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  1. dude, what do u mean? I'm lolling more than ever with this show didn't even felt the difference between the last season, which happens quite often...
  2. can we have a "search this thread" on mobile version pls?
  3. I want the black shirt but with shipping it's 40€ + brexit so... fuck it...
  4. I despise digeridoos, can't avoid the image of hippies and dreadlocks... same goes for this afx song... I'm sorry, it's a bad track... but what do I know... I don't like the simpsons, nor the thing and I'm not too much into SAW so... just shoot me already...
  5. oh shit I edited my comment after... but yeah, edible records, I'm up for it!
  6. maybe it's just really original metal pressed copies filled with rust he kept in an abandoned warehouse in Africa for this whole time to make the sound more warm and u get tetanus if u cut yourself with it...
  7. yeah it's basically that 90's rusty look stuff, it's so outdated... where's weirdcore or cunningham...:(
  8. started watching this but the animation is so cool that I decided to watch it back at home in my TV...
  9. watch the whole thing but from 50m forward is literally mind blowing...
  10. yeah that one I forgot to mention that @iococoifound it for me... thanks anyway bruv, such an amazon performance...
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