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  1. Autodesk moved the support and development of the free Sketchbook app to a newly formed company called Sketchbook Inc and now the desktop version is no longer free? Fuck this shit.
  2. Coming back to this over 4 months later, I found out this is exactly what happened to Singapore.
  3. More liberal drug policies are seen as suspicious continental liberalism in UK & Ireland? From the western and southern European view point they're pretty conservative and puritanistic countries in general. The Nordics are also pretty anti-cannabis (except for Denmark) but it's more to do with the nanny state attitudes over here. Just try buying a decent beer in Sweden or Iceland.
  4. I was in a local Vietnamese café yesterday and they had a drawing on the wall that had Trump in a superhero costume but it also had Putin and Kim Jong-un so I have no idea what the fuck it was actually trying to say. Was it supposed to be funny? Is the owner a Trumpist? If so are they also a pro-NK (jucheist?) ? wtf?
  5. The best time I had in Paris was getting some wines and cheeses and going on a pique-nique in Le Jardin du Luxembourg. Oh là là.
  6. "Man cave" sounds like such a sexually loaded word that it's interesting that all the dudebros are using it. Let me enter your man cave..
  7. Helped some random old ladies with their luggage on the train and they called me strong and said something equivalent to "it's really the strength that works". 💪
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