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  1. zkom

    Rare pics of Ae

    Apparently he's Romulo Del Castillo from Phoenecia.
  2. I'm writing in the Aphex subforum and I don't think Aphex is the greatest artist. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!
  3. zkom

    Brexit :(

    Nigel Farage driving to seven empty petrol stations to find fuel and then getting into a car crash is some next level British comedy. Actions, consequences, etc.
  4. I've seen the prices in Discogs, because I was thinking about selling my copies since I haven't been anyway able to listen to them in 3+ years, but I guess it's mostly the mint sealed vinyl that fetches the insane prices and mine have been played quite a lot and might have cat hair and dust and I can't remember even if the poster is still inside the Oversteps box. I guess it could fetch 50 eurobucks still? But it's curious how many of the ones being sold are still sealed. People bought them just for the investment?
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