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  1. I'm getting some new studio monitors soon. I'm using some cheap Tapco monitors that my friend gave me years ago. You couldn't dial in a mix on them to save your life so I'm not sure why I haven't replaced them yet. After that I'm pretty sure I'm going to go into debt and get a DSI OB-6. I've also been on the Cirklon waitlist for a year and a half so maybe that will happen soon too.
  2. I'm waiting on my vinyl copy to arrive in the mail before I listen to it. I should probably stop being such an OCD audio-douche and listen to the download that came with the vinyl. It's getting really solid reviews. The dude makes great tracks.
  3. Some acid tracks I had fun making that I finished up in February. They were available to a small number of people via private link until recently. They're free for the taking. Enjoy, music-makers. https://cceff.bandcamp.com/album/acid-spill-kit
  4. I got mine in the mail yesterday. I slapped it on the player about 47 seconds after I grabbed it from the front porch. Solid tracks. Really diggin' them. Still waiting on the double album from Balkan Vinyl. Last I heard, they were waiting to see what was going to happen with Brexit since it directly affected the logistics of that and future releases.
  5. Wonderful tracks. Nice work.
  6. Several old tracks I've been wanting to get off the hard drive and some newer stuff I threw in there. Not exactly uniform in how they sound from track to track but they all ended up on the same EP anyways. Hope you enjoy! https://cceff.bandcamp.com/album/it-hurts-because-its-working
  7. Nothing at the moment but I finished True Detective season 3 fairly recently. Really, really good. Solid acting by Ali and Dorff. They were amazing.
  8. Currently bottle feeding my 3 month old son while 2 year old daughter watches kid's TV programming. Though, I am getting mighty buzzed off of vodka and cranberry juice, so I've got that going for me.
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