders? do u have them as well? normal sized or giant? 🕷️🕸️🕷️
  3. going back home in 2 days...🦥 that reminded me of what a disappointment the TV show was...
  4. can you turn the auto-unfollow function off please? I'd really appreciate it. any news on this? thanks.
  5. "Librarization of everything. Large buildings where people can work on anything they want in groups or alone by free access to any tool or equipment needed for any form of work. Anything one could need. A mall where everything is free but communal. Walkable and integrated with natural outside surroundings. Efficient conveyor belt based automatically routed transportation of objects between any two points. Spontaneous supply chain generation according to communal needs, as indicated by the number of people who are doing a particular type of work with a particular conveyor belt routing. The most important centerpiece of every city. Increased in complexity and breadth in larger cities. But with easy access to all cities proportional to their size. A place designed for work, in the most free and voluntary way possible, but also optimally and without wasted work through compulsory but free education on tool usage and ability to manufacture whatever is being made. Encouraging the workers to not need to buy any commodity except certain subsets of items not manufacturable by amateurs or on a small scale." Elon Musk
  6. I'm into it... just don't dig the references to modern days... e.g. drugs and 3d... anyway, cool story bro, and I mean this in the best possible way... ✌️
  7. when ppl ask me which music I'm into I usually reply that I like mostly shitty music... that seems to put an end on a conversation I never like to have...
  8. kthxbye Avenue 5 was renewed for a 2nd season, that's an underrated funny show...
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