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  1. Salmon bagel in the library coffee shop
  2. There is no now, there is only the ever present experience of now stretching through the space-time continuum.
  3. But what was there before there was nothing?
  4. Ackchuyally.. Gregorian and Julian calendars don't have a year 0. They just jump straight from 1BC to AD1. And, yes, it's bullshit, but the Roman numerals didn't have a concept or symbol for zero.
  5. I had a really good döner meal in southern Azerbaijan for about 0.80e including a small Coke.
  6. Yea, kebab is like the ultimate drunk food. Also for hangovers. I think even pizza comes second.
  7. It's Iskender kebap. They just served it so that the pita bread pieces are under the meat. It's the best döner style, imnsfho. Here's Iskender kebap I had while visiting Istanbul.
  8. My recent kebab. Why have abs when you can have kebabs?
  9. Thanks, fixed the post also. 🙂 Well, if you copy infinite amount times anything you're eventually going to lose your data no matter how high quality you're error correction algorithms and media are.🤓
  10. IMO lossless or high bitrate lossy doesn't really have much difference if you're just listening to the files. But if you're going to be doing transcoding from lossy format to lossy format you're going to be losing quality each time so it can add up. A bit similar to the tape-to-tape-to-tape-to-tape copies of yesteryear. Let's say you record a lossy stream that is from a lossy source, encode it lossy, then rebroadcast it in another lossy format and so on it might start to have noticeable artifacts. Just making copies of the files of course doesn't have this problem.
  11. zkom


    Having been in Mongolia I think the statistics are way too low for them.. Also the Iranians like to drink, it's just illegal in Iran so probably does not show up in any statistics.
  12. Our cats didn't give a shit about fireworks but even the sound of opening the closet where the vacuum was kept sent them hiding in panic. Also my friend had a dog who was afraid of everything: balloons, chairs, fire alarm, smell of wood smoke from the fireplace, clothes left lying around, etc, but NOT fireworks. It was the weirdest thing.
  13. Also Henry Rollins getting annoyed at Nardwuar is kek
  14. Fuck the stupid random physical preferences, especially the hair and eye colour preferences, wtf? Are you 12yo? Also now that I'm older the "similar interests" thing feels kind of teenager stuff. "Ooh, we listen to the same bands" That appeal won't carry far. Besides tastes change over time. What I want to know basically is: Are we physically attracted to each other? Are our personalities compatible? Don't have to be similar, just compatible. Are our lifestyles compatible? Again don't have to be similar. Are our future plans compatible? For example, does the other person want to start family when I don't, etc. Everything else is just details. Unless it's just hook-up for sex, then everything else besides physical attraction is details. Anyway, I'm currently have a SO doesn't really concern me.
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