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  1. Now I want to see a fucking Marvel movie by David Lynch. Straw Man perhaps?
  2. Why am I so upset about a death of a cat I never met? Fuck.
  3. TNG has to be the best looking and most aesthetically pleasing sci-fi show there is. The visual design is just spot on and the look has aged very well.
  4. But where the fuck is the hoover sound? Bring back the hoover!
  5. I shaved away my beard last year but then people, by which I mean ze ladies mostly, started to complain that I look better with beard so now I have it again. I don't really care one way or other. Edit: I originally grew the beard because people at work complained that they don't recognize I'm a software engineer because I don't have a beard. The hardware engineers in the organization were usually clean shaven and software guys had beard. (I'm only half-joking)
  6. Yeah, but I guess that's my point. I'd rather hang out with people who I like subjectively instead of people who are "objectively" good people. But I don't date someone just because they are interesting.. that usually doesn't end well. I've learned this the hard way. Fuck off all pixie dream girls.
  7. Flakiness is kind of annoying but I find being boring much worse. I don't really mind if someone is occasionally flaky or unreliable, don't show up on time or not at all, but if they are boring it's just intolerable for me. I start to think why I'm wasting time here.
  8. Compromises and shit. Anyway
  9. zkom


    I know, I know. But I'm not looking to buy records. I don't buy physical media anymore and anyway don't want to carry vinyl in my backpack. But I could use a new Aphex or Autechre T-shirt.
  10. zkom


    I'll be in Japan in a couple of days. Flying to Osaka first and then probably by train to Nagoya and Tokyo. I've been there some 15 years ago but I suppose things have changed a bit.. No more guys with stalls in the streets of Shinjuku selling research chemicals I suppose, lol? Any other IDMy things to do except to go to Tower Records in Tokyo to buy some Warp merch? Is there some web page I could see for some interesting gigs?
  11. Loop point modulation, plz.
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