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  1. These are alternative takes from the studio sessions. From Bandcamp So, how I figure out is that Geir played a series of live controlled takes in the studio and then some were picked for the album, and these alternative versions are just alternative takes on the same tracks from the same studio sessions. I think this was a pretty common strategy back in the 90s before sequencing the whole track in a DAW became the norm? Like The KLF's Chill Out in which case the whole album was recorded multiple times live and then the best version was picked. Anyway, for a person like me who has heard the original Substrata about a million times, this is a pretty interesting release. I like some of these versions better than the original release and some original versions better.
  2. Nature research article: "Economic estimation of Bitcoin mining’s climate damages demonstrates closer resemblance to digital crude than digital gold" https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-18686-8 Abstract
  3. So, if someone has the info where to send the ticket information etc by email to get a code could you just kindly PM me?
  4. I bought my ticket for the Helsinki gig from Ticketmaster and I haven't received any emails about codes or anything.
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