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  1. You could easily fit the whole original Hobbit novel in a single 90 minute film. It's about 300 pages in a large font with pictures. And the text is simple and fast paced because it's mostly aimed at children, so you don't get those 10+ page conversations that drag on and on like in LotR.
  2. RIM's recruitment site was at one point located at rim.jobs. That didn't last very long..
  3. I've been doing some generative stuff for a good while (check my signature if interested, especially AAP). Mostly it's with Renoise that allows random events and sort of selection of event with weighted probabilities. Like 50% this will be kick, 25% snare, 25 hihat. And so on. And you can layer them using phrases. Renoise also has Lua support so you could generate the sequences in the patterns and save them. That way you won't have the annoying thing that the track sounds different every time even though it was randomized. I did some Python code that played randomized music some years ago
  4. I've had quite a few vaccinations. Can't even remember them all. Around 10 maybe? All other went without side effects but yellow fever vax gave me 4 days of fever reaching 40C (104F), but I'd still rather have the vax than risk getting the yellow fever. When I was getting the yellow fever vax the doctor also considered giving me the cholera vax but then decided that it's probably not necessary. When I found myself in a country going through a cholera epidemic I started to regret that I didn't get that one also. Finally I got the hell out of there because they started to consider closing d
  5. It's also angering bunch of alt-right people and conservatives here so good work, lol. In Finland we have this children's book series but I guess it's translated from Italian or French?
  6. Thanks for the clarification. It just sometimes seems very unexpected and because they disappear without trace it's hard to tell what the hell happened.
  7. I think the best way to start is to play All End on repeat for 24 hours.
  8. IMO it's the Autechre subforum where the good shit's at
  9. Some dumb marketing concept from a "mystery artist" that wants to give an aura that they might be BoC. They have a release called Catalog 1 if that's telling enough.
  10. Late at night I sometimes still wonder what happened to the Ukraine thread. The last post I made was about FSB agents lurking in WATMM and then when I checked back the whole thread had disappeared. Lol
  11. The habit of deleting threads here without comments or leaving any traces is just fucked here. A higher form of censorship that just doesn't try to stop the discussion but is more akin to wiping out something from history and memory completely. Just lock the thread and if there are some very offensive posts then delete them, not the whole fucking thread.
  12. It's now the Unseen Thread
  13. I made a decision some time ago to follow US politics less and not join online debates or discussion on the subjects because in reality it doesn't have much relevance to my personal life and just adds stress, but you US fuckers are making it pretty hard. Goddammit.
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