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  1. Hello! I have released a small project that supposed to be an ethereal journey through some of my favorite genres. Hope you will find something for you and support 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/phantomyst/local-experiment-ep
  2. hmm i wouldnt call it dubstep at all - it has more of trap, but thanks for the feedback ? glad that you like the bass - spent a lot of time on it
  3. Hello, just dropped wave styled track, im curious what you guys think about it cuz im pretty new to this style
  4. Thanks for taking ur time to listen ? yea trying to do my best to bring emotions into my tracks
  5. i really like second track, very airy and blissful atmosphere. Overall it sounds very well produced, maybe not my type of music but i enjoyed listening to this. And really great cover art ?
  6. Hello there! One week ago i realased an EP called "Shadow heaven district". It is mi first bigger project that i finished after my almost 2 year journey with music. I mixed ambient trap with wave genres. Can't wait to hear your opinions. Support here: https://phantomyst.bandcamp.com/ Thank you!
  7. i see this in some video game, really dig this bass synth
  8. That one was perfect for me, im not really a specialist with producing this kind of music, but it sounds really well balanced and brings emotions - so gj
  9. sounds cool, i would work a little bit on the drums and bring some more life to it.
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