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  1. On the inside maybe? Or replaced by a clone or android? My random thought.. So generally it's considered cheating if you write something on your body for an exam. Like equations on your palm or whatever. But people have equations as tattoos. There's probably thousands of tattoos of E=mc^2 and Euler's identity. So would a tattooed equation count as cheating?
  2. I actually found someone named Xtal twerking on TikTok. Sadly not to AFX.
  3. In the end I missed the whole thing because I was traveling. Well, whatever
  4. I've been thinking about doing this with Python using Numpy and Scipy. Something like load the image, do a 2D FFT on it, mangle the spectrum and do the inverse FFT. Or some cross and auto-correlation stuff. Maybe make the color channels interact with different ways? But I've been too busy with other things lately to actually do it.
  5. I'm in Istanbul atm and there are cats fucking EVERYWHERE So cute
  6. Naming your daughter Xtal and then insisting everyone pronounces it like "Crystal"
  7. I did a vanity search with Bing Copilot and apparently I'm an engineer (true) and a racing enthusiast (wtf?)
  8. Google is somehow more aware what I'm trying to find sometimes, like it apparently uses my geolocation for ranking the results. This can be either good or bad depending on what I'm trying to find. So I keep switching between DDG and Google when needed. Bing.. Bing is weird. And now it's pushing Copilot way too hard. I just want the fucking search results not some chatbot. It's just a mess at this point.
  9. Great idea! "Here's my daughter Fruity Loops and my son Fast Tracker the Second"
  10. Bots responding to AI generated content on internet is some weird cyberpunk shit. I find it somehow hilarious. Is the era of social media going to finally end when there's nothing left except AIs talking to each other?
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