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  1. I texted about the album to my gf and she mistyped a response "Goo for you.😊" Which I think is somehow appropriate. Goo secreted by Autechre.
  2. Lol, and how long people have been waiting for the rumored bocset? Meanwhile Autechre put out the repress of the Lego Feet with double the original material, the Warp Tapes 89-93 with 2 hours of unreleased old material free to download and the EPs 1991-2002 boxset.
  3. Yep, it's all kind of pre-meditated with a loads of automation and randomization thrown in. Instruments and notes are pre-selected then just randomly triggered. Sometimes patterns are randomly triggered and the patterns contain randomly triggered notes even further. Samples are selected from a list of samples on random in some cases. Instrument and FX automation with LFOs or random values. Some side-chaining. Sounds are mixed to different channels on random or with LFOs controlling the gain. And so on. They're basically mostly loops of few bars that have so much automation and randomized
  4. Hanuman was tasked to find a herb from a certain mountain in the Himalayas. But there was a bit of trouble with that and he had to transform himself into a giant to prevent the Sun God Surya appearing which would have caused an early daybreak. Anyway, as a giant he couldn't anymore identify the herb so he brought the whole fucking mountain to Lanka and let a physician identify the correct herb.
  5. There has been 300k excess deaths in US https://news.yahoo.com/nearly-300k-excess-us-deaths-183431991.html So it's likely that 200k is an underestimate.
  6. The last one. This new version is much dubbier than the original which is quite crisp, so ymmv.
  7. Thanks 👍 From that list I watched In the Mouth of Madness yesterday. (can be found for free in hd on youtube 😉) It was a pretty good Lovecraftian cosmic horror romp. Reminded me a bit of Providence comics by Alan Moore. Down to earth protagonist refuses to acknowledge all the weird shit going around him until the whole shit show collapses on him. Some nods to Lovecraft here and there, like Pickman Hotel, lol. Very entertaining and weird, but it's John Carpenter still in good shape so that can be expected.
  8. Trump's twitter account got hacked: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/22/trump-twitter-hacked-dutch-researcher-password Apparently the password was "maga2020!"
  9. Track 6, version 2. A bit less abrassive. More reverb. Some new, dare I say, Biosphere inspired instrumentation..
  10. I remembered The Poltergeist being the scariest movie I saw as a kid. Watched it again and of course it's not scary. Pretty standard Spielberg movie I guess? So ridiculous that it's impossible to take seriously. Children of the Corn was another horror movie I saw as a kid and watched it recently also. I guess it's ok-ish. I have some weird fondness for this kind of countryside horror where the protagonists are hunted down by some crazed hillbillies or in this case children. Now viewing it at adult age the low budget production kind of shines through, but low budget for horror sometimes ad
  11. The wiring behind the UI is pretty messed. I need to clean it up. I was also thinking about adding sub bass somehow so I wouldn't have to layer it with a sub bass kick drum sample. Subharmonic sinewave maybe, but let's see what sounds good.
  12. Pattern 5, version 2. It has less bitcrushing and more reverb. Some other changes also..
  13. zkom

    Brexit :(

    With the Brexit transition period finally over on Dec 31st, Trump possibly refusing to give up the presidency and the first/second/third wave of the pandemic making rounds, it looks like a setting for a one hell of a winter.
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