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  1. TBH I don't think I would have had registered back in the day if I had had to pay for subscription. Also the payment may be fair to most people in US and Europe but there are places where it's nearly impossible to make online payments to other countries or at least very difficult and even in US and Europe lots of people don't have credit cards or similar online payment options. On the other hand if there was some WATMM merch to support the site I'd probably be interested.
  2. What is the millenial humor like? Memes about self-diagnosed mental illnesses?
  3. Basically any Boney M track but this in particular
  4. You could try to get this printed on a hat and wear it at work
  5. Death dog sounds pretty metal, tbqh.
  6. zkom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Imaginary dance music. Holy shit the last track on part 1 is some quality acid.
  7. I've been traveling for the past 11 months and tomorrow I go back to work. Honestly though I don't know how I feel. Is this a success or problem? Anyway, need to make some money to travel more and it's only a four month contract and seems like a pretty interesting gig. Also when I started traveling I quit my previous job, gave up my apartment and started alone. Now I have a job starting tomorrow, a new apartment starting July 19th (until then I can stay in an apart hostel all company paid) and a new girlfriend I met on my travels. The problem is that they are all in different cities. Let's see how this shit converges or does it just end up in a total fucking chaos. Just now mostly nervously laughing at how the things are.
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