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  1. Yeah, I'm sure Mr Pusher never touched any of that devil's jazz tobacco. (Disclaimer: I really don't know). To my knowledge AFX, Autechre, BOC and Luke Vibert are at least pretty well established in this regard. And when it comes to Ceephax, well..
  2. It's fun in it's own way but I like more the old medieval maps that make the places look like bad ass fantasy worlds. Like what the hell is even going on in the northern Norway in this map? And there is a devil sweeping with a broom just south of Finnmark? A giant ship eating vortex just off the coast of Norway also? And what is that huge lobster dangling a man in the west? It's like the strange lands of yore the black metal songs tell you about.
  3. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.. Actually I put it on youtube when I found it on an old hdd. It's more of an experiment with sample manipulation than proper track tbh.
  4. Is there anyone in the featured artists who doesn't smoke at least occasionally..
  5. Youtube? At least my beatles remix has been there for two years without any complaints (although it seems only 7 views, lol).
  6. Thanks for the comment! I think I know what you mean by a journey, a kind of narrative in the track which makes it feel like a story. I certainly like that kind of ambient also, The KLF's Chill Out being one of my all time favorites. But I'm really into drone ambient at the moment so I'm afraid there isn't going to be much structure or rhythmic elements in the next few tracks, lol. Structure in ambient music is a kind of interesting topic though that I don't think is that much talked about, at least here in watmm. Eno's first ambient album was, although melodic, pretty much an aural wallpaper, but starting from 90s there seems to have been a more kind of structured ambient movement also (like the aforementioned KLF and also FSOL and The Orb). Anyway, people have different tastes.
  7. I'm p sure if US had some big secret about space aliens president Dolan would have blurted it out by now.
  8. Hehe, no. I actually can't recall her name now. Anyway, I liked her but she was always very sporadic when replying to my messages etc, like answering a week later, so I finally gave up. Then a couple of months later she asked me how I'm doing but I had already started seriously dating someone else and told her so, which she took well enough and haven't heard about her since then.
  9. Speaking about rabbits.. One girl I went out on a date with had rabbit skins drying in her balcony. And this was not somewhere in the countryside but in the city centre. Her neighbours weren't really happy about that..
  10. No worries, I didn't take it like that. :) All comments are welcome in any case.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah, I like a little bit of edge in my ambience. There are some field recordings mixed in that I recorded back when I was visiting Armenia. The next one is probably a bit more lustmordy actually. Let's see..
  12. I'll be just posting my ambient tracks over here in this thread.. I'll start with an ambient mix of my old old track
  13. Just came across this, wtf. Yes, it's a chill out music compilation. Has some Wagon Christ also.
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