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  1. That's what started to happen here in Finland that people tried to escape the crowded capital area and now the government is trying to isolate it from the rest of Finland. The reason is that besides spreading the disease around there's much less capacity in the rural areas to take care of even their own population let alone city dwellers coming to add extra patients.
  2. BoJo has tested positive for the Corona now.
  3. The Hong Kong flu pandemic that killed around 1 million people around the world. My grandmother remembers this.
  4. The Uusimaa region in Finland (contains Helsinki and the metropolitan area and some smaller towns) is getting isolated for 3 weeks from the rest of the Finland tomorrow. I've almost ended up in quarantined regions before but never expected it to happen in Helsinki, ffs. Have to just wait this out I guess. Wishing I could put myself in some cryostasis for 6 months. Anyway, busy coding now to keep the project I'm working on going. Also probs a good idea to start limiting following the covid news a bit. Just check the essentials a couple of times a day.
  5. Finland has had 3 casualties in total during the whole pandemic and restaurants only serve takeaway now, bars closed, ski centres closed, schools (mostly) closed. And travel to and from the Helsinki region is probably going to be banned in a couple of days. Meanwhile Stockholm alone has had 18 deaths due to covid19 today and everything basically stays open in Sweden. Wtf?
  6. Saatanan saatana!
  7. The whole situation reminds me a lot of my early student days when, particularly during summers, I had nothing to do because I didn't have any money to travel anywhere or go out to bars or restaurants and everybody else seemed to be on some vacation. Just play games, read books, take a walk. Drink a bit of alcohol, go philosophical with big questions. Get so bored that it somehow turns into creativity. Sometimes having time off from your daily life can bring on some new discoveries. Back in 1665 Newton had to go into a kind of isolation because the Great Plague shut down the Trinity college and while doing private studies at his home he came up with the theories on calculus, optics and the law of gravitation.
  8. A summit on 6G technology was held completely virtually with 400 people attending due to covid-19. Hopefully this becomes more normal in the future in the tech industry. So much of the business travel is completely unnecessary and the meetings could be easily held virtually. #EndBusinessTravel2020
  9. The cellphone network knows your approximate location all the time the phone is in the network even without GPS functionality. This is basically because the network needs to know into which network cell to forward your data and calls. It doesn't matter if you have foreign or native SIM or whatever. If you are just connected to the network then the location is known.
  10. This isn't about pirating music software. It's about old publicly available demoscene tracker music that has been rendered to wav or mp3 or whatever and resold without the original artist's consent.
  11. I hope someone "h4x0rz" the fuck out of this asshat. They're playing with fire trying to scam people who actually know how to hack into your personal data.
  12. Wondering now what I would have done if this virus had struck a year earlier when I was traveling homeless around Africa, Middle-East, Caucasus and Asia.. I guess I would have tried to find a place that is cheap to live and grants long term visas easily or don't have visa requirements for EU citizens and where I can remain indefinitely, like the French overseas territories. And then just basically waited. But yeah.. maybe I should make sure that anytime I go traveling like that I have enough money to last a few months if I get stuck somewhere for a longer time. I probs should check on my friend who escaped the virus from Japan to French Polynesia..
  13. wait wtf? explain? Well, the social media sites are finally acting socially responsibly and clamping down hard on disinformation on the covid, so.. Russia's disinformation campaign on the subject has been going on for some days also.
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