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  1. Today in the world of recruiting, subcontracting and IT freelancing: Company A has bought recruitment services from company B, who have bought company C as a subsidiary and passed the job onto them, who have subcontracted company D, where a part-time recruiter is now asking me if they can store my data to company B's database.
  2. Swedish government has also confirmed that Sweden will apply for a NATO membership.
  3. The only Moby track I've liked is Go and it's basically a Twin Peaks soundtrack rip off. The rest I've heard is just so meh.
  4. Ukraine wins! Lol at the whining in the social media from the Eurovision fans about the competition not being about music "anymore". Going to pass out now.
  5. Lithuania, Ukraine, Serbia and Moldova were at least interesting. The rest is mostly meh. Norway tried too hard, sorry.
  6. Thank god for Moldova. I was about to fall asleep already.
  7. Lithuania isn't too bad or then I'm starting to get drunk
  8. I know, but it's just different. Maybe "properly" was a wrong choice of words and it's just different.
  9. Yeah, 'muricans can't seem to do camp properly. I don't know why that is.
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