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  1. I member his defiant character back in the day and liking his posts but nothing specific, except for his addiction and homelessness? Anyway, weird to know he was my age... it's that age when you stop talking about your future and start talking about your past... it's fucking sad... R.I.P. my dude! just ignore this post if this is all and hoax... yeah but he also said he had aids back in the day so...
  2. I can't seem to find out how to cancel a reply I've started writing...
  3. lots of cool tapes here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCLGJ7_fQVIsK4uS-AvNvNtg the Gambia Sudan
  4. who would have thought that such a shitty punk rock band like NOFX (one of my favorite bands) would write such an intricate time sig on one of their songs... this melodie is in 7/4 but the drums keep playing a binary 4/4 so they only match up after two melodie bars and not on one like you would expect... in the first melodie bar the drums start with a kick followed by a snare (kick snare kick snare kick snare kick) so that in the second melodie bar the drums start on the snare followed by the kick (snare kick snare kick snare kick snare) the chorus is a simple 6/4... mind-blowing... oh and the song is pretty badass...
  5. wtf do u guys keep using social media to connect with your 'friends'? I've said this a million times before, just like or follow or whatever pages you want, news, directors, musicians, movies, music, aqua polo, animals, graphic art, whatever, but just don't add friends or personal accounts ffs... don't use your real name and don't accept friend requests... this way you have a 'journal' with only things you dig...
  6. my roommate is annoying af... he insists in opening his bed curtains just to greet me good morning, and today I was taking a shower and he did the same, "good morning TimJ", he's not being polite, he's just lame... it's that kind of person that starts mimicking the TV when I'm there but I bet he doesn't do it when he's alone in the room... just kindly fuck of dude... everything is a reason for him to have a conversation... can't these people read the room??? ffs...
  7. senegal 80s - mbalax, this album is as bonkers as it gets... these fuzzy psy guitars rock my socks... horn section is also amazon and the rhythm section is pretty out there, it's called the sabar...
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