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  1. Found this book in a Japanese guesthouse/library/bookshop
  2. This album cover surely was ahead of it's time with the shitpost/meme style in 1977
  3. Roger Penrose's A Road to Reality covers pretty much all of physics and possible future theories but it's a fucking huge tome with 1100 pages and not the easiest read, but you can get the paperback pretty cheaply. Much cheaper than university text books. Harry Benson's University Physics was what I had in university and it covers the pretty well the basics of all fields of physics up to special relativity and the basics of quantum mechanics. It's an easy read with lots of examples and exercises.
  4. It would be more idm to measure the tempo in Hz instead of BPM, f.e. 120 BPM = 2Hz. tbqfh
  5. For "idm" I use 90-120 BPM usually but it's not really meant for dancing. 60-100 BPM for ambient. Although a funny thing about ambient is that some ambient tracks actually have relatively high BPMs but the lack of drums create the illusion of chill. The Orb's "A Huge Ever Growing.." and so on is about 128 BPM which would make it clearly danceable if it just had a constant kick or something.
  6. That's for me also. I don't really give a crap about going to concerts, clubs, bars, restaurants, festivals, etc and I actually prefer working remotely but the travel ban is what really fucking hit me. But I realize this is just my personal experience. The silver lining is that I've saved quite a lot of money to travel later so just need to bide my time..
  7. Finnish forestry company UPM is going to launch the world's first wooden satellite https://www.wisaplywood.com/campaigns/wisawoodsat/
  8. Well, good to know there's some limit. But you realize that the juche ideology is ultra-nationalistic, racist and even employs a kind of eugenics program with infanticide of babies with birth defects and locking disabled people in camps outside cities?
  9. Socialism in Africa is a huge and very complicated topic with foreign powers having proxy wars etc. Angola is interesting for example with Cuban troops in the country during the civil war. Another is Tanzanian collectivization project. Also it's not really taught in schools at least here how much European countries were and are fucking around in there. It's just "Africa has lots of wars and violence. So terrible". France does some military operations in West Africa without asking UN and nobody gives a fuck. Africa really got the shit end of the stick when it comes to colonialism and post-
  10. It was a bit surprising to me too but China was in Burundi to use it as a logistics base for the communist insurgents battling in Congo during the Congo Crisis. China (along with France..) provided weapons to Rwandan government during the Rwandan genocide in 1994 adding to the violence and France, Russia and China opposed to UN involvement in the crisis.
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